"I have purchased numerous horses over the years and Panda was by far the best purchase. Kelsey was extremely helpful and honest about Panda. He has been nothing short of what was promised. I was looking for the kid and grandma safe horse that could help me overcome being nervous as a rider and that is 100% what I got. Panda has allowed me to enjoying riding again because he is SAFE and nothing short of that. Kelsey and Cheryl were both very helpful throughout the purchase process. From insurance recommendations to locating a shipper, I have never experienced such a stress free and easy purchase. I purchased Panda based off of the videos, pictures, and what information Kelsey disclosed as I live several states away. I would recommend Friesian Marketplace to anyone who is looking for their dream horse from honest sellers!"
I cannot thank you enough for such an amazing horse. I have changed his name to Romani, it is a word used in gypsy culture. He is absolutely amazing. I'm able to ride by myself and not be nervous and I cannot thank you enough for that. I really thought about giving up riding because I just didn't enjoy it anymore and he has given me so much purpose and joy for this sport again. Thanks again and if I'm ever looking to purchase an additional horse or no anyone looking for a breed you have, I would 100% direct them your way.”

Brittany in PA
Cheryl and Kelsey, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I found Armani Ster Sport on your website and after reading his synopsis, I knew he was the one for me. My trainer and I decided to make the trip to try him. From the moment we arrived, we were treated like family. Once I saw Armani, I just knew he was the one! Their description of him was spot on! Cheryl and Kelsey gave us all the info needed from transportation services, feed suggestions, blanket size etc. Armani arrived in California healthy and happy. He has won the hearts of everyone at his new home! I couldn't be happier to continue my dressage journey on the safest, most lovable partner!

Linda in California
We are doing great! I love him so much! I found my best friend. I have never had a bond with a horse like I do with him.

-Jennifer in SC

I have had my Friesian, "Batman" for about two months now. It has taken me a little time to write a review as I wanted to get to know him and all the wonderful qualities he possesses. Before calling Friesian Marketplace and talking with Cheryl, I did a lot of shopping on the internet. When I found their website, I began reading all of the testimonials . I guess mine is going to sound like all the others and for good reason. I am pleased to tell you that every single thing I was told and promised by Cheryl was exactly what I received. When I began my search I wanted a younger horse. I told Cheryl I would like a horse 4 or 6 years old. When she called me and told me that they had a 10 year old coming in in February, I was not that interested due to his age. Cheryl was very clear in explaining to me that it could be a big mistake to get a young horse at my age (60) and I would be best suited to get a solid horse that has, "been there, done that." I had not ridden in 41 years and although I had been told this before, I still was thinking younger meant more years together and that was attractive to me. She told me that Batman would be ready for a preview around the beginning of April. That allows for them to have time to work with their new imports to assure they are everything they anticipated. On April 9th, Easter Sunday, my husband and I drove 8 hours to go and see "Batman". I had been sent his pictures and videos and felt that I could see myself falling in love with him. Once we arrived it was nothing short of a great experience. Cheryl and Kelsey are just wonderful. They handled that transaction seamlessly and we did not have to do anything. Prior to the sale Batman had begun his necessary immunizations, had his teeth floated and a new set of shoes. His coat , mane, and tail were just beautiful and he had the personality to match. I decided to buy all his tack from them as well, since the Friesian is a "big boy" and I wanted to make sure I had the right fit. Everything from start to finish was enjoyable and perfectly executed. I just started dressage lessons and I am just realizing how well trained my boy is. Everyone at my new barn is in awe of him. We named him "Ben". He is sweet, funny, forward moving yet safe and trustworthy. He will run across the pasture to see me even though everything is still new to him. He loves people and gets along with his pasture mate(s). I could not be happier with Ben. He is just what I needed and everything I could have wanted. Thank you so much Cheryl and Kelsey for all that you do. We asked and you delivered . We will definitely be buying a buddy for Ben and we will be calling Friesian Marketplace.

-Lucinda in Florida

Hello! I hope all is well! It’s been very hot here! Having so much fun learning ground work and riding! Love you both so much

-Margaret in Maine

Hi Kelsey & Cheryl, I wanted to give you an update on Rintje (who is now known around the barn as Thor!) We’ve only had him a few months and as you know, have switched disciplines from dressage to saddle seat/hunt seat riding. He is the most amazing horse. He is smart and sweet and absolutely gorgeous! Everyone loves him! Our trainer, Jessica Saft, showed him at a local show this past weekend and won his championship class with 6 other horses. You would never know this was his first time competing in this type of event. He’s an absolute dream and it’s an honor to own this magnificent creature!

Sam in Florida
Hi Kelsey & Cheryl! 
Ziggy has come a long way in his training over the last year. We have had so much fun discovering his hidden talents such as Piaffe & Flying Changes that he loves to do!
I could not be happier with him! He is absolutely the sweetest boy. He’s always happy to give kisses and he’s so gentle with everyone he meets.  He’s sensitive in a good way, very light in the hand and always willing to try.  He’s the “babysitter” at the barn to other horses that are new. 
He has successfully competed in Dressage competitions with average scores in the mid-70s!  We are ready to move onto a new chapter, and I can’t wait to see him thrive! 
Thank you Kelsey & Cheryl for your patience to find the right horse as this was my first horse after owning a Draft Cross for 32 years.  Ziggy has my heart If he could only fit inside my house, he would become part of the clan with our golden retrievers.  Thank you so much for Ziggy!! (He says hello from Wellington FL)
PS I provide pet therapy with my golden “William Wallace of Braveheart” to the elderly in Assisted Living & Memory Care. They also Love seeing pictures of ZIGGY And a he’s now a photo college on the picture wall made by his fan club where I work  
His canter has amazing power & smooth as butter he’s so much fun!
Tracey in Florida

I am so happy that Cheryl and Kelsey helped pair me with Aruthur. I had been looking for my next partner for over a year. It was a great experience to meet Aruthur and find out he was truly the horse that was described to me. Having looked at many “amateur friendly and talented horses” to find they were anything but that, it made my long drive to see him more than worth my trip. He is happy in his new home and a barn favorite. We are hoping to compete at FEI level dressage and I looking forward to years of fun together.

Happy Horse Mom,


Here is Nala (Daisy) and I's memories from over the years From lessons, shows, halloween costumes and kid's birthday parties, Nala and I have built such a strong relationship over the years. Nothing is more important to me than having a positive relationship with my horse, so it is imperative for me to spend a lot of time with her, both training under saddle and lots of ground time In and out of the saddle, Nala is my best friend and partner first. Through the years, our relationship has become very solid and she trusts me so much and allows me to throw so much at her, she barely bats an eye! These photos may look to be just cute photos, but to me it is a testament to our relationship. I love her with all my heart, and I can't wait to make even more memories with her She is without a doubt my heart horse

Paige in KY
“Oh my goodness!!!!! GABRIEL is wonderful! I let them all get acquainted and let him settle then decided to start walking him around (which I know sounds so bizarre but little tiny steps for me) then low and behold we ventured to the indoor! My trainer loves Gabriel! His willing spirit and kind disposition is really a dream..for me! I’m loving knowing I have such a beautiful animal and everything to ride and there’s been zero negative experiences!!! Marsh is helping me finish the tack barn and the arena will happen at some point. I’ve thought of you all every day! Thank you soooo much for your kind advice and making it happen! I hug and kiss him constantly and everyone loves him at first sight! Fairytale’s do come true. Much love to you and your mom!”

Margaret In Maine
Good morning!
I’m sure you must think of all the horses that you have helped to find loving homes over the years so thought I’d reach out to say hi and to send a few pics of Minze.
He remains the love of my life and, as you will see, is as handsome as ever!
He LOVES his baths. Pic from Wed so just a few days ago. His mane is braided so doesn’t really show. Still amazing.
PS... I’m a much better rider these days haha..
Hope all is well with you! Love to all.... ☺️

Amy in CA

Buying my new horse from Friesian Marketplace was such a wonderful experience.  Kelsey and Cheryl were so friendly, responsive, and accommodating, their facility is beautiful, and they made the whole process, from trial rides to vet check to shipping, seamless.  My horse is exactly what they described in the ad – actually, I think he’s more perfect than as described.  But what I love most is that they have checked in on my boy after purchase to make sure he’s settling in ok and everyone is happy – it’s not just a sale facility, they genuinely care about the horses and having happy customers.  As a Friesian devotee, I’m sure I’ll be back.   

Erin in Florida
Oscar arrived safely in Colorado and he was everything and more coming off the trailer that we were hoping for.  He's an absolutely stunning Friesian gelding with hair for miles.  Both Cheryl and Kelsey were very detailed in explaining where he was in his training at age 4. That has been a huge help in getting him acclimated his new home and training going forward.  Oscar is very light on his feet, extremely athletic and smart.  Even at four we've been able to ride him around the farm with other horses.  Oscar gets along with all the other geldings in his pasture.  He's been quite a clown and entertaining all the mares and the ladies at the farm.  He's been a gem on the ground from grooming to ground work, he's very willing to please.  Friesian Marketplace is definitely the place to find your dream Friesian horse.  Cheryl and Kelsey know these horses very well, they work them and access their personalities to make the best match.  They were very thorough on all the paperwork, arranging transportation to Colorado, great communication and follow up after he arrived.  There can be risks involved when buying these amazing horses from overseas.  Friesian Marketplace eliminates the risks so you know exactly what kind of horse you are buying so it fits the owner's needs and expectations.  Highly recommend!!  They are the best!
Thanks always!

Debbie in Colorado

Hi Kelsey

I’ve been remiss in writing back to you and your mom.  Annie is my dream come true in horse form. I adore her! She is smart and learns very quickly. She could already compete in an intro Western Dressage show or a training level in English Dressage. I ride her at least 4-5 times a week. Tara trains her once a week and I take a lesson on her once or twice a week. We also trail ride 3-6 miles a week by ourselves. I’ve never had a horse I could do that with. She has a large pasture that she shares with 2 other mares and an elderly gelding. They get along famously! She is the most sane and sensible horse that I have known. I always feel safe around her and on her. She didn’t even move a muscle when a turkey vulture took off over our heads! She is a barn favorite and gets lots of loving from everyone.  I am infinitely grateful that I was in the right place at the right time to purchase this diamond of a horse.  We will be starting our show season in about a month and I will be sure to send you some photos. 

Thanks again, Sharon
I apologize profusely this email is 11 days LATE!?!  Needless to say, I've been spending my days with "Quinn" (renamed cuz two stalls down is another horse named Spirit - lol, woo woo moment).  Hope you like the new name.  Seized the opportunity to give him a good ol' Irish name which means "leader/chief", lol.  Chuckles cuz during our first week I was unconfident, and he was indeed the leader, but today we are figuring it out = sooo much FUN!    

Quinn is A BLAST EVERYDAY!  I'm lucky to spend every day with him since his arrival.  Quinn was delivered in great condition.  The transporter, Annette was super.  She was the coolest and helped me get Quinn to his stall.

I am so grateful for the caring, patience and time you and Cheryl extended to me during this sale/matchmaking.  Quinn is "thee horse" that I was searching for - the horse I want to spend my days with - his temperament matches his looks.  Q has the amount of Life/energy that shines a light on what I need to learn to be a responsible owner.  He makes me think = MAJOR FUN EVERYDAY - LOVE IT!

Diana, my trainer, is impressed how quickly he settled down into his new environment.  She is very complimentary about how he rode for the first time - loved his headset and stated "you will love his gaits".  Diana mentioned how you cared about selling a horse suitable for the client.  I've had 6 rides - Wednesday I was changing directions at a trot - awesome experiences.  I'm riding with very small spurs.  His trot is comfortable and I can keep Q going for several laps around a large covered arena with little effort.  lol, it may not be pretty, but for the first time I'm learning how to ride with calves and slight spur contact instead of exhaustively kicking.

I believe in the first email I sent upon Quinn's arrival, I mentioned the one other Gypsy on the property is in the same barn.  And the trainer, Andrea said she bought a Friesian from you during the pandemic sight unseen.  Andrea stressed the horse that was delivered was exactly what you said.  She had only great compliments about Friesian Marketplace.  Andrea said when she heard a Gypsy from your barn was coming, she knew "the horse would be of quality".  Those were her words.

Ladies comment how gorgeous Quinn is and how unique his coloring is.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE the tack you ordered.  The saddle is a dream straight out of the box - thank you.  It was delivered in perfect condition.  OMG, the reins are sooo cool!  Get compliments on how it matches Quinn.  Love love the bridle and breastcollar - especially the bridle since I left that up to your discretion - super job, Kelsey!  Quinn seems happy with your bit selection - thank you.  Diana likes the saddle pad and how it will keep Quinn cool during warm days.  Women really like your tack, especially the blanket - they find it unique.  I'm surprised at myself how for some reason I'm not self conscious in your tack.  In the past, I preferred to avoid silver and "bling".  Lol, I guess Quinn is the "blingiest" horse I have ever ridden and so now it's fun to ride the whole package:))))

Wellll, this email is the longest ever, aye = why it took me this long to reply - sorry.  But I wanted to tell both you and Cheryl how great Quinn and I are doing in Coto Equestrian Preserve.  Can't thank you both enough.

With much blessings, gratitude and respect

Carolyn and Quinn in California       
I just wanted to thank you all again for helping my dream come true. Febus is the most beautiful, wonderful absolute dream horse! He is better than anything I could have imagined. My family came to visit and everyone wanted to ride him, so we had people from 9 -71 riding him and he took wonderful care of each and every person.

Since the moment I called the Friesian Marketplace phone number I was met with kindness and professionalism. What a wonderful team of people you have!  The horses you sell are a true testament to how wonderful your group really is! Again I couldn’t be happier with my wonderful dream boy Febus, he is the best thing to happen in my life in a long time! Thank you all and I am forever grateful!

Elizabeth in Georgia
My husband and I met Cheryl and Kelsey in December of 2021 where we met our beautiful Friesian, Peter and our Awesome Percheron, Zeus. They are super kind, extremely knowledgeable and very helpful.  The training  that goes into their horses on a daily basis is amazing.  Kelsey and Cheryl put their hearts and souls into these horses and love every minute of it.   We were just getting back into horses after not having any for many many years and we couldn’t have gone to a better place to find our beautiful horses and to be shown the ropes by two great people. We even boarded them there for a couple of months after we purchased them so we could get our barn built.  We took lessons there that were so helpful and a ton of fun. Cheryl and Kelsey made the whole experience absolutely amazing.  We would highly recommend Friesian Market Place to any who wants a beautiful trained horse.

Jason & Kristen Ciavarro
Hi Cheryl and Kelsey. I wanted to give you guys an update on Thorin aka "Bubbles". My God this horse. He is everything I was looking for. He's kind, soft, forgiving of my mistakes, gentle with my hubby, and so smart. Show him something once and he gets it. Wow his half-pass! I just love him to death. He's got his forever home now. I'm so happy with him. Thank you for answering all my endless questions and selling me such a spectacular horse. You girls fairly represented him, no BS. I would recommend you guys to anyone looking for a Friesian.  I've had so many people saying "you can't do it"....Just watch me.

