Price: $24,900.00

Meet Tango! This quality prospect has a super temperament and talent and won’t break the budget!

Tango is an awesome dressage or huntseat prospect with his excellent movement. He is forward going, but not sensitive or spooky. During Tango’s life he has been a casual horse for riding and trail riding and has not been pushed to his limits. He is basic ridden but has a phenomenal temperament to do anything you want to do. He has great use of his front legs and will have a fantastic extended trot later on. He is not a lazy horse. He learns things very quickly and has lots of talent. Very eager to learn. He moves off the hand and leg very good. He is very comfortable to ride, he is not lofty at all. Great if you have lower back problems. You will have a BLAST on him on this fun boy! We love Tango because he gives you 150%. He is always wanting to give his all and do his absolute best for you. He really has a heart of gold. Tango is a great age of 6 years old and stands at 16 hands. With just a little time and polishing, this horse is going to be a rockstar!

Tango is such a sweetheart and a great buy because he has so many years ahead of him!