Rinez STER

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Dries 421 X Tsjerk 328

SHOWSTOPPER! 5-year old Friesian gelding with incredible presence PERFECT on the trails!

Extraordinary opportunity to own an absolutely gorgeous, trained and experienced 5 year old gelding. Rinez has the best brain, and is not spooky at all!! He is perfect on the trails. Not sensitive, great match for the beginner rider. Trail ride him with a buddy or alone, he doesn’t care. He is truly the dream horse. This boy has outstanding presence. He will steal the show. He is the Maserati of the Friesian breed. His conformation, head and neck are absolutely magnificent. He is like a Barbie, perfect looks in every way! He has long legs and fluffy, beautiful feathers! This boy should be a model! If you are looking for a real special, tall, storybook looking Friesian, Rinez is for you!

With Rinez’s conformation, movement, and one of a kind pedigree, Rinez has earned STER predicate. STER geldings are VERY difficult to find these days. Rinez scored very highly at the Keuring because of his phenomenal quality.

One of our favorite things about Rinez is that he is could be competitive for upper level dressage, but he is very easy to ride. He will take care of you.

Rinez is not the sensitive type and can even be ridden bareback! He is the type of horse that will do anything for you.

Rinez also has outstanding breeding. Rinez has free shoulders, elastic moment and a huge scope. He shows the same athleticism as his father, the approved SPORT stallion Dries 421. Dries 421 has earned the highly coveted Sport predicate and is known for his superior temperament, willingness to work and splendid movement. Dries’ father is the famous Jasper 366. Dries is known for producing very competitive sport horses. We can see this in Rinez.

Rinez has 3 great gaits. His collected and extended gaits are fantastic. Rinez is a great age of 5 years old with already tons of accomplishments and experience. He is not spooky! He is very brave. You can take him out for a hack and then to a dressage competition. These type horses are VERY hard to find! He will not last long. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own this horse.