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Jasper 366 X Liekele 364

Luxury, Fairytale Friesian with thick, beautiful long hair!

Meet Dexter with the fairytale look that EVERYONE wants! He has a super long luxurious mane and forelock! Dexter is a very brave boy and a horse you can relax and feel safe and secure on.

Dexter is 8 years old. With this guys luxury look and presence he will sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Not only does Dexter have the looks, he also is a joy to ride. He is so regal yet not difficult at all ride. He has very smooth gaits and also very easy to sit. He is not sensitive if you get off balance, and is very forgiving. He is a great all around horse and will build your confidence.

Dexter is 15.3 hands. He is a compact version of a Friesian and very easy to put in a frame. He gives you a feeling of confidence when you are on him as his size is not intimidating. Dexter is a grand all around horse that you can trail ride, go to competitions and enjoy for whatever you want to do with this dream boy!

Dexter has excellent breeding. His father is the famous FEI dressage approved stallion Jasper 366.

This is a once in a lifetime kind of horse! THE ULTIMATE FAIRYTALE HORSE!!