Denise in NY
Thank you Cheryl and Friesian Marketplace ! We love sweet Iefke so very much. This young horse is such a good teacher, friend and partner. She has only been with us now for just over 2 months but I also don’t remember a time without her. She is so smart, curious, willing and full of trust. Her TRY is incredible and she remembers *everything*. We cannot wait to meet her beautiful foal this coming spring. Thank you for my making my first Friesian experience a wonderful one. The future is bright and hopeful with this special mare by my side!

Kylee in CA
It was such a pleasure to work with Kelsey and Cheryl during the entire process of purchasing my Beautiful Remy. Horse Shopping can be a stressful and emotional experience but these wonderful ladies at FMP made it so enjoyable. They matched me with a horse they knew would be a perfect fit and I fell in love from the moment I sat in the saddle. Their professionalism and knowledge went beyond my expectations, and they were very responsive with any questions I had. I appreciated the fact that they were just as concerned about their horse finding a good home as I was about making sure that we would be a good match. It’s been a little over a month of Remy and I beginning our dressage journey together and I enjoy his personality, beauty and quality more and more each day. He has turned out to be everything I hoped for and more. 

Melanie in Louisiana
Cheryl and Kelsey, I just wanted to reach out to say thank you again! Cooper is absolutely amazing, and everything you described him to be! You really have made a life long dream for me come true. Cooper is doing great! He has bonded so well to my son, and he spends hours with him daily! He is learning so many new tricks, and is incredibly patient while I get back into the swing of things riding after 10 years! I hope when our property is finished, we will be able to be a return customer!!! Thanks again ❤️❤️

Nicole in NC
I wanted to take a moment to discuss my experience buying a horse from Friesian Marketplace. I had previously bought a horse sight unseen and it didn't work out at all. I swore I would never do it again but then the ad for this lovely young horse, a Barock Pinto named Harvey Specter, was sent to me. The process was very fair, in my opinion, for the number of interested parties. I thought I had lost him as I was second in line and then as luck would have it the buyer ahead of me had to back out for her own (very sensible) reasons. Cheryl was very helpful answering all my questions about him initially and Kelsey assisted with the latter half of the process. They were very patient with my vetting process and I didn't feel pressured or rushed. The shipper they recommended was excellent and soon a lovely Barock Pinto stepped off the trailer, calmly took in the new scenery, and started eating grass. I am not an incredibly brave or confident rider and I am not a professional; ordinarily such a young horse (he turned 4 soon after arriving at my farm!) would be out of the question as I don't always have access to regular help from a trainer. This really was, as they said, an exceptionally good minded young horse. He has a truly lovely personality and is a very special young horse. I'm so glad I found him and I would absolutely buy another horse from them again without hesitation.

Heather in Florida
We purchased Tiemo from Friesian Marketplace sight unseen and from out of state. After just having sold a newly purchased bucker that was demonstrated to us and carefully researched, this was a scary proposition. But, we have found Tiemo, 7, to be exactly as he was represented. He is truly an “old soul” and “loving, relaxed, uncomplicated, and gentle.” The web transactions were easy for my 75 years, and the mother and daughter duo were wonderful to deal with. I highly recommend everyone involved. Even the shipper and vet were gems!

Karen B. Castelli, Harrisburg, Pa.
 I have had the pleasure of witnessing the joy and sense of connection my wife has experienced with each of the wonderful horses we have purchased from Friesian Marketplace.
Both Cheryl and Kelsey are tremendous trainers and exemplify the professionalism and care that is required to prepare these wonderful animals for ridership - and connecting both animal and person with such perfect alignment.
We have purchased 3 wonderful horses from them and the joy the riding experience has brought to my wife has been nothing less than spectacular.
Thank you Friesian Marketplace for finding the perfect horse for my wife. It has brought her so much joy and adventure in her life.

Robb in SC
 Phoenix is such a terrific boy! He is all settled into his new home. He loves watching the horses in the arena through one of his stall windows. He is getting training 5 days a week and doing fantastic! He takes everything and everyone in stride. If there is a ‘bombproof’ horse; Phoenix is IT. He is smart, gentle, and loves food lol. He is a dream come true and everything you said and more!
I have pics coming soon. Oh, and my 24 year old daughter had gone from scared to touch a horse to grooming and bathing him and has had two lessons.
I could write a book about the attributes of this precious boy and how great you guys are! I see why people able to do so buy multiple horses from you!

Mary Anna in Texas
 Kelsey and Cheryl,
It's been almost five months, I can't thank you enough for matching me with my incredible boy, Ytsen Z. You made the buying process so simple and were always incredibly responsive and so gracious to answer what probably seemed like hundreds of my questions. Being my first horse purchase, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I never anticipated an experience as exceptional as Friesian Marketplace. You immediately made me feel at ease like you were long-time friends who wanted to help me find the right match rather than trying to sell me a horse. Every horse I met that day was incredible, but we all knew Mr. Ytsen was my perfect match. He has brought so much joy and laughter into my life with his big personality and silly antics. 
We attended our first-ever dressage show this weekend and won the all-around championship in our division and had a great time.
You guys made my dreams come true and I will be forever grateful. I will be back when I'm ready for my second friesian. 

Thank you,

Kelly Hammett
 I am reaching out to thank you for making this experience wonderful in every aspect. Cheryl and Kelsey went out of their way to make sure my family and I had everything we needed to care for and manage our first Frisian horse. We were touched that you regularly checked in on Adel and gave so much support throughout this process.
Cheryl and Kelsey go above and beyond, and it does not go unrecognized. I was so appreciative of the training that was provided. They were super patient and encouraging to my daughter. You truly have a gift for matching people with their perfect horse. 
Adel is so special and has already brought so much happiness to my family. We are looking forward to all the wonderful memories we will make, thanks to Cheryl and Kelsey!

Casey in NC
 Hi Cheryl and Kelsey,
I wanted both of you to know how well Xander is doing. He is my true HEART horse. I never dreamed I would be able to find my perfect horse, but with your expertise and help I did. He was everything you said he was. The description of his training and behavior was spot on. The videos of his training completely and honestly represented what is level of training was. I think he’s even better than what you said. He is amazing!! Everything with his purchase went smoothly, you made sure of that. The pre-purchase exam done in the Netherlands was complete and exceptionally well done. I say this because my husband is a veterinarian. You also made sure his teeth were floated, new shoes put on, booster vaccines and new veterinary exam done for insurance purposes. A complete package of Care. Xander’s travel to my farm was seamless thanks to the arrangements you secured for him. He came newly groomed and with a care package to boot. LOVE THE SHIRT!!
Then that’s not all. When I needed help with training and grooming questions you never hesitated to help me (I called a lot). Your kindness will never be forgotten. What more could anyone want. My next horse will come from you. Thanks so much.

Jean in PA

Hi Cheryl and Kelsey!

I just wanted to reach out to say thank you. I never thought my dream would come true, and you two made it happen.

Teddy is literally the best. I know that I came out to look at a different boy and my experience with the two of you was amazing. I felt I had known you for years and felt so at ease. I could tell that both of you are focused on matching people with the right horse and care so much about all of these wonderful animals. Your facility is beautiful and all of the horses are so well cared for. When you brought Teddy out after I tried my initial pick, I was instantly in love and knew he was the one for me.

You both made the process of purchasing a horse across the country stress free and easy. You got us matched with a great shipping service and prepared me for all the supplies, feed, etc I would need.

Most importantly, you found me my best friend. I have known and had many horses in my life, but Teddy is truly special. He is always looking to learn and please and has the biggest heart. We went on our first trail ride today and he was a super star. I think he has created his own fan club at the barn as he is so personable and always looking for attention.

Thank you both, I will keep you updated on our adventures and I hope to have the pleasure to purchase Teddy a friend from you in the future.
Erica and Teddy
 Hi Kelsey, it’s Jill DeGrave. Just wanted to let you know how Finn is doing. He is so awesome and everything I have dreamed of. I am blessed  beyond belief and mighty grateful!  He is maturing so well and has really boosted my confidence. We are progressing beautifully. I adore him!  Thanks again for connecting me to this beautiful boy!
Jill in Wisconsin
  Dear Cheryl and Kelsey,
Thank you so much for knowing that Lucky was the Friesian for me.  I had looked on your website for several years and wanted my own Friesian.  I finally decided that I was not getting any younger and I remember the day I picked up the phone to see if I could fly out to see your horses.  After meeting with you both, I felt like we had been friends forever. Your horses are magnificent and you were so helpful and knowledgeable in finding the perfect match for me.  I know you got so tired of my endless questions, but you never let on and graciously answered everyone.  Lucky makes my heart beat faster every morning when I go out to feed.  He lets out the sweetest nicker as I head toward him.  He is waiting just for me!  There are not words to thank you both.  He is my dream horse.  I so highly recommend FMP for anyone looking for their special Friesian.
Phyllis in Texas
 Hi Cheryl and Kelsey,
Wanted to update you on Bella - she is doing great and has settled in well.  We absolutely love her as does everyone else in the barn.  We took her to her first show this weekend to get her some experience and she was the center of attention.  It was so fun to take her to the show.  If people weren't asking about her they were staring at her.  She was just magnificent. She was first and second in the two events she participated in.  
Chad in NC
 Hello. I bought the most wonderful Friesian from Cheryl at Friesian Marketplace. I could not travel out there to see him first. So I was a bit nervous about it until I called sharing my concerns. I’m almost 60 and haven’t ridden since childhood thru very young adult. But Cheryl and her daughter walked me thru it, they took all the time I needed and numerous calls, and they kept the horse their in training until they were sure he would be all I had hoped for!!!  And oh my GOSH, is he ever!!! I wish I would have called them the first time I bought an imported Friesian, from a very well advertised competitor, but all’s well that ends well!! God Bless Cheryl and her wonderful daughter!!  I HAVE MY DREAM HORSE!!!
Tricia in California

After 40 years since owning a horse I started doing some searches online and discovered Friesian Marketplace and it's wonderful owners Cheryl and Kelsey (mom and daughter team). After watching videos of Kelsey riding Guinness I knew he had to be mine. 

Like many people I was wary and nervous about buying a horse from someone I had never met and located several states away from Pennsylvania. What kind of experience would it be? Well I can tell you now, it was a wonderful experience. After numerous phone conversations with Cheryl, my husband and I decided to take the ten hour drive from Easton, Pa to Greer, SC. We were greeted at the most lovely home and horse farm by Cheryl and Kelsey. We immediately felt comfortable and it was evident that these were people who loved what they did and truly cared about matching the right horse with the right owner.

After watching Kelsey put Guinness through a short workout I got a chance to ride him and fell instantly in love. In addition to buying a beautiful horse Cheryl and Kelsey have a nicely stocked tack store that I was able to stock up on some items I would need when Guinness was shipped to Pennsylvania. Friesian Marketplace made all of the arrangements to trailer Guinness up to Pennsylvania with Gerard Horse Taxi. Jerry, Michael and Ellen (parents and son) could not have been nicer. Jerry and Michael treated Guinness like their own horse, stopping along the way to spend time with Guinness and make sure he was doing ok. The transport of Guinness went off without a hitch. As I look back at the whole experience from start to finish I can’t imagine how it could be any better. I continue to communicate with Cheryl and Kelsey to let them know how things are going. If you are looking for a Friesian, Friesian Marketplace is the place to start. You won't look any further!!  Five stars in my book!

Audria in PA

I'd like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to purchase once again from Friesian MarketPlace.  This is my 3rd Friesian, that I have had the pleasure of owning.  After buying my first one on my own, which took me "years" to finally find the one.  After losing my first one tragically, I was completely devastated and broken.  A friend highly recommended FMP, because Cheryl and Kelsey are very knowledgeable and the best in their abilities to match horses with riders.   I was so thankful for their expertise in finding my 2nd Friesian The match was perfect. The process of purchasing Uzes was smooth and easy.  The bond and the relationship with Uzes is a dream come true.  Uzes healed my broken heart and our bond is strong. 
I had often considered getting another Friesian but never really pursued seeking one.  I have stayed in close contact with Cheryl and Kelsey over the past couple of years.

I noticed this particular Gelding they had for sale and when I read about him I recognized he was from the same breeding program that my Uzes came from in  Holland.   He caught my eye and I thought whoever purchases him will be one very lucky person. 

Well it was a couple months later and I got a phone call from the lovely ladies at FMP,  they told me about this special horse and knowing me as they do, they both said I would be the perfect fit. 

We ranch and raise Red Angus cattle.  We also raise cow bred horses and enjoy the tradition of using horses on the ranch (including the Friesians).  Hearing all the good things and the genuine love of this horse Cheryl and Kelsey shared with me.  I asked,"This horse wouldn't be the one Named Geert from the Holland breeders Uzes came from?"  Indeed it was Geert! 

We agreed to purchase him sight unseen as I completely trust FMP.  Geert did not disappoint!! Geert is everything they said he would be and more.  It did not take but a moment to fall madly in love with him.  He has been a wonderful addition to our ranch.  Uzes and Geert live together and are best friends.  Geert has a very special kind soul and very affectionate personality. He loves to show off his stunning beauty to the camera. He really knows how to pose and loves the attention.  I cannot thank the ladies of Friesian Marketplace enough for giving us the opportunity to own both our boys.  Uzes and Geert love the ranch life and wide open spaces.  

If you are considering getting your own Fairy Tale Friesian I highly recommend none other than FMP.  They know the breed and they have been doing this for a long time.  Cheryl and Kelsey are very professional and compassionate people that have become such good life long friends of ours.  I believe 100% they are the best and I would choose them every time! You won't find better service, professionalism, and honesty anywhere.  FMP makes dreams come true!!!! Thank you so much Cheryl and Kesely we love our boys and the joy they bring to our lives. 

