Versace SPORT

Price: $52,900.00

Extraordinary opportunity to own an OUTSTANDING double SPORT 7 year old gelding. This special Z-level school master will take you to the higher levels in dressage. Why do we love this horse? He has all the buttons and is so talented, but has the heart and temperament to take care of you.

Sport predicate is a highly sought after achievement--meaning he has more than five scores of 60% or higher in Z-level competition. He is even schooling the FLYING CHANGES! Versace is a veteran in the dressage arena as well as driving. In fact, Versace. earned his second Sport predicate in Dressage driving. He is famous all over Holland and has won competitions. He really does it all!

Versace a drive off the show room floor kind of horse with SO MUCH EXPERIENCE and a proven show record. This beautiful boy with quality that is hard to find.

He is a perfect age of 7 and is a tall boy standing at 16.2 hands. We are very impressed with Versace’s strong hind leg. This makes him so gifted for dressage as well as driving. Versace was started with an excellent rider in Holland and has the temperament to carry any type of rider or driver!  These types are extremely hard to find and Versace checks off all the boxes.  This horse is a true schoolmaster at 7 years old!

Versace is SOOO sweet and has an amazing disposition. He loves kids, and very SAFE. Versace is very accomplished in dressage, but he is also very well rounded. He is double trained in riding and driving! This phenomenal gelding is waiting to be your lifetime companion!

Versace is a high quality SPORT Gelding with an incredible future ahead of him. He will suit any type of rider and TAKE THEM TO THE TOP!  Beautiful handsome boy that has it all! This sweet, talented boy and we cannot wait to find his person they will be thrilled with such a perfect guy!