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Tsjalke 397 X Krist 358

Are you looking for a talented dressage horse with the true regal look to take you up the levels in competition? A brave horse that has been started right and has so much experience? Meet King! King is very versatile, double trained to ride and drive, and most importantly, he has the best mind!

While in Holland, King had one lovely owner. She really took her time with him and started him the right way to make sure he had time to grow and develop as he matured. King was born at her stable and she was the only owner of him until we bought him and imported him. King was very gentle even as a young horse and was very easy to break at 3-years old. The trainer he was at saw so much talent in him as a 3-year old, they took him to the Eurobottle Cup. During the competition, he reached the semi-finals! After his competition, King came home to rest for the winter. In the spring, King was taken to a trainer for training in harness. He did phenomenal in the carriage and this really helped to build his strength through his hindquarters. Look at the video below of him cantering in the jog cart! He is such an easy boy! After his harness training, his owner took him back home to enjoy riding him under saddle. She spent several years with him and had a wonderful time riding him. She even took him to the beach one summer! She absolutely adored King and was heartbroken over selling him. We can really tell with the way King moves that he was started the right way. He gaits are so smooth, and moves through his body wonderfully.

One of our favorite things about King is his personality and brain. He is a true brave, gentle giant. Nothing fazes him. He is the type of horse that should be an ambassador for the Friesian breed. Not only is his demeanor to die for, he is so handsome. He has super long hair and a gorgeous head and neck!

King is a blast to ride! He is smooth to ride, especially for his size! He is the perfect blend of forward but not too sensitive. He is fun for the more experienced rider but also a great mount for a more beginner type rider. He is uncomplicated and understanding when you give the wrong signal. He is great for a rider looking to learn and work their way up the levels while being competitive in the show ring. He has the charisma and beauty with the personality to match! We are looking for a wonderful, loving home for this special boy with such a gentle soul.