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Alke 468 X Andries 415

Extraordinary opportunity to own an incredibly stunning, OUTSTANDING Z1 Ster Sport Friesian gelding with the prestigious STER and SPORT predicate and the perfect temperament for any type of rider. Sipke is the one in a million type of horse that is nearly impossible to find. Sipke is the type of horse that is very competitive in the dressage arena, yet can still be ridden by a beginner or child. He is safe on the trails and very brave even when hauled to new places. He is does all his moves seamlessly and a lovely canter. He has smooth gaits and is short backed which makes him very simple and easy to ride. He is also the perfect age of 6 years old and a very nice size of 15.3. He has plenty of life experiences with driving, dogs, traffic and competitions, yet has so many wonderful years left for enjoyment.

Sipkeā€™s trainer in Holland spent the time to train him right, he comes from one of the top breeding barns in Holland. Sipke was started slowly and worked his way to the Z-level at 6 years old and is DOUBLE TRAINED to ride and drive. Check out his video driving in the water! This boy can do anything! . He also earned his sport predicate, meaning has has more than five scores of 60% or higher in 3rd level without the flying changes. Sipke is a drive off the show room floor kind of horse with SO MUCH EXPERIENCE and a proven show record and the quality to get a STER and SPORT ranking! This boy is a total schoolmaster and very easy to ride. He has everything people are looking for in a Friesian horse with his long thick beautiful hair and his lovely movement, And did we mention this horse is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS? His conformation, head and neck are absolutely magnificent.

Sipke is sired by the famous Alke X Andries. What a GREAT combination! We love these bloodlines as this blood has the sweet easy temperament but also the talent to high level dressage! The horse that everyone needs!

Sipke is a very easy horse to ride with the BEST manners! He is a high quality horse that can carry all types of riders! This horse really impressed us in every way!

Sipke comes with a full veterinarian exam and a full set of X-Rays.