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Friesian Marketplace- Specializing in Matching Riders with their Dream Horse

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At Friesian Marketplace, we are matchmakers--bringing together the right horse with the right owner. We specialize in selecting and importing only the highest quality Friesians and other dream breeds, and our focus is to pair our clients with the perfect horse for their needs. Ninety percent of our horses come through our facility, where we meticulously evaluate them on the basis of stress-reaction, trail sustainability, ground manners, and sport aptitude to recognize exactly what their niche is. Our training process assures that each horse is ready for its marketed discipline. Our horses are available for you to come see and try for yourself at our facility in Greenville, SC. Furthermore, with our superior service after the sale, you’ll be delighted with your new horse and our first-class support.

We’ve created hundreds of world-class horse and rider teams with our strategic process. Our horses are the epitome of beauty, talent, and temperament and meet our elite standards. Our reputation- like that of our horses- is unparalleled, be sure to check out our remarkable Testimonials.

We’ve developed a custom line of tack that provides comfort, form, and function for all your tack needs. View our Tack Shop here!

We also offer nutrition programs, detailed training guidelines, traveling instructors, and additional customized training for your horse if requested. We always go above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition with your new horse. We can help with every aspect of horse ownership even for first time horse buyers.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop that makes finding, selecting, and enjoying your dream horse, an effortless process, we are ready to work for you. You’ll love the turnkey process of buying a Friesian at Friesian Marketplace. Friesian Marketplace has only the best English, Western, and trail Friesians for Sale.

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