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Are you looking for SAFE, gorgeous horse that is great on trails, that ANYONE can ride? A horse that experienced, extremely reliable and trustworthy? Meet Navarro. This horse is good as GOLD.

We imported Navarro three years ago and he was one of our all time favorite horses. We loved him because of his calm, gentle demeanor and beauty of course. He was sold to a very sweet family where they just adored him. They rode him lower level dressage and trail rode him all over the hills in California. He was even ridden by a nine year old girl. They are very heartbroken but have to sell him because of a health condition in their family. Navarro can only go to an approved home.

Navarro is the definition of an old soul. You can look into his beautiful eyes and you just know. He will always take care of his person whether it is in the saddle or on the ground. Navarro is loving, gentle, and never takes a step out of place. He can be ridden by kids, or even by your grandmother. He is the epitome of what a Friesian should be. We are so in love with this amazing gentle giant.

Navarro is absolutely perfect on the trails and has spent years trail riding both in Holland and California. Not only does he have the brain, but also tons of experience. He is not the sensitive type. If a rider loses their stirrups or gets off balance, Navarro will stop immediately. He is not a reactive horse and will let you do anything to him. You can take him to the beach, through the woods- ANYWHERE!

In Holland, Navarro was shown in M2 (2nd level) dressage. He is very balanced has beautiful extension in his trot. His canter is INCREDIBLE. If you don’t know how to canter, Navarro will teach YOU! He can practically canter in place. His starts are easy you can do them with no hands, bareback, you could probably even do it backwards… He is beginner safe, but still has the talent for dressage. He is the best all around horse and will build your confidence.

Navarro is 16.3 hands and is a great age of 11 years old. He has excellent breeding. His father is the approved Sport stallion, Jorn 430, famous for his performance. He is full papered with the following mother line: STER-STER-STER+PREF*6-STER.

This is a once in a lifetime kind of horse! THE ULTIMATE FAIRYTALE HORSE!! He is sold with his beautiful Custom Western saddle!