Ryker STER

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Bartele 472 X Teeuwis 389

Have you been seeking a handsome, TALENTED Friesian that will take you up the levels in dressage? A loving companion to be your forever best friend? Look no further. Ryker, is a STUNNING, fairytale 6-year old gelding with outstanding movement and talent. His quality is unmatched. Ryker is a real sport horse. His athletic build makes him very well suited for the competition arena, as evidenced by her STER predicate. He has already done so much for his age. He has been competing and has many winning points in the L2 level dressage. He has been in training with a grand prix rider in Holland, where she schooled him slowly and correct. Ryker knows all the exercises from M2 (second level.)

Ryker STER also is accomplished as a driving horse. He was champion in the doubles and also in driving dressage. We are so impressed with Ryker’s strong hind legs. He has excellent propulsion from the hind. He is in fantastic condition, and so muscular. He is VERY well behaved in the carriage and under saddle. He is such a fun ride and so talented for dressage.

I just love riding Ryker because of how smooth his gaits are. He is forward and sensitive to the leg, but gives you a very good feel of security. He has a unique cadence about his gaits, it just feels like you are dancing with him. He has a wonderful uphill canter. He is easy in the bridle and very balanced. He is really a dream to ride!

This truly is such a fantastic horse because of his talent, quality, brain and that he has SO many years ahead of him. He is the type that is truly an athlete- like the elite of the Friesian horse. He is 6 years old and is a tall boy standing at 16.3 hands.

Not only is Ryker an amazing horse to ride, he also has a sporty build, which makes him a great performance horse for any discipline. You will get lost in his sparkling eyes. His coat is black as can be, he has a stallion look about him. This boy has the natural ability to take YOU up the levels in whatever discipline you want to do!

Ryker’s quality isn’t surprising. His father is the approved SPORT stallion, Bartele 472. His father is the champion approved stallion, Bartele 472. Bartele is noted for his beautiful conformation, active hind leg and beautiful trot and boy can we see this in Ryker! He also has a full paper with the following mother-line: STER-STER-STER-STER+PREF*6.

Ryker comes with a complete set of recent X-rays and a vet report.