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Mintse 384 X Tsjerk 328

Meet Raz… The beautiful, black, BIG, BRAVE Friesian Gelding. Raz has the OUTSTANDING quality that everyone wants when shopping for a Friesian. He has fantastic conformation with LONG legs and a very nice shoulder. He is a great mover. The best thing about Raz is that he is SO BRAVE. He loves to lead trail rides. We take him all over the property every day and he is always the leader when we take new horses out. He is not afraid of anything. He is not afraid of deer. The other day a pack of 9 deer ran through the woods and he didn’t even flinch. He is a horse that your husband, kids or guests can ride. He is a SOLID CITIZEN. He likes the ball, dogs and tarps. Also this boy is LOVE BUG! Sweetest, kindest most loving personality. He acts like a kind, gentle puppy. He will put his head down in your lap; he is just a gentle giant. I can absolutely assure you that you will fall in love with this sweet soul when you meet him.

Raz is very trained he can teach you how to ride! He is the push button type horse. He is trained off voice commands. He is not lazy, but not to forward either. He is very forgiving and will make you feel SAFE and SECURE. He takes his canter from the walk when you just tell him canter. He has great collection and has a rocking horse canter. His old owner took him to state fairs and shows. He even has a Reserve World title. You could take this horse anywhere. Through the mountains, forest, lake or beach. He stands perfect for mounting and dismounting.

Raz is a tall boy standing at 17 hands. He is 11 years old with all the experience you could hope for in a horse. Here is your husband, family, all around perfect soul mate.

We want Raz to find a really special home thus we are offering him at a special price for our clients. If you are interested in him, be sure to contact us ASAP!