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Are you looking for a sweet, good natured, smooth, been there done that horse? Meet Jelger. Jelger is an 8 year old Friesian gelding that is just a blast to ride. He loves to go on adventures and do new things. He has done lower level dressage, enjoys a hack in the woods and even some jumping! Jelger is game and will do anything with you! He is also very talented with great movement- and an AMAZING canter. His canter departures are so easy, you can do them with no hands and from the walk or the trot. Be sure to watch the video. He is a horse that you can learn from and learn with!

Everyone in the barn loves riding Jelger because he is a push button type ride. He has very smooth gaits, excellent transitions and loves to work. He is not a kick ride, but also has a high safety factor. This types are very hard to find!

Jelger is a horse with lots of natural talent. He can go far in the dressage arena. He is the lifetime companion kind of horse. He is very sweet and loves people!

He also has outstanding breeding. His father is the famous approved stallion, Norbert 444. Norbert is known for his magnificent, head and neck. We can definitely see the resemblance in Jelger!