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Jasper 366 X Leffert 306

Extremely reliable, safe boy that you can do anything on! Z level! Schooling piaffe and passage! This boy is absolutely stunning and a total schoolmaster!!

Are you looking for a beautiful, fun horse that ANYONE can ride? The fairytale horse that you have been waiting your whole life for? Meet Remco the DREAM HORSE. This horse has it all. He is absolutely stunning, safe for any type of rider, and 3rd level schoolmaster. He has a SUPER LONG mane and forelock. The fairytale type horse that everyone loves! He has been to competitions, trail ridden and ridden by amateurs. If you are looking for a horse that you can relax and enjoy and feel VERY SAFE and secure on, Remco is your man. He knows everything and can be competitive in the show ring, but then go for trail rides or do exhibitions. He has everything that our customers are looking for.

Another reason we love Remco is his father is the very famous approved stallion Jasper 366. Jasper is one of the most popular Friesian stallions worldwide, and his offspring is getting very hard to find these days. He was one of the first Friesian stallions to compete on the Prix St. George level. Jasper also has an incredible 4 approved breeding sons. He is an absolutely INCREDIBLE stallion, and we can see all of his quality in Remco.

Remco’s canter is amazing. Learn upper level dressage on this boy! We absolutely love this horse. This boy can teach you how to canter. He is very brave and not spooky. He is not a reactive horse and will let you do ANYTHING to him. His new owner is going to have a blast on him.

Not only is Remco super safe and reliable, he also is beautiful. He has a very kind, eye and is such a sweet horse. He LOVES people. He will follow you around anywhere. You are sure to fall in love with this handsome boy.