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Michiel 442 X Jasper 366

Are you looking for a seasoned, well trained, tall, long haired, safe, sweet girl that will take care of you? Meet Penelope! Penelope just arrived at our facility and WOW- we are in love. Penelope has impressed us in every way. She is very reliable and is suitable for a beginner rider. When Penelope was in Holland, she was used in a school program where she taught young riders how to ride. We love this type of experience here at FMP because it makes the horses very versatile and the horses are used to having many different riders. Not only is her temperament wonderful, she also has lots of talent. Penelope has an amazing trot! She has beautiful extension and will go very far in the dressage arena.

Not only is Penelope outstanding under saddle, she is a total sweetheart. When you take her halter off, she wraps her head around you and gives you a hug before putting her bridle on. She likes to be groomed and will stand on the wash rack all day. She really is one of the sweetest Friesians we have had! We can’t say enough good things about her.

Penelope is full papered and is out of the most recognized Stam line in the Friesian breed, Stam line 50. Penelope is uncomplicated and very easy to ride. She is forgiving if you give her the wrong signal. She is suited for a more beginner type rider, but she can also be competitive for the more ambitious rider. She has a fabulous work ethic and is always wanting to please.

Penelope has a very feminine look about her and has long beautiful hair. You can tell she has a gentle, kind eye. She is an old soul. Penelope is 6 years old and stands at 16.2 hands. She is a tall girl! Penelope is very respectful and has great ground manners. She hauls beautifully, stands for the farrier and loves baths. She is the type of horse that will bond with her person and will do anything for you. She is truly such a loving horse and has the golden personality.

Penelope’s Stam line, Stam line 50 has produced more approved stallions than any other lines. Penelope has the same line as the approved stallions: Fokke 217, Tsjalling 235, Walter 282, Doeke 287, Bartheld 292, Jakob 302, Thomas 327, Warn 335, Pilgram 336, Anne 340, Anton 343, Brandus 345, Jelle 368, Otte 375, Sape 381, Rintse 386, Time 398, Ymte 407, Beart 411, Beintse 418, Jorn 430, Loadewjk 431, Maurits 437, Stendert 447, Sipke 450, Tonjes 459, Tjalbert 460. Penelope has top of the line breeding. She is full papered with the following motherline: STER-PREFERENT*5-STER+PREF*5-STER. Her father, Michiel 442 SPORT ELITE SPORT is known for his powerful movement and impressive front. His offspring perform well in sport, and we can see the athleticism in Penelope. She has the build, talent and work ethic to excel in any discipline. She would make a great addition to a breeding program.

If you are looking for a solid mount that you can take up the levels, start your breeding program, or have a blast on the trails with, Penelope is your girl!