Christene and Landon Arnold 
Owanka, South Dakota
Arrow5 Ranches

“He scored 65 today. Proud of this handsome guy. He such a people pleaser. You really matched us perfectly!! I get compliments on him all the time.”- Julie
Julie in Florida
 Hey Kelsey,
I just wanted to share my backstory of why I needed a new show partner and I’m going to start with early 2020. A year ago this February, I had to retire my childhood horse and constant show companion, Eëf who happens to be my very first Friesian who also is one of the sons of Sape 381. This was devastating for me as he was my only dressage partner and I was searching for my next partner BEFORE any of this happened and we found nothing. Not only did Eef retire from showing, my family suffered a huge loss when my godfather and fellow Deacon up in Brockport, NY passed away unexpectedly. That was the biggest hole in my heart that made me feel like anything I did was impossible. Fast forward to 1/17/2021 (or around that date or before) my trainer saw Deacon (aka Aiko) on the website and decided to see him instead of the other 2 we originally thought about looking... and I’m glad we did. When I met Deacon, I knew in my heart that he was the one who was meant for me. I rode him twice and I fell in love with him, my trainer rode him and she fell in love with him too. My mom saw the spark that I lost last year, come back and I felt in my heart that my godfather was telling me that he was the one. Now that I have this sweet and gentle soul named Deacon, I am excited for shows and ready to go in the ring with this boy at my side. Thank you to Cheryl and Kelsey for all they did and for everything they did for my boy. He is loved by all of our boarders here at our facility and spoiled by my parents. I fall in love with him every single day! I can’t believe he’s home. Thank you both for all your help and for bringing him here so I could find him. :) love to you and your families!! God bless!
Dominique “Nikki” Anneliese Haber
Co-Owner and Assistant Manager at Hill Of Dreams Equestrian Center, LLC

Hi Cheryl and Kelsey,
This note is long overdue...wanted to let you know that since Voltaire (Remco) came to us last year, he just keeps amazing us more and more every day!  Words aren't enough to describe how absolutely wonderful he is! Not only does he have such a presence about him, he has the best personality, absolutely loves to work, takes your breath away when he moves, but most importantly of all, he takes amazing care of his girls! He will fly with you one minute, but stops the moment he feels you are even slightly off balance.   He and Bella are an absolutely perfect match in the show ring, and can't wait for next season!  He was a perfect gentleman during this photo shoot, posing and humoring us for some amazing senior pictures.  He did not waiver for even one moment, because he knew thats what we were asking of him that day, and he just so wants to please.  He truly is incredible,  in so many ways, such a special horse, and we are head over heels in love with him.  We love our FMP boys, and are so thankful for the absolute joy you have helped us find with them, and are also beyond blessed for finding you, such very special friends of a lifetime, in the process.  Sending Love and Hugs, ❤️🥰
Petra and Bella

After riding my big boy (Webster) yesterday it occurred to me how much I appreciate my Friesian and the detail Cheryl and Kelsey of Friesian Marketplace went to getting me the right horse. The previous year my wife bought her “horse of a lifetime”, Ynze and he was so much better than advertised. My wife encouraged me to “invest” in a Friesian for me, so we went to Friesian Marketplace a couple of times before we found Webster. The transparency they provided to give the horses’ backgrounds, talents, health etc. was outstanding – which is not always the case in the world of “horse trading”. But what makes Friesian Marketplace even more special is their continued support and willingness to answer questions. She provides a wealth information for ongoing care. Friesian Marketplace is a quality business run by quality ladies providing quality horses. I highly recommend this business.
David in TN
 To whom it may concern,
We recently bought an adorable Gypsy Vanner from Kelsey for use as a reliable guest horse for our farm. Kelsey was extremely professional throughout the process and really took the time to make sure that this horse suited our needs. From start to finish, she responded promptly, provided all the information we requested, allowed us as much time as necessary to make a decision and checked back with us after the sale to make sure our little horse was working out well. In addition, her barn and property are immaculate and the horses she has in her care receive the best treatment. I highly recommend Friesian Marketplace and plan to go back to Kelsey when I am ready to purchase the Friesian I have always dreamed of owning.
Lise Revers
Beechwood Stables
 Proof that hope springs eternal! Meet Amadeus, my new dressage partner. He is a 5 yr old Friesian who is a real sweetheart! Thanks to Cheryl and Kelsey at Friesian Marketplace for matching us up and making the process so incredibly painless. It has been, and continues to be a pleasure to deal with them.
“P.S. I adore him and things are going so well. This is the point where you are usually crying your eyes out going – what have I done. Instead I am asking – why didn’t I do this sooner!”

UPDATE! Amadeus continues to do really well. I am very happy with him and everyone seems to love him as much as I do.  His trainer, the vets and farrier all have given him rave reviews as has the barn staff. Just such a good boy! This is the three month anniversary of his arrival and all the support you provided early on – which has been closely followed BTW – has made caring for him as easy as riding him. He is beyond a pleasure to work with – so well mannered. Easy is the main word but he is also talented, fun, and just so darn likeable! When I look back (and I did!) it was almost shocking to see how quickly it all came together. I hadn’t really been looking for a Friesian but called you based on my friend’s recommendation.  I am both amazed and grateful that I picked up the phone for that first call. It was less than five days from our first call to a purchase contract – and that was in the middle of a pandemic! And both Jonelle and I LOVE the saddle – it has been perfect to ride in and so many people have complimented me on it.
Susan in Chicago

I purchased a beautiful Friesian gelding from Friesian Marketplace 4 years ago. It was the best experience I have ever had in the horse world. Cheryl and Kelsey are very knowledgeable about this breed and guided me carefully through the process of purchasing and owning one. They asked me to send them a list of specifications for my new Friesian. My number one requirement was a safe horse with a good mind. Because Friesian Marketplace specializes in these traits, they were able to find me the perfect partner. They carefully took care of every detail from the initial contract to shipping across the country. They explained his diet, grooming, and made tack suggestions. They even measured him for me so I could order him blankets. Cheryl took photos of him as he was loaded on the trailer and checked in every day until they knew that he was safe and sound in his new home in Colorado. They continue to be just a phone call away. You will not find better customer service. Four years later, my horse is healthy, smart, kind and incredibly safe. He is my heart horse. I would have never found him on my own. He is the best money I have ever spent. I highly recommend Friesian Marketplace and would not hesitate to purchase another horse from them.
Felicia in CO
 Kelsey, Kingsley is doing awesome! He will be showing Dressage for 2021 and I can't wait to get in the ring with him. He is such a GREAT horse! Huge thanks to you and your mother for finding him and selling him to us!!
Alexis in Ohio
 He’s perfect! A huge thank you to Cheryl and Kelsey!
Kami in Oklahoma

I usually never write reviews; however, Cheryl and Kelsey have exceeded my expectations on finding the perfect Friesian horse for me. I do want to say that originally I was looking at a horse at their place that was much more expensive BUT they said that horse would not meet my specifications. I truly love how they weren’t just trying to sell me the most expensive horse. They are honest and VERY helpful. If you’re looking for a Friesian horse, you need to talk to Cheryl and Kelsey! I couldn’t be more happy with Zeger! Thank you Cheryl and Kelsey!
Lou in Georgia
 Thought Herbie and I would send you a little shout out. Life from between Herbie’s ears is going great! I snapped this pic as we were checking pastures today. He is so much fun! He is my bestie! ️
XO, Amy and Herbie

Here is an update from our sweet Thomas with his new family in Washington!
Well as you can see my granddaughter and Thomas are quite the item - every horse should have a 5 year old girl in love with him !!! We are doing WELL !!! Dawn and I are starting English lessons today - so excited - and will be good for Thomas/Covid to keep him tuned - our neighbor happens to be a well trained Dressage rider/trainer so we will definitely improve our riding skills!! FYI we renamed him Covid - as the best thing to happen to us this year !! We cannot tell you enough how much he is the perfect horse for us - we love him so much - and he gets so much attention - sometimes we just hang with him in the field - we need to get a picture of the three of us grooming him and loving/smooching on him - he has girls hands and kisses all over him - he just stands there so patiently - you were right - he would stand all day long to be groomed - no fidgeting or anything - pure joy !!!

"It’s been a year for Uzes and I. Oh the adventures we have had and so many more to come! He is admired everywhere we go! He has a puppy dog disposition, wants to be friends with every kind of animal. He adores me as I adore him. He looks for me and calls to me with his deep loud whinny ! I am so happy with my boy he is so much fun. He has amazing endurance and is so very brave. Thank you so much for helping us become one! I love him with all my heart."
Christene in South Dakota

Dear Kelsey and Cheryl, I can’t say enough about Friesian Marketplace since Cheryl and Kelsey made my dream of owning a beautiful, talented Friesian come true. From start to finish, every single step in planning for the perfect horse, meeting him and bringing him home was so easy and pleasant. Cheryl took care to really listen to what I wanted in a horse and waited to contact me until she found my perfect match. The moment I saw Tukker I was absolutely in love with him. He is sweet, trustworthy, hardworking, and is truly the ideal horse for me to accomplish all of my riding goals and to have a companion for many years to come. I will be forever grateful to Friesian Marketplace for making my dream of owning a true beauty of a Friesian come true.
Nicole in Ohio

We love hearing from our sweet clients! Here is a an update from Paige who purchased this sweet girl from us 2 years ago! "I have exciting news!! Nala and I attended our first ever show this morning and we got 1st and 2nd place!! She was such a good girl and I am so so proud of her! I wanted to share our accomplishment with you!! 😁❤️"
 Hi Kelsey and Cheryl,
I just wanted to let you know that Faith has settled in beautifully and I am enjoying her so much! She is patient and yet has a perfect amount of energy. I was very grateful that Kelsey took the time and wanted to talk with me directly about Faith. It was scary purchasing sight unseen - but she was just as Kelsey described.
I wish I had current pictures to send, but we have limited people at the barn right now.
Faith is such a beautiful and sweet mare and I couldn’t be happier with her. Thank you also for sending the rose gold bridle so quickly. It’s such a nice quality leather and looks just stunning on my girl.  She does great with the bit that you sent for her also.
You were both wonderful to work with and I am so grateful for everything!
Warm Regards,
Jacque from Washington

Dear Kelsey and Cheryl, I’m happy to give you an update on Finn (Hugo). I am so delighted that this big, beautiful boy came into my life! We are getting to know each other more each day and I am loving him so much! Working with you both was an absolute pleasure. You attended to every detail so professionally. Thank you so much for your efforts to make my dream come true! I’ll be sure to give you regular updates in the future.
Thank you!
 Hi Kelsey and Cheryl:
I write to "thank you" for the amazing opportunity to own Caspian.  I am calling him by his registered name, Fabe, and he is perfect for me.  I have worked hard my whole life growing my own business and, while I have always owned horses, I have never owned one of this caliber.  When I saw your post on Fabe, I knew I had to have him.  I drove out and tried him and the moment I sat on him, I knew what a quality horse he was.  I decided to buy him on the spot.  
His temperament is fabulous, just as you represented.  I am lucky enough to have him with me at our small farm and he seems to enjoy living out with my other animals.  I entered him in our first dressage show and he won first place in both classes.  I had not won first place in a class since my college days.  The judge loved him and gave him an 8 for his gaits.  I know he will score even higher next time because my confidence with him increases every day and I won't hold back on his great expressive movement next time.  
This is the horse of my dreams and I love him so very much.  He was worth every penny I paid for him x 100.  I highly recommend Friesian Marketplace for anyone looking to buy their dream horse.  
Very truly yours,
Elizabeth in South Carolina

We are pleased to write a testimonial concerning the purchase of our beloved Friesian, Thomas. Firstly, the people we have dealt with every single step of the way have been exemplary in their customer service. Cheryl and Kelsey are amazing and spent a significant amount of time with us talking and answering questions and sending us pictures. Their assistance with the purchase, tack, insurance and transport was made very simple and stress free. Anyone purchasing a Friesian will be well served with Friesian Market Place as they have the best service and very well vetted horses!
Thomas is the perfect fit for our family! We discussed with Cheryl extensively what we were looking for, how we would use and treat our new horse - and we could not have ended up with a more perfect fit. Thomas is loving, trustworthy, calm and steady - not to mention absolutely stunning in appearance ! He allows the youngest family member - a five year old girl to lead him and lowers his giant head to let her pet him and kiss him anytime she wants - which is several times a day ! He is a pleasure to ride English or Western and he even drives ! He is extremely well trained and his personality is exactly how Cheryl and Kelsey described - no surprises at all. He is settling in nicely to the forests and trails of the PNW and is a pure joy to be around. We could not love him more and every day he shows us more reasons to be thrilled he came into our lives. We simply cannot say enough about this fantastic fella!
Thank you Cheryl and Kelsey for your assistance and continued support - forever thankful for your help in guiding up to Thomas. He simply could not be more loved and well fitted for our family.
Colleen and Dawn in Washington

Thank you FMP for matching us with our boys. We have had an amazing experience with you from the very beginning. The entire process was very seamless from the paper work to bringing them home. 
Your followups have been very helpful and it shows how much you care.  Our entire family is in love with them; and of course we are loving riding Grutske (Zorro) and Abe. 
I highly recommend you to anyone in the market for their perfect Friesian. 

Yanira and Joel in Florida

Hello, I purchased Onyx (Blackie) from you guys. I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. I absolutely love this guy. He has been beyond amazing and has helped me regain my confidence in a very short period of time. We showed in my first ever dressage show today.. something that I would have never had the confidence to do before. We didn't win but he was a complete rock star and handled everything like a pro. You guys are truly amazing at what you do. Will definitely be a return customer.
Amber in GA
 Thank you Cheryl and Kelsey for making my dream come true. The first time I talked to Cheryl, the owner of a Friesian marketplace, she explained the process of buying their friesians. Friesian Marketplace selects their horses after a meticulous process. The horses have to have good bloodlines, pass very strict pre-purchase exams and have a good mind and conformation. After selecting and buying the horses, Friesian Marketplace imports the horses. When the horses arrive to their property they start adapting to new hay, new forage, new grain, new climate... Friesian Market place takes all those risks, making the buying experience and transition easy for both horses and riders. I was amazed with the transparency of their business. They are very honest people and a beautiful hardworking family. Everything Cheryl said was absolutely correct. Riding Sven Ster for the first time, in their property, was a dream come true! I could not stop smiling. He was a charm and so talented. Cheryl was so happy to find another perfect match, she got goosebumps and her eyes watered! He was absolutely meant to be part of my life.
Sven Ster arrived a week later to his new home in Florida. Cheryl arranged the transportation and he arrived perfectly. Kelsey has been guiding me day by day so Sven easily adapts to his new home. Sven is so gentle, curious, and loving. Our first ride was amazing, he was attentive, pleasing, responsive, focused, powerful yet relaxed! He is an amazing horse all around! I have no words to describe how amazing I feel with Sven, and I have no words to express my gratitude with Cheryl and Kelsey for matching us and making this process an absolute delight. After knowing them I would not consider buying a Friesian anywhere else. Love you girls!
Tuly in Florida
 This testimonial has been very difficult for me to write. No matter what words I try to put together they just don’t seem to be powerful enough to express how happy my heart has been since “Archie” my Friesian Marketplace horse came into my life. “Bruno” as we call him has not taken a wrong step since the day he was delivered. He is absolutely AMAZING and has exceeded all my expectations. He is smart , kind , honest, impeccably trained and stunningly beautiful . He is the most fun horse I have ever rode. He can perform high level dressage movements one day and pack you down the the trail the next. On top of all this my 10 year old daughter can safely ride him too!! Bruno is so happy to take care of his little girl and teach her what he knows. Watching them just melts my heart . Thank you Cheryl and Kelsey! I am so very blessed !!! My experience with you has been no less than professional, caring, helpful, accommodating and rewarding from start to finish. There is for sure another FMP horse in my future. Thanks again!
My trainer (who traveled to see him) “He’s special buy him !”
My current coach “He’s a Gem”
My husband “Be aware there will be a lot of jealous people”.
My vet “ Where did you find him ? I need to know”
My daughter “I just want to squeeze him, I just can’t take it he’s so cute and Wow, he is so fun to ride”
Random people “ He is magnificent” “What a prince” “Such a sweet guy” “Wow”
We need to clone Archie!!! My 17 year old daughter , who stopped riding because of an accident on one - she loves Archie decided to ride him today , she had so much fun she wants to start riding again . this horse is such a blessing to our family ! I’m starting to save up , we will need another one!
Meridith in CT
  After trying to familiarize myself with Friesian’s and doing lots of research on my own I thought I knew the key questions to ask. I had followed the Friesian Marketplace page for a long time and finally reached out. I spoke to Kelsey online and over the phone, not only did she answer every question I had, but also encouraged me to come down and see the horses in person. I couldn’t be happier that I did! 
Fast forward to the day I went to look at the horses, they provided me a list of good places to stay and were so accommodating. I’ve been in horses all my life but had never had a Friesian. From top to bottom I feel fully prepared for every inch of Friesian care! Tried and true products and I was able to buy a saddle directly from them. It has an adjustable tree so it fits my boy perfectly! 
The horse I bought and i couldn’t be more perfectly matched! He is a total dream come true!! I never once felt pressured to buy a certain horse, like I had at other farms. From start to finish the process was so smooth and easy! Cheryl and Kelsey stand behind their horses 100% they take the time to really learn who each horse is. I fall more in love with Sierd every day and I couldn’t imagine buying a Friesian from anyone else! 
Thanks again,

