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Meet our Jolle! This guy will truly take your breath away a real fairytale horse!  With his long thick gorgeous mane and his forelock so thick and beautiful all the way down to his nose.  He has the WOW factor!

While in Germany Jolle earned the TOP honors and won the championship title at the Keuring and Became an approved FPZV Stallion!  He is a TOP quality horse with the BEST movement and his scores and credentials are to prove what an amazing horse he is! He is now a gelding and ready for his new life in the USA. This is truly a dream horse, LONG HAIR, Gorgeous fluffy feathering and wow does he have the looks!  He is experienced in exhibitions, costumes and 2nd level dressage. 

Jolle would make an amazing competition horse as he has traveled all over Germany doing exhibitions and wearing costumes and shows and was admired by the public on his amazing looks and talent! He will turn heads wherever he goes! He also is double trained to ride and drive. He looks so beautiful in the carriage!  

Jolle is just gorgeous. He is 16.1 hands 10 years old and short backed which makes him easy to put in frame. He is very balanced and simple in the bridle. He is forward thinking and loves to work. He is sensitive to the leg and is not a push ride. 

Jolle made his stallion performance test in Redefin, Germany. He won the performance test with an overall final score of 8,13. He got 9´s for character, temperament, willingness to work, performance during training phase and cross country. He was the winner of his section. Here are his final scores:
Interieur: 8,69 /  Walk: 7,75 /  Trot: 8,13 /  Canter: 8,25 / Rideability: 8,28 / Cross Country suitability: 8,5 / Driving suitability: 7,7

Jolle is the real fairytale type. Not only his beautiful, he is very talented and will steal the show. You will just fall in love with his sweet personality. His conformation, head and neck are just stunning- he is real perfection. This horse really impressed us in every way!

Jolle comes with a full veterinarian exam and a full set of X-Rays.