King Arthur

Price: TBD

Jorn 430 X Brend 413

Meet King Arthur SPORT! A real schoolmaster. Why do we love this horse so much? He is super talented for the upper levels of dressage- with the talent for moving up even higher in FEI dressage, he has all the training… and he can be ridden by ANY type of rider. He can be ridden by beginner type riders, or very experienced dressage riders that want to compete in the upper levels. Hudson is competing 3rd level dressage and also schooling some 4th level moves. We are so impressed with his seamless flying changes!Hudson just makes his flying changes look easy. Excellent lateral work, polished gaits, easy transitions- he is truly a first class schoolmaster.

He is versatile- he loves dressage, loves to trail ride, and even more loves the beach:) His owner in Holland not only did competitions with him, but him to the beach, in the forrest, and even in parades. And, he is also broke to pull the carriage! In fact, in the 2020 stallion show, Hudson did an exhibition called the Friesian Proms. You can see the photos of him. He really put on a show and was so well behaved with the loud crowds, lights and costumes- now that is impressive!

FMP is so impressed with Hudson not only because of his accomplishments in dressage, but his all around temperament. He really checks all of the boxes and someone is going to have so much fun on him. He is just beautiful with long curly hair. He has such a presence about him. Listed below are some of his accomplishments:
- Oranjewoud 2018 Winner of “Best Riding Friesian”
- Wommels 2018 Winner of “Best Riding Friesian”
- Orangewoud 2019 Winner Gelding/ Stallion “Best Riding Friesian”
- April 2019 SPORT Predicate
- Selected to participate in the Friesian Proms 2020
- 13 Winning Points in Z1 Competition

Hudson is a great age of 10 years old, a big boy, standing at 16.3 hands- but is a real gentle giant. We have a recent pre-purchase exam on Hudson and full set of x-rays for your vet to review. He is never pushy and has great ground manners. Whoever gets this horse is truly getting a friend for life and a fairytale come true.