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Beart 411 X Leffert 306

Have you been seeking a handsome, TALL, TALENTED Friesian boy to be your forever best friend? Look no further. Sven is a gorgeous 2nd level dressage show stopper. He truly is REGAL with such a handsome head and neck. This boy has amazing movement and an active hind leg. Not to mention a lovely canter. Sven is a real beauty and will make a lovely performance horse for any discipline, amazing all around horse, or just an overall best friend. He is a perfect age of 7 years old and is second level dressage. 

One of the things that I love about Sven is that he will give what you ask of him. He is a competitive dressage horse if you are asking that of him, but if you ride him casually he is very relaxed. He is a horse that can be ridden by an amateur rider but can also step it up as a competitive mount for an intermediate/advanced rider and boy can he MOVE! 

He already has a long, thick mane and definitely has the hair gene! He has a BEAUTIFUL head and neck and phenomenal conformation. You sure can see the quality in this horse. 

This big beautiful boy has outstanding movement and is suited to perform. Boy is he a showstopper! He has very strong hindquarters and carries himself very nicely. He has the natural ability to take YOU up the levels in whatever discipline you want to do! This charming boy has three fantastic gaits. He just floats when he trots and also has a lovely canter, especially for his size! He has the best attitude and is very willing to work.  We love him because he is very talented but also very easy to ride. He will give you confidence. He is brave and just a true gentlemen under saddle. 

Sven’s father is the famous Beart 411 which originates from one of the finest breeding lines in the Netherlands. Beart’s offspring is known for their outstanding quality and performance and boy is this reflected in Sven. Beart’s father is the legendary Jasper 366. These are some of our favorite bloodlines! 

We recently got Sven thoroughly vetted and x-rayed.

Sven is sure to please with his charming personality and magnificent looks.