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Are you looking for a FUN all around horse that you can take on the trails, through the woods, in the water, bareback, jumping, guest horse… Meet this awesome Albert! Albert is like pure JOY to ride! He is SO brave, you can ride him anywhere and always feel safe and secure. Albert loves any new adventures. He is 12 years old and has a big, baroque build.

Albert is the kind of horse that has been there, done that. Albert has been shown through second level dressage.

He is not reactive, and great for the beginner type rider. He will do anything you ask of him and will not react if you get off balance. He is the super casual type and would make a great kids horse. He is a GREAT buy for such a solid mount. If you are looking for a safe Friesian that you can have a blast on, that is sweet as can be and will take care of you through thick or thin- this is your boy!

You can ride Albert bareback, western, dressage with or without hands, stand on top of them, he really doesn’t care. Beach rides, forrest rides, even taking them up the street- he will go anywhere!

Let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in this boy. Such a super horse at such a great price will not last long!