Margo in Ohio
  I had a fantastic experience with Friesian Market Place. This was our first horse so we had lots of questions. Cheryl and Kelsey were so patient and kind, answering all my questions and spend lots of time on the phone going over everything and making sure I had all the information I needed. The entire experience from pre purchase to Gabriel’s arrival was wonderful. Even the shipping company they use, sent me pictures and text updates durning his trip. After Gabriel arrived they were quick to answer questions and gave advice regarding how best to help  him settle in. It is very clear they love their horses and are excited to follow them in their new homes. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Gabriel has been everything they said he was. He is so perfect for our family and we want to thank Kelsey and Cheryl for making the perfect match!
Emily in Maine
  Friesian Marketplace sold me my first Friesian. They took amazing care of finding me the most amazing Friesian.. Caleb! He is a jaw dropping beauty! His heart is solid gold! Caleb is so wonderful to show and just kind beyond words. I thank you Cheryl and your beautiful daughter for taking such care of me and your amazing professionalism!! When I realized I was ready for a second one they once again took their time and much care to make sure to find the perfect match for me. Once again now King Arthur will be arriving this Friday!! I can’t thank you enough for all you do! You have changed my life!!!
Jocelyn in New York
 Kelsey and Cheryl. THANK YOU so much for my beautiful girl! I'm just over the moon with her. She is everything you said she was, kind, sweet, good natured, funny, talented and of course, gorgeous!❤🥰 And, it was so great working with you guys! Friends, if you're looking for your fantasy Friesian, look no further. Not only are Kelsey and Cheryl very knowledgable, but they are kind, patient and so so accommodating. They will answer all your questions, work with your timeline and when the transfer finally takes place, they will go beyond the beyonds to make it smooth, efficient AND even pleasurable!! ❤❤ Whether you're experienced with Friesians, or a newcomer to our beloved Black Pearls, they will get you matched perfectly to your Dream! I cannot say enough good things! 🐎🐎🐎
Paula in South Dakota
 Well I’m still pinching myself but...I can finally let the cat out of the bag!! Welcome to the family Sierd K. Many many adventures ahead!! Thank you Friesian Marketplace, Kelsey Baird, and Cheryl Baird for the most amazing time and for finding this incredible horse!! Fairytale dreamboat horse doesn’t even begin to describe him!!💕
Margo in Ohio
 I have admired Kelsey and Cheryl at Friesian Marketplace for a very long time. I had said to my friends before that if I was ever in the market for another Friesian I’d love to go through them. That time came sadly after I lost my first Friesian. I was scared to death to do it again but I love the breed so much I knew I needed to do it again. So I reached out and set up a date to come see them. When I arrived at FMP they made me feel welcomed right away. I was nervous, but not for long. I could have stayed there all day. I mean who wouldn’t want to be in their barn full of Friesians all day. I tried 3 boys that day and needed to think and sleep on it. They gave me the time I needed and did not rush me at all. I loved Mats and went back a few days later to try him again. They were really great working with my schedule. Of course I was in love with Mats the first day so the second ride sealed the deal. They made the purchasing extremely smooth and are very quick to respond at any time. I even called Cheryl in a panic the evening that Mats was supposed to leave heading home because it was going to be really cold that night and Mats had a light coat, Cheryl said no worries I’ve got you covered. She grabbed a stable sheet they had and let him wear it home so he wouldn’t get to chilly. Now that’s service! Even now after time has gone by I can and have called them for guidance or questions and they help right away. My boy is everything they said he was and more. I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend going to see them if your in the market for a fantastic Friesian horse. They know what they are doing. Oh yeah, they have awesome tack and other products too!

Teresa in Texas
 “We owe you two, Cheryl and Kelsey the biggest THANK YOU!! When my husband, David, and I started looking at Friesians, we must of looked at hundreds of horses online. We had done our research enough to learn that the best Friesians come from the Netherlands and so found a horse we were in the process of vetting when I came across Friesian Marketplace. I got excited about Ryker off your website. He was such a gorgeous, beautifully moving, long haired gelding and I immediately sent off an email for more information. It was the smartest thing I did as you immediately replied and encouraged us to come to your barn to experience the Friesian horse in person. I quickly discovered what a wealth of information you are regarding this breed. Truth is I didn’t know what I didn’t know! I’m so grateful that you said we really needed to drive to South Carolina to see you and your horses. You both, Cheryl and Kelsey, took the time to teach us about the uniqueness of each of the horses, were patient with our many questions and I got to ride again after 20 years with both of you at my side guiding and encouraging me. We had fallen in love with our Ryker (now named Zohar) and he is everything I had hoped for, such a special boy. Looking back I can’t imaging buying a Friesian without you two. You saved us from making a potentially very expensive mistake. Feel free to use me as a reference. David and I so appreciate all you did for us. Again, thank you so much. Diane and David “ We will definitely be in touch. We’re so excited about this, David is looking at farms. You may see us again:).

Diane in GA
 Hi Cheryl and Kelsey,
I finally have time to send a note to you to tell you about how happy I am that I bought Eli from Friesian Marketplace. I have had him for almost three months now and he is still amazing! Thank you for being there that day you answered the phone when I flew from Victoria, BC Canada to North Carolina USA when I was told that the horse I was going to see was lame. The flight tickets the hotel fees, the time change.... I did not know what to do. Luckily my friend Kim to the rescue! She found your site and we were so happy to find out that Greer was such a short distance from where we were in Asheville.  I told you my situation and you made it possible to come see your magnificent Friesian horses the next day. I was like a kid in a candy shop. You and Kelsey listened so well and knew what I was looking for and we found him. The perfect match. Eli (Sipke) The horse of my dreams!  Not too tall, I requested, must have an amateur friendly exceptional temperament and also passed such a thorough vet check with flying colors. You made things so easy. The shipping, the border crossing and vet inspection, to name a few and all before Christmas, went so smoothly. You welcomed us into your home and we visited your tack shop.  All perfect. All professional. Thank you so much. I will never forget how you made buying a horse so easy. There were no red flags. Thank you for being honest horse people. I am having so much fun with Eli getting ready for some local shows and clinics.  He has already been noticed and celebrated in the community.  He is definitely admired by all who meet him. He makes riding fun again. I am so grateful. Please come visit anytime you travel out west. Hoping I can welcome you as warmly.

Suzie in Canada
 I really enjoyed reading these testimonials while waiting for Thor (now Nero) to arrive, & thought I’d contribute now that enough time has passed (over a year) to give an accurate assessment. My expectations for a seller end when they’ve provided me with what I paid for, but here are a few specific examples of ways they go above & beyond:
There’s no endless nickel-&-diming once you’ve paid the purchase price (farrier bill, pro-rated board, training fees, vaccines, the halter they came in, etc.)
They arrange the transportation, quote accurately an estimate of what you’ll pay for your location, & the haulers they use do a good job for a reasonable rate
Assistance with the association membership, transfer of ownership, & insurance processes
Both Cheryl & her daughter Kelsey are available to speak with by phone or email to answer questions & pass on valuable tips
No saddle of mine would’ve fit, so I wound up purchasing some tack as well (dressage saddle, shim pad, girth). Arrived in good condition, well-made, very comfortable, & fits (us both) well.

If the buying experience was an unexpected pleasure, the horse is even better. He showed up around midnight after several days’ trailering from South Carolina to Oregon’s Willamette Valley. When the hauler walked him out of the dark into the outdoor floodlights & I saw him for the first time in person, I wondered if they’d sent me the wrong horse. Not because he didn’t look as good as his pictures, but rather even better. (They haven’t called to take him back, so I guess I got the right one after all.) Though his looks are often the first thing on which he’s complimented, he truly is prettier on the inside. My previous horses have all been hot-blooded breeds, so I really appreciate one who’s able to stop, think, & learn from new/scary things rather than turning their brain off in a panic. I’d expected the trade-off to be uncomfortable gaits & poor endurance, but 3/4 are lovely (sitting that trot will make you a better rider, or at least that’s what I tell myself), & if the conditioning takes a bit longer, decent stamina is obtainable.
For several weeks last summer, we trailered around to some of the countless amazing trail courses Oregon has to offer, & he took to it like a champ. Your riding buddies might give you some looks when you show up, like you’ve brought your town car to go off-roading, but they’ll be converts by the end. Strong enough not to need to run up steep grades, collects to creep down them without getting sloppy, height & disinclination to jump help with climbing over boulders/logs, happy to stomp around crunching through the deadfall, sure-footed even on slippery rock river beds, thick-skinned about the biting insects, big enough stride to keep up with the gaited horses, & can hardly be kept out of the water. He even had a good attitude about the undesirable surprise encounters (bolting herds of elk, mountain biking team, kayakers in the river with us, etc.) & artificial novelty obstacles. Great conditioning & a nice mental break from arena work, not that he seems to mind repetitious indoor sessions, either. It makes a big difference in any discipline when your partner has not only native talent, but great enthusiasm & work ethic. Indoor, he picks things up easily, at times ‘skipping ahead in the lesson’, be it groundwork, tricks, or under saddle. I almost regret teaching him ‘fetch’, given the range of items that aren’t ours that have been brought to me in hopes of food. As all-purpose as he’s turning out to be, I may not need another horse for quite a while, but when I do, I know I’ll be giving the Bairds a call. Thanks, ladies!

Melanie in Oregon
 I cannot say THANK YOU enough to Cheryl and Kelsey and all the staff at Friesian Marketplace!  Cheryl and Kelsey are patient and determined to find the perfect match for each client and I personally think that is the MOST important thing when finding your dream horse!  We took multiple trips to visit the farm and horses at Friesian Marketplace.  Cheryl and Kelsey educated us about the breed, each horse and the pro's and con's of each horse relating to us and the environment the horse would be in.  They were not trying to just sell us a horse, they wanted it to be perfect!  In the end we fell in love with Wander and fall more deeply for him every day!  He fits in perfect to our family and our barn family!  Our barn owner and everyone have just fallen in love with him! 
We have owned Wander now for approximately 6 weeks.  Cheryl has been available for our many questions and is happy to provide advice and guidance even after the sale!  The customer service level you will receive with Friesian Marketplace is above and beyond standards you find anywhere else. They want to make sure you and the horse are both doing well and transitioning in a safe and healthy manor!  They welcome you into the FMP family and love watching the relationship and bond grow with you and your horse.  We are so appreciative of the journey Cheryl and Kelsey took with us to find him.  Friesian Marketplace is a match making service and we will definitely be back in the future to purchase another horse from them! 

Robert and Jennifer - Essex Junction, Vermont

It is New Years Day which is a time to both look forward and reflect. In 2019 we bought our second Friesian from FMP- Webster, a teddy bear in a Friesian body. He arrived the day before I left for a Scotland vacation. I arrived back home only to be talked into a fox hunt “practice” the next day. Can’t believe I did that on Webster with me really knowing him well yet but it was great and we have not looked back since. It just gets better and better. Webster was everything and more that FMP promised. My wife. Talked me into the second Friesian after her 2018 purchase-her heart and soul horse. Can’t wait to see what 2020 brings to Webster and I. Today’s first ride of the year was just great! THANKS FMP!!

David in TN
 Meant to be. Never in my wildest dreams did I think of ever owning a Friesian horse. I always thought they were beautiful but never thought I could ride one for dressage. I found Friesian Marketplace by accident and noticed these beautiful looking, elegant horses. After looking at the Friesian Marketplace website for about three months or so. I kept going back to this one horse called “Ares”. He was beautiful to me. I wasn’t ready to buy but just out of curiosity I emailed Cheryl and Kelsey. I took a bad fall off of a horse two years ago and knew that I needed a very specific type of horse that I would be comfortable with. I wanted a well trained, wonderful minded mount that would take care of me. Cheryl had contacted me and she truly listened to my concerns. She said that she had the perfect horse in mind. His name was Ares. The beautiful guy I kept going back to on the website. I didn’t even inquire about him. I couldn’t believe it. I went to try him. Right away he and I connected. I felt so comfortable around him. I purchased him in November before Thanksgiving. Cheryl and Kelsey made everything so uncomplicated and had everything available and answered all of my questions. It was a great experience. I’m so in love with Ares. He is truly my partner for life. It really was meant to be. We are in training for upcoming dressage shows this year. This horse knows everything and is a very kind and patient teacher. Thank you so much Cheryl and Kelsey for matching me with this truly extraordinary gentleman. He is everything and more I’ve ever dreamed of.

Julie in Florida
 What a fantastic experience I had with Friesian Marketplace.  Previously to connecting with Cheryl and Kelsey I had a bad experience buying a Friesian.  The last seller I went to was more interested in a sale then making a the right match.  I was a beginning rider and I was sold a horse I never even got on and rode.  I was gun shy after that experience but still dreamed of having a Friesian.  I got connected with Cheryl and Kelsey.  We met and they really listened to my needs.  They had horses available but not the right horse.  We stayed connected while they looked for my dream horse.  They never pressured me to purchase any of their existing horses but several months later called me one day all excited because they found my horse.  And wow did they find the perfect horse for me.  He met all our needs and was the sweetest horse ever, I called him the Golden Retriever of horses.   It was such a wonderful, no pressure, listening to me, trusting relationship that moved to a friendship.  They were with me every step of the way to make sure me and Apollo were set up for success.  From the right tack, to helping find the right stables for me, talking with the stable owner to make sure they knew what me and Apollo needed.  Cheryl and Kelsey graciously answered all my questions, there were a lot, and when I was anxious about the transition they set my mind at ease.  It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend them if you are looking to purchase a Friesian.

