Price: TBD

Piter 312 X Lolke 371

STER SPORT 3rd level, schooling 4th level. Schoolmaster! Extremely talented, Safe, Brave, Perfect to learn on! Long hair, fairytale boy!

Extraordinary opportunity to own an OUTSTANDING Z (3rd level) Friesian gelding with the prestigious SPORT predicate! Sport predicate is a highly sought after achievement--meaning he has more than five scores of 60% or higher in 3rd level dressage competition. Caleb is a veteran in the dressage arena, winning many competitions in Europe. Caleb has been competing and winning against the Warmbloods in Holland. He has been selected to compete in the Dutch Dressage Championships. Caleb is a drive off the show room floor kind of horse with SO MUCH EXPERIENCE and a proven show record. This beautiful boy is a total schoolmaster and very easy to ride. He is schooling the flying changes and also getting the piaffe and passage.

This boy is one of the most well schooled Friesians on the market today. Very sadly, his owner had to sell him because of personal reasons. We feel very lucky to have bought him and offer him to our clients. He is 11 years old and stands at 16.2 hands. He is the epitome of what a Friesian should look and act like. He has an old soul. Caleb is very quiet, not spooky and not the “hot” type. He is forward when you are asking, but very gentle with beginner riders. I could not stop smiling when I rode this horse! He is a real gem in every way!

Caleb is SOOO sweet and has an amazing disposition. He loves kids, and is extremely SAFE and not spooky. He is magnificent—with a baroque build. Caleb is very accomplished in dressage, but he is very well rounded. He loves trail rides and riding in traffic. This phenomenal gelding is waiting to be your lifetime companion!

Caleb is sired by the exceptional approved stallion, Piter 312. His offspring is known for producing excellent dressage horses. They have a very good walk and a lot of ‘thrive’ from behind in trot. They are also known for their beautiful heads, lots of mane and very good working mentality- we can see ALL of these qualities in Caleb!!!

Looking for a Friesian schoolmaster that will teach you!? One that you can compete in high level dressage but also take for a hack, put children on, even your mother or grandmother? You need this special boy.

Check out Caleb’s exceptional videos! Caleb’s show record speaks for itself-- already achieving the distinguished SPORT Predicate AND STER. There are VERY FEW Sport predicate Friesians in the USA!

This fantastic boy will NOT last. Be sure to contact us ASAP for more information. This horse is VERY special and we are VERY PROUD to have him for sale in the USA for our very special clients.