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Reinder 452 X Fetse 349

Are you looking for a mare with outstanding bloodlines to add to or start your breeding program? A horse that has a lifetime ahead of her to compete in dressage and produce top of the line foals? Meet Tess! Tess is an excellent dressage prospect that we are very excited about! Tess is TALL, baroque, beautiful and has an excellent foundation for four years old. She has wonderful movement for dressage. She could even do western or huntseat. We really like Tess because she has excellent lineage. She comes from the most recognized Stam line in the Friesian breed, Stam line 50. This Stam line has produced more approved stallions than any other line. Some of the famous approved stallions from this line are Tsjalling 235, Beart 411, Brandus 345 and Anton 343, to name a few. Stam line 50 produces outstanding quality as evidenced by the high performers such as these 29 approved stallions from this line. Both Tess’ father and mother’s father are approved SPORT stallions that are very famous in the dressage arena. They have won many competitions in Holland. We see this special quality in Tess. She is such a great prospect and is going to be very competitive in whatever discipline you choose. She is a horse with outstanding quality that you can bring along your way.

You will love Tess’ look. She has a beautiful baroque neck and a well defined pretty head. Tess already has three great gaits. She is smooth to ride and easy to sit. She is very reasonably priced at $26,900. Tess is a tall girl standing at 16.1 hands. This size can be hard to find in Friesian mares. She is very well built with good conformation. Tess also has a very low inbreeding coefficient at 1.76%. This means you can breed her to just about anyone.

Tess has an excellent character and is very sweet. This is a great deal because she is a super talented mare and has the potential to have some phenomenal foals. This girl will not last long!