Price: $26,900.00

Andries 415 X Olrik 383

In Foal to:


Friesian Marketplace is proud to present this elegant mare that does everything! TALL girl! 16.2 hands at only 5 years old and such a good brain! Super talented for dressage! FIRST CLASS mare, CHAMPION bloodlines and PREGNANT to a famous Stallion! 2 for 1 deal, pregnant to the approved stallion, Markus. We LOVE this mare because she is beautiful, excellent conformation, great for breeding but ALSO SUPER under saddle and in the carriage. She is so laid back and easy to ride and drive. She is VERY BROKE! Richtje serves so many purposes and is a GREAT DEAL for the money. STAM 50!

Richtje has impeccable bloodlines! Her father is the Champion approved stallion, Andries 415. Andries is a very SPECIAL stallion, he was 1st in his approval class, and has the highest offspring scores in racial type in the US. He has achieved Z level dressage. In fact, he has also already earned the highly coveted SPORT predicate both in harness and dressage. Andries is a HIGH achiever and his offspring reflects this!

Richtje’s motherline is superior. She has a full paper. Her grandmother, Rinia D. STER+PREFERENT*5, is famous in Holland. She has produced 5 STER babies. Her great grandmother is a KFPS Model mare. We can see their quality in Richtje! Richtje’s motherline is as follows: STER-STER+PREF*5-KFPS MODEL-STER+PREF*8. Richtje comes from the famous STAM 50 line. She is definitely a FIRST CLASS mare!

Richtje has three great gaits and is very smooth to ride. She is not lofty at all and is safe for beginners. While in Holland, she was ridden dressage and taken in the carriage several days a week. She has been both ridden and driven in traffic with cars, farm equipment, motorcycles and bikes. She is the perfect girl! A lot of horses trained to the cart can be more sensitive under saddle, but Richtje is not this way. She is very easy to ride and is not too sensitive or forward for the more timid rider. We also think she could be great in western. She has a great brain and can do anything!