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Tsjerk 328 X Brandus 345

Friesian Marketplace is VERY excited to offer to our customers a RARE UPPER LEVEL, Gorgeous Friesian boy! Nick is the highest trained Friesian we have ever had at Friesian Marketplace. Nick is competing at ZZ Heavy Dressage (4th level). He can do half pass trot, collected and extended gaits, shoulder in, half pass canter, simple changes, pirouettes, piaffe, passage and flying changes every three or four strides. WOW! He is the horse of your dreams. He does all his moves very easily. It is VERY rare for Friesians to know flying lead changes, but Nick can do them flawlessly. This boy is a schoolmaster. Did we mention that he has super long hair? The ultimate fairytale dream horse! He steals the show in the dressage arena.

Nick has lots of experience and is 13 years old. This is a great age because he has been there, done that. He is not a spooky kind of horse and will teach you! Nick has tons of competition experience and scored very highly while competing in Holland. He has been so successful throughout his career and loves to compete! You will learn from this horse and have so much fun on him. He is also great on the trails.

Nick has great papers. His father is the famous Tsjerk 328 and his mother’s father is one of our all time favorite stallions, Brandus 345. Brandus produces VERY high quality dressage horses. Nick definitely inherited this talent!

His gaits are outstanding! He is elastic in the trot and moves so fluent. He has the best canter and great extended gaits. He is very easy to get to change leads. You will have so much fun on this boy!

This is your chance to own one of the few Friesians in the world competing at 4th level. Let Nick be your dream come true!