Brenda in Georgia
 Thank you so much for helping me find my dream horse in Armando (now Odin).  He’s adjusted so well and is taking everything in stride.  He’s already become a barn favorite with his flowing locks and easy, calm nature.  He loves having unlimited hay, scratches on his withers and hanging with his new pal Winston in the field.  He’s been a perfect fit for our family and we’re really excited to see what the future holds!

Jennifer in South Carolina
 Dear Cheryl and Kelsey,
You two will forever hold a very special place in my heart for helping to make my dream a reality! You gave me the best friend I could have ever asked for! Roman is truly the sweetest most gentle and handsome boy I have ever met and each day I spend with him I have to pinch myself because it almost doesn’t feel real how perfect he is. You guys have made every aspect of purchasing my FIRST horse an absolute breeze and I truly can’t imagine having gone through anybody else. From the ease of communication, the thorough information, guidance and genuine passion they show for this incredible breed I know I will definitely be back to them in the future to grow our family. Thank you both so much!

Veronica in North Carolina

Today is a really special day! It’s Nala’s “gotcha day!” This year has really thrown me so many curveballs, but Nala has always been there to catch me when I fall. She’s been my best friend this whole year, and I really can’t thank you all enough for introducing me to her. She’s truly my heart horse and the most amazing partner I could have ever dreamed of. I didn’t know it was humanly possible to love something this much. I can’t wait for more adventures with her and I can’t wait to share them with you all! ❤️ The biggest thank you to Friesian Marketplace EVER for the best thing that’s ever been mine.


I was just telling my friend today what a wonderful experience we had meeting and then purchasing Nala. Cheryl and Kelsey are the best at what they do. I can’t recommend them enough and would definitely buy from them again. Nala is the most amazing horse with the most gentle spirit. Everyone that meets her falls in love with her. Thank you for finding my sweet girls perfect match!


Dear Cheryl and Kelsey,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you both for my amazing boy Denali. You guys went above and beyond to help my sweet husband make this the most amazing anniversary gift ever. From matching me and Denali (even telling us No to another horse!), to helping with all of the tack and gear, to being on site with me once Denali arrived, your service was outstanding. You guys are so knowledgeable, and it is obvious how much you care for your horses and the Friesian breed. My husband and I see now how you have earned your great reputation in the Friesian community. As you predicted, Denali is settling in at his new home quite well. He is a social butterfly with the best manners and has already made many human and equine friends. He is really the star of the barn and neighbors stop by often just to see him and love on him. He has the ability to slow down when he senses a new rider but loves to work and execute all of his buttons when asked. One of the barn staff pulled me aside the other day and told me, “Lisa, you have a once-in-a-lifetime horse in Denali.” I couldn’t agree more. Thank you again for everything. You guys are the best!

Much Love, Lisa in Georgia

Dear Cheryl and Kelsey, This is Karen, I had the privilege of getting Ollie from you over a year ago. (Wow how time flies) I thought I would let you know we are doing great. We hope everyone at FMP are doing great too. I am sending you a few pics. Ollie is doing very well with training. He self bridles, always comes to greet me, I ride him in from the pasture bareback with only his lead, and now self trailer loads. Ollie is becoming a great partner. Thank you again for being wonderful matchmakers. Best wishes to all.

Warm regards, Karen

I came to know The Friesian Marketplace from A very dear friend.  I met her when I bought my very first Friesian (private treaty)  I fell in love with the breed after my first heart and soul horse Rocky, we trained him from halter broke to an amazing riding horse we were so deeply connected I knew his thoughts as he knew mine. Our time was cut short he passed away due to an accident the caused internal damage.  I was utterly devastated and grief sick like I have never known before.  My dear friend reached out to me we talked at great length she told me about her experience with FMP.  She also told me about a special horse coming from Holland that she felt I must go met him. I had not thought of getting another Friesian but was open to it.  My dear friend was my  liaison for me in contacting FMP.  I was still very emotional from my loss.  Arrangements were made for us to meet this special boy shortly after he arrived at FMP.  Cheryl and Kelsey were so kind and more than accommodating.  They took care of everything down to every detail.  Meeting Uzes was magical and emotional our first eye contact with each other was instant and powerful  It was an easy choice I never looked at any other horse it’s was like he choose me.  They held my hand through the whole process of the purchase and it did not stop there, they stayed in close contact with me as he made his way to our barn guiding us in his transition offering much support and kindness.  They were very professional yet felt like trusted family.  I would not go anywhere else to shop for a Friesian. Uzes is truly as amazing as they told me and so much more. He has helped me heal and find my happiness again.  We are so very thankful for the gals of the FMP they have a gift of passion for the bred and know a brilliant horse when they find them! I would not bat an eyelash to buy another one just on their word!   We came as buyers left like family.  Uzes and I could not have been a better match forever grateful for the service they provide.  Such a beautiful place, beautiful horses and beautiful people thank you Cheryl and Kelsey. 

Love Christene Arnold And family 
 Dear Cheryl, I just wanted to thank you so much for matching us with the perfect horse for our family. We just returned from the barn where my five year old grandaughter, advanced equestrian daughter, and up in years grandpa were all having fun riding him.He is so sweet and smart that it seems he was sensing each of our skills and was intent upon protecting my grandaughter, moved very well for my daughter, and made me feel really comfortable as a senior citizen want to be cowboy.He is calm when you need him to be and spirited when you ask him to move it up a notch (or several). I also want to thank you for making our purchase so easy and pleasurable. Xander is exactly as you described him and maybe even better though I would need to learn new adjectives to indicate how remarkable he is.You were so well informed about Xander and Friesians in general and patiently answered the many questions I asked. I am looking forward to many years with our amazing horse.


Brian Schreiber, M.D.

Spent the day at the barn with Xander :) he is so loved and spoiled! Everyone at the barn just loves him. He can’t get enough love from everyone! He’s taken over as the favorite of the barn. We took a mini trail ride around the barn and he was more than perfect. Then we walked around inside the barn and just hung out and continued to get to know each other. I can’t thank you enough for suggesting I take a look at him. He is everything and more than I could have asked for! 
My Dad is sooo happy too. I think he's surprised at how perfect he really is!
Here are photos with Xander with his girls!😍😍😍
Rachel in Wisconsin
 After retiring my dream dressage horse of 8 years, I began the search for another special horse knowing that is it hard to find one such horse in a lifetime much less two.  Being an extremely analytical person, I screened all the online ads and recommendations from friends, etc and then followed up with phone calls and visits to try horses.  I had not ridden any other horse than my beloved Tali for the 8 years I have owned him.  My horse age, size, body build, brain, training criteria were interspersed every other word with 'safe.'  
I was not specifically looking for any particular breed but the Friesian Marketplace had a horse that met my criteria on paper.  After describing to Cheryl what I was looking for and the environment at my farm (lots of noisy distractions next door), she recommended Samson.   After I climbed into the saddle, took the reins and circled the arena, I knew Samson was 'the one.'  I felt so very safe on him.  He was different in feel from my old school KWPN but a good different.  He is so sweet and so smart also! He has an interesting background with show experience, galloping in the ocean and even winning a race representing his village in Friesland.  And he was a 'WOW' horse.  Very elegant.
My husband accompanied me on the first look and he also fell in love with Samson.  My trainer said I had to be able to ride the posting trot, the sitting trot, get canter depart both leads and accomplish a flying change.  Did that and more. My trainer and a friend (also owner for a Friesian Marketplace horse) went back for the 'trainer approval' visit.  We discussed on the way home to Aiken and after PPE, Samson is mine!
He has settled in just fine at my farm and is very sweet and loving.  The more I ride him and just hang out with him, the more I love him.  We are getting used to each other under my trainer's supervision and she just loves him also.   Plans are to show dressage this winter and have goals of FEI.  
I was very impressed with Friesian Marketplace.  Cheryl,  Kelsey and staff represented the Friesian breed so well and it was obvious they love the breed and the individual horses.  All were beautifully turned out and cared for.  The horse was exactly what he was represented to be.  And the Baird's were so accomodating to my and my trainer's schedule to get up to their farm for the trial rides.  Would definitely recommend them for anyone looking for a special horse.
Lisi in South Carolina
 There are not enough ways to say thank you! Quint could not have been a more perfect choice for me! He’s tall, dark, and handsome. His mane is magnificent, his feathers float, and his sweet eyes are so kind. He looks like he walked right off the pages of a fairytale. He is the most gentle boy and loves to snuggle. He is absolutely perfect in every way for me and there is not a single thing I would change about him. He does not spook or bolt and is up for anything- he is exactly what I asked for. The Baird ladies are pretty special. They truly go above and beyond expectations. They answered my endless questions immediately with thoughtful responses. When I asked for an unedited video of Quint with a novice rider taking a lesson, they sent one within a day. When I traveled to SC to see Quint, I was treated like family. Cheryl and Kelsey made sure I was comfortable with every aspect of Quint’s performance. I never felt pressured to purchase or rushed in my deliberations. Truly, I could not have asked for a more enjoyable experience. But in addition to amazing service, the Baird ladies seem to have a special gift for matching the horse to the rider. Quint is something special and I am so thankful for Cheryl and Kelsey for finding him and matching him to me! I love those Baird ladies!

Rebecca in Boston

He's just so special. He's so wonderful. He just loves my daughter.. Look at that tongue!

Julie in Florida

Hi Cheryl! I thought I'd share! My daughter turned 8 years old on the 20th and she chose a unicorn themed birthday party with all of her friends! Zanna made the perfect magical unicorn! She and all of her little friends were so thrilled to have a unicorn ride and have lunch with Zanna! We all love our beautiful girl so much!💕💕💕💕

Kristen in California

Isabella and I Just wanted to share, had an awesome show day today! Voltaire continues to amaze us, he did so wonderful today , could not have been better....new show venue, indoor and outdoor rides, tacking up in the parking lot, he took it all in stride! He also received sooooo many compliments (including on his gorgeous FMP tack) , and he and Bella had beautiful rides, walking away with 1st places and and an all time personal best score of 78.793!!!!! Judges comment was “Special and beautiful moving horse, and quite a special rider”! And as our trainer put it today, “you found a really,really good one!” What a horse! ...THANK YOU both for finding him for us, he is just perfect in every way! we so love both our boys! hugs 🤗 xoxo 😘 ❤️❤️❤️
Ps we saw sue and lonekke there too, they were looking great!!!!

Petra and Isabella in Ohio

I wanted to share an update with you. It has been 9 months since Delta Sport arrived to our barn. So much has happened! I can say now that even though I love going hacking out with him, ( I always did ), I discovered a passion for dressage. I am not the best rider but I have made such such great progress thank to my wonderful trainer that often during our lessons Delta and I are in synch, I feel his power, his precision, and I am completely connected to him.... this feeling is unbelievable!...and addictive! All this is on top of his beauty and his gentleness! Last Saturday night while out late at the barn, Aucéane filmed me scratching his ears and then I filmed her riding him...


Dear Friesian Marketplace, Where do I even begin to give my thanks and gratitude? Your business has went above and beyond any expectations I had on purchasing my very first Friesian. Travis and I had spoken with a couple different people before taking with Cheryl at the Friesian Marketplace. Within minutes I knew Cheryl was who I wanted to purchase my first (and hopefully many more ) Friesians from. Their knowledge and love of the breed is unquestionable. Cheryl and Kelsey at Friesian Marketplace helped me find my perfect dream horse! They are true Friesian match makers! After talking with Cheryl on the phone a few times she knew before I did, that Marko was the Friesian for me. They made every step absolutely stress free and easy. Everything from pick up date, finding the perfect insurance, to meeting and riding Marko for the first time, and answering any and all of my questions and concerns. Marko has now earned his Bronze Elite Provisionally Approved Stallion status at the Friesian Sporthorse Association (FSA) inspection! I cant wait to see where this beautiful boy will take me in the future! Thank you Friesian Marketplace for making this girls dreams come true!

Alisha in Iowa

Kelsey, is there anything this horse can’t do?? He is AMAZING. And our family loves him so very much. He’s so honest and kind. He’s not afraid of anything. He has brought our family together in the best way. He’s such a cool horse!

Larkin in South Carolina

The days fly by and it’s already 1 year that Valentino arrived at my farm.  I wanted to send a photo of Valentino and myself for an update on how we are doing.  Thank you for making my dream come true!  Cheryl and Kelsey, you both have such insight as to placing your carefully selected Friesians with their human companions!  I am so grateful that I found this web sight and met you ladies!   You use your passion for Friesians to transform the lives of us who want to share your passion.  The sight of Valentino takes my breath away every day❣️. He is so gentle and is a perfect fit here with the rest of “my pets”!   I hope that others wanting to fulfill their dream of having a beautiful Friesian will not miss the opportunity that you can provide for them.  It’s been a wonderful experience!  I will stay in touch! 

Kae in Missouri
 Simon and Cindy checking in from Texas!  Simon has settled in and has quickly become a barn favorite. There are new people telling me daily how much they love Simon; he's so handsome and has a huge personality!  We love that he doesn't take himself too seriously, he's really a big puppy dog and just wants attention (and food) from his fan club.

Simon is my first horse in 28 years so I was looking for THE horse. I can't say enough great things about my experience with Friesian Marketplace!  I knew that I could import a horse myself but the idea of buying a horse sight unseen made me very nervous.  After studying the FMP photos and videos, I knew that Cheryl and Kelsey would have the right horse for me. We flew in one day, went directly to the barn and rode then returned the next morning to ride again then flew out that day.   Katie and I made our decision at the (awesome GSP) airport over Bloody Marys.  Once he passed his PPE, Cheryl helped with finding a transporter to get him to Texas.  (Gerard's did a great job, BTW!)  If I had one complaint it would be that it was so seamless I didn't get to spend enough time at the Bairds' barn in Greer, SC.  

While we waited for the PPE and the transportation to be arranged, I knew that Simon was in great hands.  When we were visiting the barn, I noticed that Cheryl and Kelsey were meticulously grooming the horses that had already been sold.  It's obvious they love every horse they have in their barn.  

Simon's going to start his dressage show career in November, we can't wait to see how he does!

Cindy in Texas
 Thank you Cheryl for finding Lonneke! We have been to 4 clinics now.. 2 dressage and 2 natural horsemanship all four trainers have fallen in love with Lonneke! We are going to our first show next month but we are just having so much fun together. She is the World’s best horse!!! I’m with her every day and she makes me so happy! She takes such great care of me! Thank you so much for finding her!! She’s perfect!!

Sue in Ohio

From Kalley Krickeberg at Balanced Horse Training:
“I had the pleasure of riding this beautiful imported Level 1 Friesian mare at Meadowlane Farms in Ohio...this kind mare has temperament extraordinaire. Thank you owner Sue for bringing her!”
 I love Traveling and seeing the Beautiful place in and out of our Country!! However This Beautiful face is oh so rewarding when I am home!! Love this Special Boy of mine!! Harley (Paulus)!! And so thankful he has Friesian Marketplace And Kelsey Baird to look after him when I am gone! They are the Absolutely best place to find your perfect Dream Horse!!♥️🐎

Debby in South Carolina
  Jelger is doing great! I love him so much and so does everyone at the barn! He is such a sweet boy. Thank you so much! 

