Tjalke B

Price: $32,900.00

Epke 474 X Norbert 444

Are you looking for a handsome hunk with lots of hair and a total show-stopper? Meet Tjalke. Tjalke has the exquisite look that makes him a one of a kind Friesian. He has excellent conformation and a muscular, defined build. He has an expressive head and a long shapely neck. Tjalke was another one of our selected picks while in Holland. He has an amazing personality and has a great mind. He is one of the sweetest Friesians you will ever meet! We loved riding Tjalke because he is incredibly smooth and he loves to please. Great if you have lower back problems. He will do anything for you. He is an excellent dressage prospect with great movement. Tjalke is forward, but very controllable. You will have a blast on him!

He is very comfortable to ride and is not lofty at all. Tjalke always stays focused during his work, you would never know he is 4 years old. He is very well ridden for his age. He moves off the hand and leg very easily. AND he has a phenomenal canter for a young Friesian!

Tjalke comes by his beauty honestly. His father, Epke 474 is absolutely magnificent. He is known for his beautiful sculptured head and neck and his powerful, elastic movement as well as his perfect conformation. Norbert 444 SPORT, Tjalke’s mother’s father is recognized for his outstanding performance. He has earned the sport predicate competing at Z level dressage and also competing in harness. Norbert has won countless competitions both in dressage and driving. His offspring have also performed tremendously well. We can see this quality in Tjalke!

Tjalke comes with a recent pre-purchase exam and x-rays.

Tjalke is such a sweetheart and a great buy because he has so many years ahead of him.