Wouter STER

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Are you in search for a brilliant looking, crowd pleasing Friesian that will take you to the winner’s circle? Meet the exceptional Wouter STER. This special boy made it all the way to the 3rd round of the central stallion inspection in the Netherlands. His quality speaks for itself. His movement and cadence to his gaits is exceptional- and he truly has the fairytale look about him with his long forelock and mane.

He was also a finalist in the Friesian talent cup both in 2018 and 2019. Wouter went to the ABFP test, which is a comprehensive test that evaluates horses on their aptitude as a dressage and/ or driving horse. The ABFP test also evaluates Friesian’s willingness to work and stable behavior. In the riding test, they judge each of the following: walk, trot, canter, carriage and balance, agility, transitions, elasticity and impulsion. Wouter’s overall score was an 78 which is VERY high!

Wouter is a great age of 5 years old and stands at 16.2 hands.

This is the type of Friesian that has the talent to go ALL THE WAY in dressage! We are honored to offer this spectacular ambassador for the Friesian breed to our clients. He is just WOW with the temperament to match. He is just lovely to ride with smooth gaits and an exceptional canter. Wouter has incredible suspension and elasticity. He has lots of animation in his trot yet has the suspension necessary for an upper level dressage horse. He also has a wonderful canter. His tremendous willingness coupled with high trainability gives Wouter a great future. He is an absolute dream horse.

Wouter is currently trained and shown through 1st level dressage. He is schooling second level. Wouter is the perfect horse for an amateur wanting to work their way up the levels in the dressage arena. He is not the spooky type and can be taken on the trails or to a competition. Wouter has extensive show experience. As a three year old, he was chosen to compete in the Friesian talent cup. Since the start of his show career, he has been shown all over Holland. He has many victories, consistently scoring in the high 60%. Not only is he ridden dressage, he also in a gentleman in the carriage.

Wouter is as sweet and loving as they come. He loves people. His extensive show record is proof that he is special. This one is a winner! We just had a full set of x-rays and pre-purchase exam on him.

This is a once in a lifetime kind of horse! THE ULTIMATE FAIRYTALE HORSE!!