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Anders 451 X Folkert 353

In Foal to:

Mewes 438

2 for 1 deal! Tjarda is a full paper 3 year old mare with OUTSTANDING quality, movement, impulsion and is PREGNANT by the CHAMPION approved stallion Mewes 438. WOW! Very reasonably priced $25,900. Will not last long! TALL!!! Already standing at 16.2 hands at 3 years old! LONG LEGS!

Are you looking for a mare with the outstanding bloodlines to add to or start your breeding program? A horse that has a lifetime ahead of her to compete in dressage and produce top of the line foals? Meet Tjarda! This is a two for one deal, Tjarda is PREGNANT to the CHAMPION approved stallion Mewes 438. Mewes won the prize "horse of the year 2017" at the stallion show in Leeuwarden in January 2017. You will LOVE this mare and her baby! Tjarda is a VERY TALL mare, and boy can she move! She is already standing at 16.2 hands at 3 years old. She has LONG legs and excellent conformation.

Tjarda would make an excellent addition to a breeding program. This fantastic 2 for 1 deal is really hard to find! Tjarda is an exceptional mare and in foal to a very well-known approved stallion! Mewes has the upmost quality and has absolutely outstanding movement. Just look at his pictures and video. This is going to be one very special baby. Tjarda has a full-papered motherline: STER-STER+PREF*6-MODEL-STER. Tjarda also has a LOW 2.73% inbreeding coefficient, meaning you can breed her to just about anyone.

Tjarda is an excellent dressage prospect! She is already phenomenal under saddle at only 3 years old. She has a GREAT extended trot! He also already has a very good canter! She has excellent work ethic and so SWEET! She has the golden character. Tjarda is very calm and not the spooky type. This is a GREAT DEAL to get a SUPER talented horse with a baby on the way!