Price: $29,900.00

Olgert 445 X Bente 412

5 year old STUNNING gelding with tons of experience! Very brave! Loves trail rides, loves to cuddle, and loves to swim! LONG forelock and fairytale baroque look!

Are you looking for a STUNNING all around Friesian that has done it all? A horse that you can spend a lifetime with? You have found your boy! Olaf is a gorgeous 5 year old Friesian gelding with so much experience. He has been trail riding through the forest, traffic, through the open fields, and to the beach many times. He absolutely LOVES the water! He loves to get in the lake, river, pond and ocean and is a remarkable swimmer. Olaf was a personal horse in Holland, and was loved and cared for tremendously. His owner absolutely adored him and did everything with him. She spent tons of time trail riding and riding lower levels. She took her time bringing Olaf along. She worked on building trust and confidence with using lots of natural horsemanship. She was devastated to have to sell him, but she no longer had time for him with her busy job and career.

Olaf’s owner rode him both English and western. She always rode him in a snaffle and he has an excellent mouth. He is not lazy and is responsive to the leg. We love this horse because he has an excellent foundation and has the BEST BRAIN! He is only 5 years old but thinks like he’s 12. He has an old soul. On trail rides you can walk, trot, lope, alone or with others. If other horses take off, he will not run after them. He is very calm and brave in these situations. If he sees something he is scared of he stops and looks.

Olaf is a real eye catcher. He turns head with his long forelock wherever he goes. He is a special horse with a soft character. He loves to cuddle and you can braid his mane for hours.

Olaf is great to haul, either by himself or with another horse. His owner has trailered him many places for trail riding and he is very comfortable in new environments. He has great ground manners and is very respectful of your space. He is used to living both in the pasture and in a stall, and is very friendly with other horses. He is great with the farrier and has excellent hooves. He is the low maintenance type of horse.

This is an outstanding opportunity to get a wonderful horse with lots of experience. He has done many things and nothing phases him. He stands at 15.3 hands. He is so sweet; he will make you fall in love! He loves to get brushed, washed, cuddled and have his mane braided.

Olaf had such a great owner while in Holland and she was so sad to have to sell him. He is ready to make someone a lifetime companion and can only go to the best home!