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Epke 474 X Folkert 353

Are you looking for a FANTASTIC mare that is the perfect family horse? A horse that you can always rely and count on? We are very proud to offer this special girl to our clients! Sweet Vaya is 7 years old and has lived her life doing lower level dressage, trail riding and being a best friend to a sweet young girl in Holland. The young girl is now off to college and they regrettably had to sell her. We promised the owners that she would go to an amazing home here in the US. Vaya really has a heart of gold! She will give you hugs, and loves to be pet! She is really the type that is very drawn towards people. We think that she may believe she is a person! Vaya is VERY gentle, respectful and never pushy. Vaya is currently 1st level dressage. She is SO easy to ride- you can even ride her bareback or backwards! She is suitable for a beginner rider or even younger children. She has a very smooth trot, and an incredible canter! She is like sitting on a comfy couch.

We are most impressed by Vaya because of her excellent temperament and great brain. She is not spooky and has lots of miles on the trails. Trail riding is one of her favorite things to do. We really love Vaya because she is very easy and slow if you are not asking of her, but when you step it up, she will give her all.

Vaya is a great all around mare and would make the perfect family horse. She is very loving and sweet. She is the type that will bond with her person and will do anything for you. She is just a LOVE! 

Vaya’s father is the approved stallion, Epke 474. Epke 474 is absolutely magnificent. He is known for his beautiful sculptured head and neck and his powerful, elastic movement as well as his perfect conformation. We can see Epke’s quality in Vaya! With a mare of Vaya’s quality, she sure would have a special baby if breeding was ever something you wanted to do. 

Vaya has excellent conformation with a muscular build.  She is just beautiful and a doll to work with. If you are looking for a mare that you can learn dressage on, trail ride or be your lifetime companion and best friend- look no further! Vaya is standing at 16.1 hands.