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Are you looking for a very reliable horse that ANYONE can ride, a husband or a guest horse, double trained to ride and drive? Meet Hummer. The ULTIMATE all around horse! Hummer is a horse that is very trustworthy and extremely safe. He has been on many trails, He is great for beginners and is a super teacher! This guy is the type that EVERYONE is looking for and we have him at FMP!

Dressage, trails, bareback- you can do anything on him! He has been ridden in lower level dressage and lots of trail rides. He has very smooth gaits, he is great if you have any back pain. Anyone can learn to ride on him. We absolutely love this horse. He has done so many things. He is a real gentle giant and has a very loving personality. He is a super age of 8 years old.

He is not a reactive horse and will let you do ANYTHING to him. His new owner is going to have a blast on him. You can take on the beach, through the woods- ANYWHERE!

Not only is Hummer a super safe and reliable, he also is beautiful. He has a very kind, eye and is such a sweet horse. He LOVES people. He will follow you around anywhere. You will fall in love with this big boy. This type of horse sells very quickly at FMP. Dream boy! We are so thrilled to offer this gem to our clients.