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Brend 413 X Ielke 382

Are you looking for a FUN all around horse that you can take on the trails, through the woods, in the water, bareback, jumping, for your kids? Whatever you want to do? Meet Tristan! Tristan is a super versatile, EASY 7 year old gelding. He is the kind of horse that has been there done that. We feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to offer such a special horse to our clients. We purchased Tristan here in the US. He has spent his life teaching kids how to ride, doing trails, birthday parties, camps, and also schooling shows with kids. Be sure to look at the pictures of the young children riding him. Tristan was the hit of the barn, Tristan was the barn favorite by all the kids at his barn. This guy is a sweetheart! They were devastated for him to leave. Having a horse with this much experience at 7 years old is almost impossible to find these days. He is the perfect horse if you need a confidence booster, trail partner, gentle giant or children safe horse.

Tristan is not reactive, and the perfect teacher. He will do anything you ask of him. He is the super casual type. He is not too forward, but also not lazy. He is a GREAT buy for such a solid mount. If you are looking for a safe Friesian that you can have a blast on, Tristan is your man! You will never worry about him on the trail. He is not afraid and even has been ridden by young kids on the trail.

Tristan has great movement, and a fabulous canter. He is a perfect horse to learn on. He does not react if the rider gets off balance and is not the spooky type. He is brave and will teach you. You can ride him bareback or without hands, he really doesn’t care. He will go over jumps. He would be at perfect mount for fox hunting if that is what you like to do. Tristan is currently being ridden lower level dressage, but he really can do any discipline.

This special boy comes from the famous Zuiderwward line. We have had several of these offspring in the past and we have really loved them because of their temperament and talent.

Let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in this boy! Such a super horse at such a great price will not last long!