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Alke 468 X Onne 376

Super TALL, talented 4 -year old ready to take you up the level in competitions!

Are you looking for a super talented horse with a great brain to take you up the levels in competition? You have met your match. Sypke is a very special TALL 4 year old gelding. He is 16.3 hands tall and is such a beautiful boy. He has a very distinct look about him with his refined head and neck. He has a great shoulder and his conformation is top notch. Sypke is very tall already standing at 16.3 hands at 4 years old! This horse was made for competitions with his big build!

Not only does Sypke have all the talent, he also is an outstanding thinker. He is just a gentleman with fantastic work ethic.

Sypke has three AWESOME gaits. His canter is fabulous! Not many Friesians can canter like Sypke at only 4 years old. Although Sypke has upright movement, he is still very smooth to ride. He moves off the hand and leg very easily. You will have a BLAST on him!

Sypke’s father is Alke 468 SPORT. Alke has a career full of wins in the dressage arena. He has already earned the highly coveted SPORT predicate during his competitions in Z level. Sypke also comes from a famous motherline in Holland. This particular line is known for producing competition horses. He has a full paper with the following motherline: STER-STER-MODEL+PREF*5-STER+PREF*6.

Sypke comes with a recent pre-purchase exam and a full set of x-rays.

This beautiful boy is such a sweetheart and a great buy because he has so many years ahead of him. This is your opportunity to get a very HIGH QUALITY Friesian at a very reasonable price.