Ynze S.J.M.

Price: TBD

Tsjerk 328 X Falke 291

Ynze was imported by FMP in May of 2017, and he really touched our heart. He was one of our very special horses and sold to an extraordinary lady in Tennessee. Sadly, after a very tragic situation not related to horses, his previous owner has passed away. Ynze is being offered for sale only to an approved home.

Ynze is a horse that has it all, he is a real schoolmaster. He is trained and has competed in second level dressage and is the perfect teacher. His owner in Tennessee was learning how to ride on him, and he is extremely forgiving. Ynze was the love of her life. Ynze is perfect for the beginner, but he is trained to second level. Ynze has long hair and is absolutely stunning. He has experience both with a more seasoned dressage rider as well as teaching a beginner. He will bond with you and be the love of your life. He used to whinny at his owner when he saw her car pull up to the barn. He really is a kind, gentle soul and needs a person that will love him like his previous owner did.

Ynze is 11 years old, very seasoned, yet has many more years left for enjoyment. This age is very difficult to find these days. While in Holland, Ynze was ridden dressage and competed at M2 level. He has already earned 4 winning points at the M2 level. He is the sport type Friesian, and is VERY competitive. He is a very powerful mover with a very strong hind. He is also broke for the carriage. Ynze is a drive off the show room floor kind of horse with SO MUCH EXPERIENCE and a proven show record.

Ynze has a sporty, modern build, which makes him a great performance horse for any discipline. He is extremely athletic. This charming boy has three fantastic gaits. He just floats when he trots as you can see on his videos below. He also has a lovely canter. His canter is very slow and collected. He has the best attitude and is very willing to work.

Ynze also has impeccable bloodlines. His father is the champion approved stallion, Tsjerk 328. Tsjerk is known for his fantastic movement and great character. These bloodlines are highly sought after. Ynze’s motherline is also impeccable. He is full papered STER-STER+PREF*8-STER-MODEL+PREF*5.

This is an outstanding opportunity to get a wonderful horse at such a great age. He is standing at 16.1 hands and has great conformation. He has been fully vetted and we have a full set of x-rays available for review by your vet. Ynze is just a charm with a fantastic personality! He is ready to make someone a lifetime companion.