Bernhard XX17

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We have another drop dead gorgeous, one of a kind Barock Pinto to offer our clients! Meet Bernhard XX-17, an approved Barock Pinto (Now gelding) This special boy not only impressed us by his impressive looks, but by his talent, gaits, expression and personality. This horse has it all! Bernhard went to the Barock Pinto Stallion Inspection and became an approved breeding stallion (Now gelding). His quality is outstanding. Temperament phenomenal. This horse is a gem.

If you are not familiar with the Barock Pinto breeding, they are crosses between a Friesian and a Warmblood. Here at FMP, we have been very happy with this combination. We have been impressed by the movement and sport aptitude coming from the warmblood side and the looks and temperament of the Friesian Breed. He has the look and demeanor of a Friesian combined with a little bit of pizzaz. Everyone is so impressed by Bernhard’s exceptional looks. He has a long, thick, gorgeous mane! Pictures do not even do him justice- he is just absolutely STUNNING.

Bernhard is the perfect age of 8 years old. He is a tall boy standing at 16.3 hands. He is training level dressage. He has wonderful, very smooth gaits. You can sit his trot all day long. He has a fluid, beautiful canter and we think he can easily learn the flying changes. In Holland, he was owned and ridden by an amateur rider and he was her dream horse. She was learning to ride dressage on him and he always took care of her. She had to sell him for personal reasons. She is very sad about selling him, and he can only go to a very good home.

Whether your passion is dressage, western, huntseat, or just owning a ONE OF A KIND magnificent animal, Bernhard will not disappoint.