Price: $34,900.00

Are you in search of a been there, done that horse that you can learn on? A horse that has smooth gaits, excellent lateral work and a horse that is forward and loves to work? Meet Giovanni! Giovanni is a 12 year old Baroque Friesian gelding standing at 15.3 hands. He is on the smaller side, is shorter backed and easy to put in frame. He is very easy to ride because he is sensitive to the aids and has very easy gaits. He LOVES his job and will work all day for you. We also love Giovanni because he is not spooky! He is very brave and will lead the way while trail riding!

Giovanni earned his SPORT predicate in Holland showing Z- Level dressage (3rd level without the changes.)

He is the horse of your dreams. He does all his moves very easily. You think it- he does it. This boy is a schoolmaster. Did we mention that he has super long hair? The ultimate fairytale dream horse! He is not a spooky kind of horse and will teach you! Giovanni has tons of competition experience and scored very highly while competing in Holland. He has been so successful throughout his career and now he is ready to teach you.

Giovanni has the fairytale look that EVERYONE wants. He is an absolute dream horse! Giovanni is the perfect age of 12 years old. This is a great age because he has been there, done that and has lots of life experience. Giovanni is also as sweet and loving as they come.

Giovanni has excellent breeding. His father is the approved Sport stallion, Felle 422, this is where he gets the hair from!

We imported Giovanni two years ago and he was sold to a loving home in Florida. His owner just adored him. She is having to sell him for personal reasons, and is just devastated. He can only go to an approved home.