Monet in NC
 Never in a million lifetimes would I ever thought I'd own a FRIESIAN! Welcome to the family! Marko, my very own Friesian Stallion! He's perfect in every way! A special thanks to Friesian Marketplace for making a girl's dream come true!

Alisha in Iowa
 I have nothing but positive things to say about Cheryl and Kelsey Baird at Friesian Marketplace. From the get go they made my shopping experience with my client as accommodating and stress free as possible. Once arriving at their barn in South Carolina (15 mins from the airport!) I was pleased and relieved to see the horses were just as described to us. As a trainer, I value honesty and transparency the most when horse shopping. They know all their horses inside and out, everything was just as described. I’m also quite familiar with the Friesians, Cheryl and Kelsey have a good eye for quality and a great knowledge of the breed. It’s so fantastic to be in contact with them when they are importing such high quality horses! I highly recommend Friesian Marketplace if you are out horse shopping. Cheryl and Kelsey will take good care of you and help match you with the perfect partner.

Katie in Texas
 “My teenage daughter and I have been taking dressage lessons on school horses for several years, and decided to take the next step to owning our own. I have looked at horses with my trainer before- and the whole process can be a bit intimidating. We knew we wanted a Friesian, and we knew from previous experiences that a horse may look great in a video ridden by a professional, but amateurs don’t always get the same response! Needless to say, we were a little nervous when we arrived at Friesian Marketplace, but were quickly put at ease with Cheryl and Kelsey’s kindness and professionalism. Cheryl listened well to the qualities that were important to us and guided us to a selection of horses that she thought would suit our needs. Kelsey showed us the skills and abilities of each horse we viewed, then so patiently coached us along as we both rode each horse. Each horse was calm and was easily rideable by us amateurs; just like Cheryl said they would be. The atmosphere was low pressure, low stress, and lots of fun. By the time we were done, my daughter and I both volunteered to work there! Each horse was high quality, calm, and willing. Cheryl and Kelsey are very knowledgeable of the breed, training, and temperament. We found a wonderful gelding at their barn! The purchase process was easy, all of my questions were answered, and he was shipped to our barn about 8 weeks ago. He is wonderful to ride and so quiet on the ground- a real sweetheart, we just love him! Thanks so much to Cheryl and Kelsey at Friesian Marketplace!”

Sarah in Michigan
 Hi Kelsey! I just wanted to say hi and I hope you’re having a great day! I also wanted to give an update on Nala as a lot has changed for us the past few months. The barn we originally had her moved to when we bought her from you all ended up getting purchased to get demolished for more housing in the area, so we had to move barns, and we are now at a really nice barn that specializes in dressage and saddleseat. We have been at the new barn for almost 2 months now, and Nala is still the talk of the barn. Every time I get her out to ride or just go for a walk, people always stop me to ask about her and to pet her. We also get tons of compliments on our saddle pad and bridle from you guys! But other than that, Nala and I continue to bond each and every day. She is probably one of the sweetest, most loving horses I have ever met and she proves that to me daily. Her favorite thing is to give hugs and kisses, and she loves getting groomed and her hair done, she even falls asleep at the cross ties She is just really a special horse and she makes my heart so very happy. I am still so very grateful to you and your mom for matching us up and allowing me to call her mine. She without a doubt my heart horse Again, I hope you all are doing well, along with your current black beauties! I wish you all the very best always!

Paige in Kentucky
 I am so very, very lucky to have found Friesian Marketplace to match Zanzibar and me up! Four years later he is letting my 1 1/2 year old granddaughter ride him! Who knew??? I love him so much! Thank you and huge hugs to Cheryl and her family!

Deb in Ohio
 Captain is so wonderful and sweet. We’re riding him and he so willing and completely trustworthy! Everyone oohs and aahs over him:)

Morgan in Colorado
 Dreams do come true 🖤 My very own Friesian. Words can not describe the love I have for him already. Thank you @friesianmarketplace for making this possible! —

Allison in NC

Super results for Tjalke at today’s show with scores of 71.7 and 69.8. Another championship day! Scores yesterday were 68.2 and 68.4 ! Congratulations to Jessie Olmsted for awesome training and rides !
And he’s qualified for Regionals-first show ever !! Thank you to Friesian Marketplace for this Super guy! We love him and are so proud of him❤️❤️❤️

Sheryl in MN

For all of our Zanna fans out there! She is LOVING her new AWESOME family and they are LOVING her! We are so proud of our work and our horses! And this was a PERFECT match! This is Kristen and her daughter loving their new girl! Kristen gives her sweet daughter a lesson on Zanna every week and she says Zanna is her best friend. Kristen says Zanna is the best and we love her so much! Zanna is living her dream life with this loving family!💕💕💕💕

It is so wonderful to see how much our sale horses are loved; they are a part of the family and they have such a wonderful life and give back to our customers in so many ways! If we can make a difference like this we have done our job! We are so proud of our business and the happiness that it brings to our WONDERFUL customers! We would like to wish Tietus a Happy Birthday!
 Unfortunately we will not be buying any more Friesians any time soon 😭...only because we now have the BEST 3 at our farm from Friesian Marketplace ! 😃 We love our new addition Valentijn and he is another fantastic dream horse that fits right into our family...He is the most amazing and tall horse I have ever ridden! Thank you again Kelsey and Cheryl Baird! 🖤

June in Virginia

 Update! Grandchildren and horses life does not get any better than that!

James in Virginia

Happy Birthday Sybren! You COMPLETE me! YOU had me at hello from a photo before you shipped from the Netherlands. God told me I had to have you. It was the strongest experience for me and you were the FIRST I bought on my own instinct without my trainer. I won the lottery! Cheryl Baird - Friesian Marketplace - I drove you crazy making sure I was first to see him and to sit in him. (First time ever on a Friesian ) - I just ...knew! my heart has smiled every day I have owned him! We were a perfect match and you wouldnt have let him come my way if we weren’t. What you do at Friesian Marketplace is amazing.

Dawn in North Carolina
 Hello! This is Ciara, I thought I would send an update on Kylo! We went to our first show today, a schooling show a few barns down. It was a super last minute decision to throw us in at the end of the day, so we barely had any time to prepare! Kylo could not have been more well behaved, it seems like he almost knew today was extra important and was really brave! He helped walk a nervous horse to the show, saw a motorized wheelchair for the first time, and had to wait patiently for the riders before us. Our test wasn’t the prettiest due to many rider errors, but we still pulled a 63 and ended up in first! Everyday I remind myself how lucky I am that you and Kelsey found me my fairytale horse, but days like today remind of that ten-fold. I think you need to change your name to Dreams Come True Marketplace, because that’s what you’ve done for me. ️ We miss you and Kelsey and are so thankful for the joy you have brought not only to me, but the whole family, and even our barn!

Ciara in Florida

I just want to thank you and Kelsey for bringing such a wonderful horse into our lives. Leonardo is such a love and has become so comfortable at Lorick Stables. He is so different from Karsten but in a good way, he is teaching us to become better riders. We will start working with him this summer with driving and my goal is to drive Karsten and Leonardo in tandem, that would be amazing to see! Kirk in NY
 LOVE Friesian Marketplace! They matched my daughter and me to the amazing gelding Duke (now called Noeste pronounced Noosh-ta). We are so in love with him! Both Cheryl and Kelsey are so patient - letting us ride him multiple times and answering all of our questions! Also keeping up with us after the purchase! Would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for their own fairytale friesian.

Wendy in North Carolina

Zanna is amazing and sweet as pie! She seems right at home already! I'm kind of obsessed with her. She's everything we dreamed of and more! Thank you for my dream horse! She is so so loved💕
💕Kristen in California
 I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying Anton! He’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you, Cheryl and Kelsey, for finding just the right horse for me. He has a wonderful temperament and is very kind and patient; even though he’s learning to be a saddleseat horse! Coming to South Carolina, meeting you all, and seeing all your beautiful Friesians was awesome! You made the whole experience so easy and enjoyable. Anton is settling in nicely here in West Virginia; and already has lots of fans around the barn!

Best Wishes, Alice in West Virginia
 Hi Cheryl and Kelsey
It has been over a week now that Delta ( aka Fidelio) has been with us. He is so well behaved in the barn and around other horses. He is kind, affectionate and so handsome. My trainer also just loves him, when working with her, he is focused, very responsive and eager to please, a real professional. He has exceeded all of our expectations! You guys were able to find our unicorn in Holland and bring him over for us! Thank you so so much.

Emmanuelle, Matthew and Aucéane ❤

Cheryl & Kelsey -- It was great to see you both again, and my husband was SO excited to see the place where I found Ynze and to meet all of your beautiful horses.  Ynze just keeps getting better and better -- I tell everyone how happy I am with him -- he is just WONDERFUL!  I knew when I bought him that he was exactly what I had been looking for, but even so, he has exceeded my expectations 100%!!  He is always kind, well behaved and very forgiving.  He is such a gentleman and everyone loves him at the barn.  One of the teenagers working there just told me the other night that he is such a big teddy bear!  I think of him that way, too, so it was funny to hear someone else say it out loud.  :) I would highly recommend Friesian Marketplace.  Cheryl really does have a gift for matching clients with the right horse and they take the time to personalize the experience.   FMP is a very special place with very special horses -- that's why they have so many repeat customers!  

Rebecca in TN
 Hi Cheryl,
Just a quick update on Bennie. I ended up calling him Mars, as a shortening of his registered name. He has become a barn favorite- everyone is in love with him and can’t stop talking about how gorgeous he is. He is figuring out his new life, adapting to snow and working in an indoor with horses jumping. As I get to spend more time with him, I just fall more and more in love with him. He is such a special horse. Thank you once again for making the whole process of finding the right horse, getting tack and getting him home so easy.
And- with the other saddle, my older Friesian is going much better. So that is wonderful to see as well. 
Pictures to come!

Lisa in Minnesota

I got recommended to Friesian Marketplace after I lost my Friesian mare in October 2018. We gave Cheryl and Kelsey a call and my mom and I were very excited to travel to South Carolina from Kentucky to possibly find my next dream horse. After my loss, I was skeptical of finding “the one”. Meeting Kelsey and Cheryl was a real treat. I instantly felt welcomed and cared for. They were very honest and open about which horses would work for me and gave me lots of helpful tips. They showed me a couple horses, and the second I saw Daisy (now called “Nala”) my heart recognized hers. I felt a connection almost instantly. Once I hopped on, I was hooked. She was such a fun ride and made me feel confident in the saddle, and Kelsey and Cheryl were both very encouraging of my new adventure with Nala. I’ve owned her a month now, and she has already changed me for the better. She’s taught me patience, love, determination, and that it’s okay to mess up. I love her so very much for all that she’s given me and for being a best friend to me. I didn’t think I’d find a Friesian that was perfect for me after my loss, but I definitely found her at Friesian Marketplace, and I will forever cherish my time had with Cheryl and Kelsey and will always hold it dear to my heart. Thank you both so much for connecting me with my dream horse and best friend.

Much love from Paige and Nala ❤

New boy Xander we love him so much!!❤️👍👌

Judi in California

Leonardo is such a love!! Sally and I are getting better and better every lesson, Leo is teaching us so much!! I turned him out in the arena today and trotting very nicely in a circle like he was on a lunge line. I tried to get him excited with the shaker but all he wanted to do was follow me around and snuggle.

Kirk in NY

Dearest Cheryl and Kelsey,
Please please forgive the delay in sending my heartfelt thank you for all you have done for me. When I first visited your lovely facility. I was a little nervous in meeting you. I wanted to ask all the right questions and try not to be swayed by all your beautiful horses, and they truly are beautiful; however, you immediately put me at ease, and helped me learn what was most important to me in a new equine partner.
You knew I was looking for a sound, healthy, trail and lesson partner. What you found for me was beyond my wishes. Yes, Ollie is all of those things and more! He is smart, curious, getting braver all the time and Oh! What a clown! I can’t tell you how many times he had me laugh out loud. We have already made a connection. He knows my special whistle and will call back and trot to me from even the farthest turnout.
Ollie is also very popular at the barn, not only because he is so handsome, but so sweet. They moved him to the front, because he is the best greeter. The kindness, hospitality, and expertise you both have shown will live in my heart forever, thank you. We wish you all love, health and happiness.

Karen and Ollie in New York

Hi Kelsey and Cheryl
Jess is working Tjalke in this video with Lindsay Fuchs of Pferde Farm - our training Partner. He is progressing so well !  We love him and I am so thankful to have him!  

Sheryl from Minnesota

Hi Kelsey,
Olbrich is adored by all and she’s headed for a dressage show this weekend. Becky, the wonderful trainer, will be showing her. I’m so looking forward to seeing her. We call her Brie because Olbrich is so heavy & masculine. She’s very sweet & is happy as a clam. One day I was collecting manure in her paddock to take to my garden. As I moved from pile to pile she was right with me at each location just like a puppy dog. I don’t normally like to have a horse that close to me but I knew she was completely aware of where I was & I trusted her. She’s very special.

Kate From California

With tears of joy we post this special video of Christiaan at his new home and his first day in his new pasture. He is so happy! It has been raining and he was so happy to be outside! This was such a perfect match and that is what we take such pride in doing in our business. Happy horses and customers:). Although our hearts hurt when our amazing horses leave our farm it brings us such joy to see them loving life and with people that love them so much. We are blessed to know them and we are blessed to be able to pass on the happiness and joy that these horses bring and make a dream happen for someone else 

TGL now has 3 of our wonderful Friesians and enjoying them every day! So nice to see! Marc & Krista spreading their own HO HO Holiday cheer ! Featuring Kai, Palo and Christiaan 🐴🐴🐴❄️🎄❄️🎄❄️🎄

 For all of our Luuk fans out there here is Amie in Malibu, California enjoying an afternoon out with her boy! He is doing great and she adores him! If you don't recognize Amie you can catch her TV show Flipping Vegas!

For all of our Hero fans out there his new name is (KYLO)! Here is the lucky girly that bought him! Ciara loves this horse so much and we are so happy to be able to bring this kind of joy in someone's life! Life is good! I can’t believe I’ve already had him for almost five months. He’s everything and more than I could ever hope for, and had exceeded my expectations in many ways. He’s not always easy, but he’s always exactly what I need. As Adam Driver once said about his dog, I’m not sure I could possibly love anything more than him. 🙌🏻

Ciara in Florida

Hi Cheryl,
I just wanted to say again how much I am enjoying Grace! She is absolutely lovely inside and out! You and Kelsey definitely have a talent for finding Friesians with that “golden personality”. She has clearly been treated with kindness in the past and has been trained beautifully. Her ground manners are fantastic and her Dressage training is going to make me a better rider. I was able to take her out on the trails immediately because she is so brave and steady. You all made the process of purchasing her and getting the appropri ate paperwork in order incredibly easy. I also appreciate you arranging transport for me. If I’m ever in the market for another Friesian; there’s no question who I’ll turn to. Thanks so much!

