Price: $39,900.00

Looking for something extraordinary? A horse that stands out from the crowd? FLASHY, talented Friesian Cross who is just a DREAM boat to ride!

Ringo is our newest FMP addition and we can’t say enough great things about him. Ringo is absolutely GORGEOUS and unique Friesian Cross. He is a stunning dapple gray with the Friesian Black Highlights!- this boy is FLASHY! He has expressive movement and is sure to stand out in the crowd. Brain to match- amazing thinking and amateur friendly! Why do we love Ringo? Not only is he just gorgeous- he is versatile. A horse that can do it all! He is trained for both western and dressage and could go to the top in either discipline AND he is spectacular on the trails. He isn’t just a horse for the arena. He loves a hack in the woods and will lead the pack. He is NOT spooky.

Another thing we love about Ringo is that he is forward, yet sensible. He will step it up for the more ambitious rider, yet slow it down for someone just learning. He is suitable for a beginning rider not only because of his temperament, but also his gaits. His trot is very smooth and easy to sit. Ringo also has the work ethic to excel in whatever you put in front of him. Ringo is registered with the Friesian Sport Horse Registry. His father is a full Friesian and his grandfather is Sibald 380. We have had several horses from the Sibald 380 line, and they all have had an exceptional temperament and equally beautiful- just like Ringo!

Ringo is drop dead gorgeous with amazing coloring! He is so unique and is really one of a kind. Ringo has a gentle, kind eye and is an old soul. Ringo stands at 15.3 hands. He. Is the perfect age of 9 years old. Ringo is very respectful and has great ground manners. He hauls beautifully, stands for the farrier and loves baths. He is the type of horse that will bond with her person and will do anything for you. He is truly such a loving horse and has the golden personality. He has the build, talent and work ethic to excel in any discipline.

If you are looking for a solid mount that you can take to the higher levels with so many years of enjoyment ahead of him- Ringo is your boy!

Breed: Friesian Cross

Age: 9 Years

Size: 15.3 hands