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Rindert 406 X Tsjomme 329

Are you looking for a solid citizen that you can take on trails and ride lower level dressage? A horse that is beautiful and will teach you? Meet Menno. Menno is a horse that is very safe and reliable. His previous owner rode him lower level dressage and trail rode him. He took him to many clinics and did light showing with him. Menno is very seasoned and is a blast to ride! He is uncomplicated. He is very balanced and moves wonderfully off the leg. He is very responsive and good in the bridle. He knows shoulder in and his lateral work. He is very good at stretching long and low. He has been trained the right way. Menno has a very nice canter. He will teach you! We absolutely love this horse. He has a very kind heart. He is so sweet in the stall.

Not only is Menno super safe and reliable, he also is beautiful. He is 13 years old and has an old soul. He has a very kind eye and is such a sweet horse. He LOVES people. He will follow you around anywhere. You will fall in love with this big boy.