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Maurus 441 X Wierd 409

Meet Herbie… The Beautiful, Jet Black, BRAVE, Sweet Gelding. Why do we love Herbie? Herbie is the type of horse that is Non-reactive to things. Nothing phases this horse. You can shake the tarp right next to him, bounce the giant ball on his back, take him on any trail and he is never afraid. He is super brave and absolutely loves to trail ride. We just LOVE his bravery. We have taken this horse all over the trails on our property and he has never been spooky! This horse you could really do anything with. You could take him through the mountains, forest, lake or beach. He will make you feel SAFE and SECURE. He is absolutely suited for a beginner. Herbie stands perfectly during mounting and dismounting and is very patient. He is 9 years old and stands at 15.3 hands.

While in Holland, Herbie was used for countless exhibitions. He traveled around the Netherlands going to different venues to perform and also did short rides for children. We love this about him because he lived a lifestyle where he was exposed to many things. He is used to foreign places, lights, crowds, sounds, vehicles, etc. It is very hard to find horses with these types of experiences- and we just love these types!!!

Herbie has very smooth gaits and has beautiful extension for the dressage arena. He is great for lower level dressage or also western or huntseat riding. Herbie’s trot is very easy to sit which makes him a great beginner horse.

What a great opportunity to get a horse with so much real life experience! You will just fall in love with Herbie’s special temperament. This boy has a mega safety factor and that is why we LOVE him!