Bennie STER

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Doaitsen 420 SPORT X Tsjerk 328 SPORT PREFERENT

SAFE, Beautiful STER Friesian Gelding! You can do ANYTHING with this horse! Top of the line breeding! 1st/2nd level dressage, trail riding, and perfect for the timid rider.

Are you looking for a safe, secure mount that you can learn dressage on, take for a hack, just have fun on? Meet Bennie! Bennie was one of our special picks while in Holland because he has an excellent dressage foundation, and his easy going temperament. Bennie is the perfect horse to learn on, because he is very uncomplicated. If you get off balance or lose your stirrups, Bennie will stop in his tracks! He is a great horse if you are getting back into riding, or if you are just learning how to ride. Even though Bennie is very easy going, he can also step it up for competitions. He moves off the seat and leg very nicely and is very easy in the bridle. We also love Bennie’s slow, collected canter.

Bennie’s quality is no surprise. He has a full paper. His mother line is STER-STER+PREF*5-MODEL+PREF*5-MODEL+PREF*5. His mother-line is from the famous Boszorg bloodline, which is one of our favorite lines. They even chose Bennie to go to the stallion show as a young stallion, and then he later earned STER. You will see his top quality when you meet him!

Bennie stands at 16 hands and is 8 years old. He has many fantastic years ahead of him. Whether you are looking for a super trail companion, or a dressage mount, you will love our Bennie. With his very sweet demeanor and his easy personality Bennie would suit so many riders.

This is a great opportunity to get a very reasonably priced safe, sane, talented beautiful gelding in the USA.