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Are you looking for a SAFE, EASY lower level dressage horse that ANYONE can ride? Meet Nanne, a horse that is super RELIABLE and extremely safe. He has been ridden in lower level dressage as well as trail ridden. He was a personal horse in Holland and was owned, ridden and shown by a 67 year old lady. She just loved Nanne because he was so trustworthy and always took care of her. She was very sad to have to sell him.

Nanne is trained and shown 1st level dressage. He has lovely, smooth gaits. He also could make an exceptional western horse! This 8 year old gelding also loves to hack! He is a great all around, pleasure type horse. Anyone can learn to ride on him. We absolutely love this horse. He is a horse you can learn on and always feel safe and secure. He has spent lots of time out of the ring and on the trails. He is not the sensitive type. If a rider loses their stirrups or gets off balance, Evert will stop immediately. He is not a reactive horse and will let you do anything to him. You can take him to the beach, through the woods- ANYWHERE!

Nanne is a great age at 8 years old. He has many years ahead of him but also has plenty of years of experience. He is a TALL boy standing at 16.3 hands.

Nanne has great breeding. His father is the famous approved stallion Beart 441. Beart is known for producing horses with excellent quality. He has a beautiful head and neck. He has a very kind, eye and such a sweet horse. He LOVES people! He is waiting to make someone a lifetime companion!