Willem STER

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Alwin 469 X Jasper 366

Extraordinary opportunity to own a drop dead Gorgeous, OUTSTANDING Z-level, 6 year old STER gelding. This boy has a LONG, Thick and Beautiful mane, forelock and tail! Willem is very uncomplicated and easy to ride. He is a perfect mount for an amateur rider. He has lots of show experience and is very safe. We love Willem because he is so talented in his movement. He has a very strong hind leg and uses himself so well. Willem comes from the famous Jasper 366 line- and boy do we see this quality in him. The Jasper lineage is very difficult to find theses day. This line is one of the most distinguished Friesian breeding lines- Jasper 366 has produced four stallions that have been approved.

Willem is seasoned and is a blast to ride! Willem has wonderful gaits, impulsion, and transitions. One of our favorite things about him is his rocking horse canter. His canter is absolutely amazing! He is a great horse to learn how to canter on; he will teach you! Safe for a more beginner type, but will step it up for the more advanced rider. Not only is he wonderful for dressage, but he is also trained to drive. He is broke for both singles and pairs.

Willem is a great age of 6 years old and very seasoned. He’s the been-there-done-that kind of horse. He stands at 16.2 hands. He has done lots of dressage, and also trail riding. You can take him out for a hack and then to a dressage competition. He is very versatile! This is the type of horse that everyone is looking for. He is safe and brave, and just a BLAST to ride.

Another thing that we love about Willem is his sweet demeanor. He is the type of horse that really bonds with his person. Once he bonds with you, he will do ANYTHING for you!

Willem comes with a recent pre-purchase exam and a full set of x-rays.