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11 Year Old Ultimate Trail Horse! Apollo is a TRAIL MASTER. He has a life full of hacking and has been exposed to just about everything! Perfect Husband Horse!

Are you looking for a push button horse that you can learn on, trail ride, and a horse that even your kids, grandma or husband can ride? Meet Apollo!

The ULTIMATE trail riding horse! We just love Apollo because nothing phases him. Majority of his life experience has been spent trail riding- which is becoming very difficult to find! He will go on hours of trails, through the running water, out in the open field, next to heavy equipment etc. He is BRAVE and confident. He will happily carry a timid rider, husband or one of your friends without horse experience. He is excellent in new situations, making him such a great horse for going on adventures with. Haul him to the mountains, camping, beach- he will willingly go anywhere. These types are so hard to find!

Apollo is the perfect for insecure or novice riders. He is a great age of 11 years old. He loves bareback riding. He will bond with his owner and do anything for you!