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Sape 381 X Sierk 326

Zanna is an 11-year old mare who is sweet as can be! Zanna has spent her life as a family horse and has been ridden by children. She has a wonderful brain and is a great horse for an insecure rider. Zanna has a very loving personality, and loves to be with people. She will be your new best friend. She puts her head down for the kids and is very gentle. She is super easy to ride with her smooth gaits. She feels like a couch to sit on! She is a great horse if you have lower back problems. Zanna is VERY brave and will go anywhere. She loves to trail ride and is not spooky. If you are looking for a fun, easy to ride, sweet horse, Zanna is your girl!

Zanna stands at 15.2 hands. She would make a great mount for a child or someone learning to ride. She has excellent ground manners and is like a puppy dog to handle!