Annette in Maryland

Hello hello!! Thought I would send a little update on the boy! Oh my word do we love him. Everyday is a new adventure with him! He is so much fun and sweeter than we thought possible. My trainer is having some work done on her house and property so there are always machines going, things dropping, workers hollering to each other, and he takes it all in stride like the good boy he is! He challenges me every ride, but never in an unsafe way. My trainer has commented so many times on what a lovely horse he is, between his amazing brain and lovely way of going, he is quickly becoming a favorite! She said today that in just the few weeks that we had him that she’s noticed my riding improve a lot, and I owe that to Kylo! We’ve had many lessons, and even gone on a few little mini trail rides, he is always alert and aware but never silly. He crosses water like an absolute champ, and loves looking out the back window of his stall to watch the racehorses train! You guys seriously couldn’t have paired me with a better horse - he truly is perfect for me! We are planning on showing for the first time in November, which will be my first ever show and I’m so happy to be able to do it with Kylo! We are so so thankful to you guys for finding me my fairytale horse!!

Ciara in Florida

I have been searching for “my horse” for 5 years and just never found the perfect fit. Cheryl and Kelsey were instrumental in helping me — they seem to have a natural ability to “match” clients with their horses. Cheryl and Kelsey made the entire experience a truly wonderful event. They are extremely professional and took care of everything, including overseeing his transportation while I was out of town on business. Ynze has FAR exceeded my expectations! Everyone says he is “the perfect gentlemen” and that describes him well. He is an exceptional horse and I still have moments when I can’t believe he is mine. Thanks to Friesian Marketplace, I found my dream horse!

Rebecca in Tennessee

Hi Cheryl,
I have to thank you for the wonderful mares I have purchased from you this year! One Ster mare and two 4 year olds that I hope will make Ster at the CA Inspection this year. They are the sweetest mares and we just love them! Tess especially loves the little kids and is quite the attention hog, but they all love to be around us and come right up to us as soon as they hear us walking out to the barn. The whole experience was great from start to finish when Tess arrived from SC and then the other two mares came from Holland and then up to UC Davis for their quarantine. And thank you so much for having the 2 that came from Holland bred to the stallion I requested! I'm so looking forward to these babies next spring! Thank you again for all your help and being available to answer questions and keeping me up to date on the progress of their travels here to the US. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I will continue to do so.
Take care,

Annette in California

 Hi Cheryl,
I wanted to give you an update on Lonneke. She is absolutely wonderful and her training and my lessons are going great. We have a wonderful instructor, Nancy Stanton who trains her and I am taking lessons with Nancy 2-3 times per week. She is coming along very nicely, and we are planning on doing some training shows over the fall/winter to get ready to compete come Spring. Lonneke’s personality is so loving to everyone at the barn, even our stable pig Hercules, as well as the farm dogs. She is never unhappy and always willing to spend time getting pampered and loved on. She is an absolute dream to be around and has worked her way into everyone’s heart at the barn. She is truly a dream come true. I cannot thank you and Kelsey enough for finding her and bringing her into my life. Your experience and true horsemanship skills allow you to find the best of the best in horses, and your understanding of each purchaser’s current abilities allow you to match them perfectly which leads to a very happy life together. After riding a Quarter horse for the last 19 years, the jump to a Friesian was definitely a different riding experience. You matched me with a horse that was patient and kind, who has outstanding ability, but also takes very good care of her Mom. Our relationship over the last 3 months, and how quickly we are becoming a perfect match is unbelievable. Her patience and nurturing has allowed my confidence and my ability to learn dressage improve with every ride. In addition, she loves trail riding and is very level headed and a thinker. She is truly perfect in every way. Thank both you and Kelsey for making my dream a reality. I love reading the stories on your Facebook page as well. These stories show just how many dreams the two of you make come true for all your clients. Please keep doing what you do! Buying a horse can be a great experience with people like the Baird’s in the world.

Sue in Ohio
 I have posted this picture of Pier and me because the expression on my face shows how he makes me feel. I feel contentment and joy when I am with my sweet boy.

Deb in Canada

Update! And the pleasant surprise at the end of the Buckeye Baroque...Karsten wins the show’s high point award!! This horse never ceases to impress- we are so blessed with Karsten van de Noeste Hoeve, the Amazing Friesian Stallion!

Kirk and Sally in New York

Hi Cheryl,
I can’t say enough good things about this boy, thank you again😊 We where just hanging out after mucking out stalls, LOL.

Nancy in New York
 Cheryl and Kelsey are consummate professionals. Cheryl listened to my trainers explanation of what I was looking for and she and Kelsey delivered a perfect match for me. Cheryl and Kelsey made the whole process of buying a horse very easy. Plus their tack package saved me the burden of shopping for new horse tack. They truly care about the horses they sell and I would not hesitate to recommend Friesian Marketplace.
Love my boy!

Tina in Illinois
Hi Cheryl, I was riding Roan around the Ranch, up and down hills, by creeks, by turkeys after I worked him in the arena and I thought of you and Kelsey and how long it’s been since I gave you an update on the boy. He’s just a happy camper here and has learned sooooo much! He’s very intelligent and willing. Last weekend one of the resident caretakers was having a party and saw me walking Roan around. He asked if his friends could come out and get pictures with him and I said “ sure”. Little did I know that 10 people would come out to see him! I wasn’t sure how he’d react with that many people... but you should have seen him ❤ He was soaking it all up... posing, smelling hands, being so sweet and loving every minute!! They must have taken 100’s of pictures! He loves his new brother Loek and the feeling is mutual. We are very happy to be Roe’s Family and Thanks again for your service.

Cathy in California
   Welcome my beautiful Lonneke to the family!! It’s been 20 years of wishing for my beautiful Friesian and this girl is better than I could have ever imagined!! Thank you to my wonderful husband for the best gift ever, and Cheryl and Kelsey Baird for finding me the perfect match! We are both very lucky girls!

Sue in Ohio

Update! I have to tell you I could not have found a more perfect horse! I love Lonneke! I am riding her now and she is so in tune with what I'm thinking!! We start dressage lessons on Friday and I could not be happier! She is so awesome!!! I came home last night after riding her and told my husband that I can't believe she's mine! Her personality and heart are so true! I think someone really loved her she is very people oriented and wants to do everything for me! She is so patient, kind, and smart! She is a perfect horse the one most people only dream of and she's mine!! I am a very lucky girl.

Sue in Ohio
    Thank you so much Friesian Marketplace for making my dream come true. Sanne aka Perseus is such a blessing. He is truly my soul horse and is already an important part of the family. You made the entire process painless and easy. I am sure he will not be my last Friesian and I will definitely use your services again. I am grateful to you!!

Lisa in Ohio

Update!   This is what is so amazing about the Friesian Horse! These photos were taken at the same competition, Lisa showing Sanne is a high level class and then Sanne being a great partner for her son in a lead line class. This is the temperament we look for at FMP! We are so proud to have put this match together! Friesians are so awesome!
 Cheryl, Durak is doing great at her new home and we are getting along so well. I really can’t believe what a great match she is for me. We had our first ride the other day and I quickly learned how little I know and how incredibly kind Durak is. The bath products are amazing.

Sawyer in NJ
For all of our FMP fans here is a beautiful photo of Cathy and Rens after their lesson together. It is so wonderful to see the joy that our horses bring! We put a lot of thought and hard work into our sale horses and when it all comes together it is magic!
 Update! Dancing with my big boy Beau today. He is so sweet and such a joy. Glorious day at the barn

Susan in TN
 Update! Just another happy customer enjoying their awesome horse! This is Marc and Palo ( Thomas) from Nashville, TN having fun at Fontanel Farms!
  Luke is doing amazing! I LOVE him! He did great on his first trail ride.

Amie in Malibu

His nickname at the barn is Fabio. Everybody says he looks like the most perfect horse they've ever seen.
Cheryl this boy is going to be so spoiled. He's already had his hair re-braided today. He has all his feed a brand, new blanket, all new equipment and lots of love. We plan on putting him in his first show next month. I'll keep you updated. Like does not begin to describe it. He is amazing!

Donalee in Virginia
 I happened upon Friesian Marketplace purely by chance and let me tell you I am so happy that I did. I have now purchased two horses from these wonderful ladies and each time has been the most pleasant and exciting experience. They truly go above and beyond for their horses and customers. Every horse at their farm is unlike any other you have ever seen. Prince and Jack both are just the most fantastic and well rounded horses. Owning a Friesian was always a dream of mine and when I bought prince Kelsey and Cheryl made it such a wonderful experience that I came back to them when I was looking for another horse and purchased Jack! Cheryl and Kelsey will help you accomplish your dream of owning a once in a life time horse! They have horses for every skill set from beginner to advanced and will match you with the perfect horse! I can not say enough good things about friesian marketplace but I know that they have made a life long customer out of me! Thank you both so much!

Kristen in TN

Cheryl and Kelsey - I can’t thank you enough for my beautiful boy Hercules. I thought you might like to see a few pics from this weekend. He is an amazing horse - just perfect

Jenny from Australia

Our first trail ride we did pretty good together!🐴💕
I love her so much!!

Deborah in Oklahoma
   Here is Cynthia and Tesoro she has had him 1 year and still loving every minute with him! I can’t believe it’s been just over a year since Tesoro came into my world. It’s still true love!!

Sanne is doing great. I am already in love. He is already part of the family.

Lisa in New Jersey

Update! We could not be more proud of our recently sold Sanne he is already a champion in USA! We are so excited about this match! Way to go Lisa!!! We will be following them on their new journey.

I am truly in love with this horse. He is so much fun to ride and be around. He is already a “big” part of the family. Thank you Friesian Marketplace for making my buying experience so easy.

Thank you Kelsey Baird, Sypke aka Odin’s Fury is simply amazing!!!! He didn’t even flinch with the wind and cold temps for my first trail ride on him. Simply an incredible horse! ❤️ #friesianmarketplace I’m discovering what a once in a lifetime horse feels like to ride! He is forward and smooth and just so personable...a dream horse! And he loves his new roomies, running and playing in the pastures, so much fun to watch! Thank you and Cheryl Baird, anyone looking for a fantastic Friesian should look no further.

June in Virginia

Update! We are so thrilled with this horse! 4 years old and he is so wonderful, This is our first time through the water with him! I could not be more proud of him and we love his wonderful demeanor:). Thanks FMP! Perfect match for our family!

James in Virginia

People have shared countless stories of their good fortune to have found this wonderful home of "Friesians and their caregivers, protectors , their commitment to finding the exact connection between horse and owners.. Every story is unique , to us the journey we now share with a horse born "Detmer Fan Groot in Friesland Netherlands". Is a fairytale! We renamed him "Navarro" because we reside in a Spanish community of San Juan Capistrano He now resides in San Juan Capistrano, his name now of Spanish origin Navarre ,"Navarro" powerful, loving and willing to work and learn , in his mind he is convinced he is responsible to carry on with dignity, the kindness and love for all his breed. After a very disappointing if not disastraoues purchase of another horse, my granddaughter Lauren and I discovered the Friesian Market PLace Website. I contacted them and from the first email I knew they were different. This amazing family suggested I come visit the horses and they and I could find the right horse. I was very weary after my last purchase and decided to join them in South Carolina and see for myself and ..Grandaughter in tow ( 9 year old Lauren) off we flew to meet our "Dream "and make it a reality. The care and concern that Cheryl , Kelsey , and everyone who made our visit to their farm ,from beginning to now , have been beyond anyone's expectations. 'The first item on Cheryl's and Kelsey's agenda was safety for the rider. Although all of their horses have exceptional beauty, for them it was all about the horses mind how he reacts to things that he is unfamiliar with ? Even after the sale they continued to monitor his performance both in the arena around the barn, and out on trail.. Now living in his new home, they continue to provide helpful solutions to any challenge that we have concerns , from fly management, ground manners, diet, riding tips, no matter big or small.. The Dream is alive and thriving for us all to witness and I look forward to demonstrating to the family of "Friesian Market Place " the growth and love we have shown "Navarro" by all the wonderful time we spend with him each day, learning together horse and owners, just why he is a part of each other forever!

Much Love,
Judi, Lauren, Robb And Navarro

Hi My parents bought Oakley for me I thought you might want to see some updates. He’s absolutely perfect! We are heading off to our first show in February. All my trainers fell in love with him! Thanks for all of your help.

Macey in Oklahoma

Hey! It's Macey again. We bought a ranch on 160 acres and now Oakley enjoys going on trail rides. He's the perfect trail horse! I think it really keeps him from getting bored. So far we've tackled crossing a creek, going through the woods, up hills and cows. He's been perfect the whole time!

Thank you to Friesian Marketplace and the entire Baird family. Your farm could easily be named-Dreams Do Come True-for that is exactly what has happened once again. Having followed Friesian Marketplace LLC’s web site for a couple of years, watching in admiration all the wonderful Friesians that have passed through the Baird families’ hands and hearts, my dream horse is now home in my barn as real as it gets. Having purchased Raz sight unseen with only sales videos and description, a few phone conversations and several e-mails I couldn’t help wondering if I was losing my mind. Nope I wasn’t, my trust in the Baird family was well placed. Raz is everything and so much more than Cheryl told me about him. Cheryl’s honesty, love and understanding of these truly amazing horses rings as clear and true as a crystal ball. The entire Friesian Marketplace establishment worked tirelessly to make sure the processes of purchasing, proper medical and health certificates, insuring, registering, transporting, receiving, and best of all letting me know from the moment I agreed to the purchase of Raz what was happening with everything concerning him (the interest and support continue still) went seamlessly. If a Friesian is in your future, you would do well placing your trust in Friesian Marketplace.

Nancy in New York

Today after riding first flight at Middleton. We jumped a few deer, Sebastian LOVES Hunting. Very exciting for him (in a good way) and he never takes a bad step!

Lee in South Carolina
The past few days have been incredible! This boy is my true "spirit" match! Thanks Kelsey Baird for making the transition to Nashville for KAI & I flawless and Friesian Marketplace for EVERYTHING! You are one in a million.
Krista in Nashville

UPDATE! For all of our FMP fans wondering where our awesome Thomas went and who his awesome new parents are.....On the right Marc is the lucky new owner!! Krista Marie and Kai are on the left. Thomas is their 2nd Friesian purchased from FMP and they are thrilled. Thomas will now live in Nashville ( who knows you might see both of them in a country music video stay tuned !!) This was a surprise from Krista to her husband Marc! What a great idea!!! They are going out on a Sunday morning ride!
Krista is having so much fun with her beautiful boys Palo Alto and Kai! This makes us so proud! #fontanelfarms

 Our first day with Ernie. I wish that I could go back and live it again. He is a dream come true. I had wanted a Friesian since I was only 8 yrs old. I put my trust in Cheryl Baird at Friesian Marketplace and purchased him sight unseen. He's the best thing that I've ever done for myself. He makes my spirit happy!

