Price: $32,900.00

Are you looking for a push button horse that you can learn dressage on, trail ride, and a horse that even your kids can ride? Meet Jeldrik! Jeldrik is an 8 year old true family horse!

The ULTIMATE Family horse! Not only is he excellent on the trails and in new situations, he also has an excellent dressage foundation. His canter is AMAZING. This boy will teach you. You can take your dressage lessons on him, then ride him bareback or take him on the trails! This boy has a real teddy bear personality! Ride bareback, backwards, bridle-less, just look at the video!

Jeldrik has the golden character that FMP is always looking for. He is perfect for insecure riders, novice riders, children etc. He is 8 years old but has a VERY old, kind soul. He is used to children and other animals. He loves bareback riding. In the video, one of his riders was riding him not only bareback but also bridle-less. Now that is a trustworthy horse. He will bond with his owner and do anything for you! He is a teddy bear who loves attention and will be a family member for a lifetime.

Jeldrik LOVES people. He will follow you around anywhere. Jeldrik would make a wonderful sweet boy to take home and give you his heart and all his love. He is as kind as you would ever imagine a horse to be. If you are looking for a best friend, an all around kind horse to take you anywhere you want to go, Jeldrik is your boy!