Price: $29,900.00

Are you looking for that BEAUTIFUL, sweet, loving, teddy bear type easy to ride gelding? Meet Djurre! Djurre is a super fun all around horse that loves the trails, is easy to ride and a great teacher! Djurre is very versatile, easy-going type horse. He has been there done that. He is not the reactive type and is great for the beginner type rider. He will do anything you ask of him. He is not too forward, but also not lazy. If you are looking for a safe Friesian that you can have a blast on, Djurre is your man! Djurre is a GREAT age of 9 years old.

Djurre is a real stunner. He has a lovely thick, curly mane and forelock. He has a real “manly” look about him. This sweet boy has excellent conformation.

Djurre has great movement and moves off the hind end very good for a Friesian. He has outstanding impulsion! He also has a fabulous canter. He is a perfect horse to learn on. He does not react if the rider gets off balance, and is not the spooky type. He is brave and will teach you.

Djurre is registered in the KFPS D- book registry. His father is one of our favorite stallions Abel Boszorg, the Approved Stallion FPZV. Abel is known for his outstanding performance and his MEGA hair!

If you are looking for a lifetime best friend that will take care of you, Djurre is your man!