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Alke 468 X Andries 415

Super talented 2nd level dressage gelding, that will take you to the winner’s circle! Started right, trained well, and lots of competition experience.

We are so excited about this new addition! Meet Wonder! This is the type of Friesian that loves his work and is super talented in the dressage arena. Wonder is a 5 year old gelding, amateur friendly, and competing in 2nd level dressage. He is VERY well ridden for his age. He has excellent collected and extended gaits and very nice lateral work. He has lots of animation in his trot yet has the suspension necessary for an upper level dressage horse. He also has a wonderful canter. His tremendous willingness coupled with high trainability gives Wonder a great future.

Wonder is the perfect horse for an amateur wanting to work their way up the levels in the dressage arena. He is also a great age of 5 years old. This is a great age to buy because the horse is very seasoned, yet has many years left for enjoyment! He is 16 hands.

Wonder’s father is one of our all time favorite stallions, Alke 468. Alke is known for producing horses with wonderful temperaments and smooth gaits. We have been very happy with all of the Alke offspring. He also comes from one of the most prestigious Stam line, Stam line 50, which has produced more than 25 approved stallions. Wonder is full papered, STER-STER+PREF*5-STER+PREF*5-STER.

Wonder is as sweet and loving as they come. He loves people. His extensive show record is proof that he is special. This one is a winner! He has a full set of x-rays and recent pre-purchase exam.