Kobus FPZV Approved Stallion

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FMP is proud to present Kobus, a gorgeous baroque, FPZV Approved Breeding Stallion. We love Kobus because of his sweet demeanor and his stunning baroque build. If you like the old style, classic Friesian look- you will just love Kobus. He has a LONG, THICK, double mane with fluffy feathers. He is short backed and has excellent conformation. Kobus will make the perfect addition or start to your high quality breeding program. FPZV approval is not easy to obtain, but Kobus did his testing with flying colors!

Kobus is double trained to ride and drive. His trot is smooth and rhythmic and so easy to sit. He is like sitting on a couch. He has strong movements with an excellent hind leg. He would make an outstanding western horse and boy does he look beautiful in western attire. He loves driving and will go anywhere in the cart. Kobus has also been ridden huntseat and even enjoys jumping. He is a well trained fantastic all around horse. He is brave and secure in new surroundings. Kobus will go far in whatever discipline you want to do!

Kobus loves to cuddle and has the in your pocket personality. With beauty, temperament and talent he is going to make wonderful offspring! You will just love this boy! Kobus is 9 years old and stands at 15.3 hands.