Felicia in CO

 FMP would like to congratulate Erica and her sweet boy Friso on winning the high point friesian region 4 dressage finals! We are so proud of this horse! Friso was sold by FMP last year to Erica. Way to go FRISO!

For all of our FMP followers, Here are two of our amazing picks for our special customers Lindy and Jackie Ware. Kardinaal aka "Diesel" and Prince Harry! Two stunning talented horses headed to the World Championship Friesian show. We are so proud :)

King is fantastic! A real dreamboy. We all love him so much- he already has a fan club! The trainer who is helping me with him is your age. She's totally in love. She rode him yesterday for the first time. He was amazing!!!! Such a sweetheart he is. We all love his personality!

Roslyn in New Jersey

Update! King went to his first horse show and did AWESOME, earning 2 blue ribbons!!

 Hi: planning on texting you tonight! I love Evert. He is the sweetest boy! I let him run free in the indoor yesterday. He ran and bucked AND ROLLED AND SNORTED and WAS SO PROUD OF HIMSELF AND HAPPY and then headed straight for me! I prayed he would stop in time! He DID ABOUT 3 INCHES AWAY FROM MY FACE. LOVE MY BOY! I'll tell him you guys miss him. I miss you too. They will put him in with vezalay and the little herd tomorrow. Too muddy today. Luv you guys

Ginny and Evert in Maryland

For all of our FMP followers. Here is Hercules, he traveled a long way for Jenny to Australia. She is in love and he is too! We are SO happy he has such a wonderful lady to love him! THIS WAS A GREAT MATCH!

Friesian Marketplace, Cheryl Baird and Kelsey Baird - thank you so much for all your help with my purchase of Hercules. I couldn't be happier. He is just as amazing as you said - you guys were so helpful and really went the extra mile to make my dream horse happen for me. Your honesty throughout the process was much appreciated and your quick responses to my hundreds of questions, even now, has been great. I can't recommend you guys highly enough for anyone looking for their special Friesian. Thank you

Jenny in Australia

Our gorgeous sweetest boy ever!!! Olivier S “Olaf” The Friesian that really does love warm hugs!!! We love this horse SO much!!!! Thank you Friesian Marketplace, we love this boy and want a bunch more just like him!!!

Melissa in Texas

Big thanks to Cheryl Baird and Friesian Marketplace for finding the Perfect Gentleman for Proud Owner Sharon Ratliff. We expected a lot and the expectation was profoundly surpassed. Cheryl can find a horse for any buyer. Please give her the chance to find you, your perfect Friesian. 7 World Championships and a Reserve World Championship! THANKS AGAIN Friesian Marketplace and Cheryl Baird

David at Mountain Trail Stables in West Virginia
 Life with Jelte is such a rewarding experience. He has taught me so very much about riding and life. Jelte is the consummate gentleman and such a loving soul. Even though I have had him for several years, I still am in amazement he is mine! Friesian love is fabulous! Thank you for finding him for me!

Laine in West Virginia

Dear Cheryl and Kelsey,
Rick and I just wanted to send you an update on Orion. We LOVE this horse!!! He is a sweet gentleman to handle and his barn manners are impeccable. He has been with us a few months now, so we are past the "honeymoon" stage...and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful horse! He is just as you represented, and it was a pleasure to visit your farm when "horse shopping". Thanks too, for the goodies you sent along when he arrived, and helpful advice and excellent communication. Orion is a blast to ride! He is the "professor" as he knows more than me, as I am learning more about dressage. My trainer likes him a lot, and even more as time passes. Recently, we competed at our first show together and earned over 66%. Did I mention this was a recognized USDF show, and I had not shown in ANY shows for 13 or 14 years? (I used to show hunters, and rode western before that). One of the judge's comments was,"shows nice evidence of correct training". For much of my life, I have ridden "project" horses (as an artist, my budget was limited) who were young and/or had "issues" to work through.  It was a financial stretch (and thanks to my supportive husband!!!) to acquire a horse of this caliber and training. My only regret is not having done this earlier! Thank you again, for helping make a dream happen!!!

Sherry in South Carolina

My beautiful Friesian horse Ulke. I purchased him five years ago. He's changed my life and I couldn't love him more. Thank u to Cheryl, her great team, and beautiful daughter Kelsey! Love u all, and thank u for the love of my life!

Diana in New Hampshire
 Wow! This is Dante! And WOW what a costume! For all of our FMP followers Dante was one of our sale horses several years ago and now.......he is famous!!!
Kathy in Florida

Hi guys! I promised to give you an update after our first show and I'm sure you will be glad to here Oliver was great! He placed great in the hunter class and the dressage hack! And ALSO was Champion of Champions in the purebred friesian halter at the show! He was a rock star and is such a pleasure to train, Katie and him get better each lesson and I'm so excited to see them hit the ring together! Thank you so much for importing such a sweet and willing horse! So willing he has become my new sidesaddle mount as well! We love him very much!

Maddie in Ohio
 I took Menno on his 1st trail ride on Sunday with a bunch of folks. He was a doll. We both are happy. He was an absolute doll leaving everyone and very brave all by himself. He was 10 times better than I could have imagined :) The saddle is very comfortable and I get compliments on it!

Bonny in North Carolina
  Hey! Just wanted to say Ritsaert has been a dream so far, he is loving life and loving trail riding and learning tons of ground work! Honestly is the best thing that's ever happened to me I have never met a horse so sweet!

Amelia in South Carolina
 Cheryl! We had a fantastic first show day! We are in love with Annette. She is so kind and wants to please. Please check my FB for pictures. We received 2 championships inhand, 2 reserve championships and a reserve champion in show driving! We are so excited! And she and us have just begun! It will even get better!!!! Wow! Thank you again for helping us find this phenomenal Mare!

 Update! Wow! Another great show with our Annette! She IS a very special Mare!!! One of our most special wins was when this 16 yr. old girl, who is deaf, won the Champion Jr. To handle, Inhand Class! We also went on to 4-Championships, 4-Reserve Championships and 2-3rd places. We had a fantastic time at this Buckeye Baroque show!

Brenda and Charley in Florida
 Beau is awesome! His ride is glorious. We are getting two mares ready for breeding to him. I plan to show him and Cora in October at the IFSHA show! I kiss him every night. He is such a lovely stallion. He loves attention and grooming. He's quite the star at my barn!

Susan in Tennessee
 Jackie's first day with her new Friesian Stallion "Diesel "! I'm so excited to see him transition from dressage to saddleseat. Thank you Cheryl Baird for helping us find this special horse, we love him already.

Lindy in Georgia
 Mom and Jort had their first ride together today!! Jort was a super star! He and mom got along really really well! I'm so glad you and Kelsey do what you do and brought my mom so much happiness! Jort was truly a jewel today and was so level headed and took very good care of her. We couldn't have any more love for him! He's wonderful! Thank you all so much!

Terry in West Virginia
 I would like to give my warmest thanks to Cheryl and Kelsey Baird of Friesian Marketplace. These wonderful ladies are a breath of fresh air in the horse industry! They made my horse buying experience a stress free process. Their barn is immaculate, the horses all look wonderful and they truly love what they do. I love how Kelsey rides the horses, Cheryl took care of everything for me. She helped me find everything I needed for Pier. She took care of all the paperwork, arranged transport to Canada. They even sent me a picture of Pier getting on the trailer. He arrived in wonderful shape. When I had concerns or needed advice during his transition they stayed in touch. Pier has turned into the perfect horse for me! He is so much fun to ride! I am so grateful I found their website. I have lovely memories of my trip to South Carolina, the time I spent with Cheryl and Kelsey and getting to know my boy Pier. I have been riding for 50 years and this is the best horse buying experience I have ever had!

Deb in Canada
 "To anyone seriously interested in purchasing a Friesian, do yourself a favor and visit Cheryl and her daughter, Kelsey in South Carolina before you make a selection anywhere else! Finding my new man, Ynze, was a completely stress-free process from start to finish. I also bought a rhinestone-studded bridle and a saddle that feels like I am sitting on a Tempur-Pedic mattress, plus grooming products to keep my Friesian silky and gorgeous. This is a first-class operation, and the only difficulty is in deciding which of the absolutely gorgeous horses in her barn to choose from! These are fabulous animals, and I simply could not be more thrilled! You only have to see her stables and grounds to know that Cheryl has the highest standards. No sales pitch or pressure, time to ride and get to know the horses, and Cheryl works hard to make sure that the horse and rider are perfectly matched. I was considering two other Friesians from another seller when I found Friesian Marketplace on the web. I am SO GLAD that I made a trip to see Cheryl before I purchased another horse! The moment I saw Ynze I was head over heels in love. He is everything I ever fantasized about in a horse, and more! Thank you, thank you, Cheryl and Kelsey for making my equine dreams come true!!!! Ynze and I will enjoy each other for many years to come, and I will keep you informed about our adventures together."

Melinda in Tennessee

 Jelger is amazing! We love him so much! Lessons are going great! If you have any tips about caring for his mane that would be great! He's such an amazing horse! Everyone at the barn loves him too! His nickname is 'black Fabio'

Jamison in Alabama
 Cheryl, my whole experience with FMP has been outstanding! From the first contact to the sad goodbyes on your end, the whole process of buying my new boy was extremely smooth and I felt very well taken care of. Roan is exactly as he was described and I was very grateful for that as I was buying him without actually meeting him at all. I am very impressed with the way you , Cheryl and Kelsey, run your business...obviously with a lot of honesty, integrity and very high standards. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a high quality Friesian, without hesitation! I'll keep you in the loop with the continuing adventures of Roan, the super Friesian! Thank you again!

Cathy in California
 Thank you!!!!! I am beyond thrilled. I have had a tough time after my beloved boy passed so unexpectedly. Nelis spoke to me....I knew he was the one! He is going to be here much earlier in the day than I anticipated tomorrow. Happy to have the day to start bonding. You and your mother are truly class acts in this industry. I have been showing Morgans on the world level since I was 8, and have seen first hand what the majority of the barns are like. Thank you both for being honest and sincere, and mostly passionate about what you do! He is coming to an amazing home. He will be spoiled rotten!!!! Can't wait to meet him and keep you both updated on our progress together!

Allison in New Hampshire

 I'm still so shocked that I actually manifested a Friesian horse.... I am thankful every day I look at you my beautiful Cyrus thank you to this wonderful woman Cheryl for finding my sweet boy!! Friesian marketplace I wouldn't have him if it wasn't for you... Thank you!!

Kerry in California
 After several months of searching online and in person for the perfect Friesian, I stumbled across FMP. The first thing that impressed me about Cheryl and Kelsey was their honesty. On more than one occasion they told me that a particular horse wasn't for me but not to worry, they would find my match. Then my boy Shadow arrived. To be honest I didn't think I would be lucky enough to end up with him because so many people were interested. In the end, I was the lottery winner! Shadow is without a doubt my heart horse and a perfect match for me. There are 12 other Friesians where I board Shadow but everyone loves him. I am constantly told how beautiful, intelligent and sweet he is and it's true. FMP only imports the best quality and temperament horses. When you purchase from Cheryl you can rest assured that she isn't looking for a quick sale and she stands behind you even after your new baby is home. This professionalism and trust is evidenced by their repeat customers. Their horses are truly exceptional and addicting. I'm already wanting to add to my herd!! FMP, keep up the good work! You are making dreams come true!

Tammy in Virginia
 I read the horse bios, and testimonials before my purchase and decided I needed to see for myself if this fairytale Friesian was everything the others say. I have had Brand for over three months; indeed Brand is the right brand! He is exactly what I was looking for! Even my trainer has said how happy she is for me after almost every lesson. He is lovely at dressage and enjoys hacking, along with being very handsome and such a gentleman. My husband is impressed with how mellow he is compared to our other horses. Brand’s canter feels wonderful.
I took my trainer with me to Friesian Marketplace. The staff was very professional and gracious. Kelsey had done an excellent job keeping Brand in training. I am so thankful that I took the time to call Cheryl and talk to her about my riding skills and what I was looking for. It is apparent that she has a niche for matching people with the right horse. You can trust FMP to find your dream horse.

Mary Anne in GA
 Words cannot express the joy that has come into our lives through our beautiful Friesian, Karsten. It's opened a whole new world for us...learning so much! Thanks to all our friends who helped make this happen

Kirk and Sally in NY

 Update! We are so proud of Karsten and his new owner Kirk from NY on their first horse show together!
We are new to the horse world and this has been a fabulous experience. For anyone looking to purchase a Friesian we highly recommend purchasing one through FMP, very professional and all around great experience!!

 Update! FMP would like to congratulate Kirk and Sally from NY on winning multiple World Champion titles in Ohio with their very handsome boy Karsten! They LOVE this boy and that makes us very happy! Photo credit to Avalon photography

 If you are looking for a Fairytale dream Friesian,and want the best Quality of all them, look no further than Friesian Marketplace.. I purchased my Beautiful Sweet Sandor from them! I have been following them for several years and you won't find anyone more Professional people like Cheryl Baird Kelsey Baird and their Friesian Marketplace family! They match each person with their perfect Friesian! I have learned so much from these most precious ladies!! They will go above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable with each lesson,training and grooming of these Beautiful Animals! From the first moment you meet them, you become part of their family! My heart is so full with love and respect for these wonderful people!! Thank you Cheryl and Kelsey Baird and Friesian Marketplace for making my dream come true with My Sweet Sandor!!
 The only thing I can say is...WOW! I purchased Asio & renamed him Rhett Butler. He "is" the Perfect Gentlemen! He is loving, patient, strong, & intelligent. He even put his head down for the halter and just about puts it on by himself. Cheryl & the girls do an incredible job! Very professional as well as a passion, it shows!

Cheryl even designed my saddle since I have a rod in my femur which makes my foot a bit crooked. So she added padded stirrups w non skid surface. They are working great! She just did it without me knowing to ask. Now that is service! FMP is truley a gift from God! My hat is off to you!!!!!!

Mimi in South Carolina

Update! We wanted to share some photos of our recently sold Aiso! His new owner Mimi LOVES this boy and is enjoying him so much! He is quite social now with all of the events they have been doing with him! It looks like he is living the good life! She says.... We are having so much fun! I just LOVE this HORSE! Next trip is the Biltmore!

   I spent many hours sifting thru ads and contacting individuals trying to find the perfect Friesian. I finally found FMP, but wasn’t sure they would have the right horse for me. But once I called and talked to Cheryl, I knew I was in the right hands. She is so knowledgeable and passionate about her horses, and when I told her that I was looking for a horse to share with my 13 year old daughter, she understood right away just how important it was to me to find a good fit, a horse that was Safe and Sound. Cheryl said she could find us a the right match, and did she ever! When Cheryl contacted me about Duke, we went to FMP to see how my daughter would do with him…she is still learning, so would consider her an intermediate rider, and honestly I was a bit nervous about her on horse much bigger than what she is used to. But when Cheryl and I were watching my daughter ride Duke, we both got goosebumps! They were absolutely perfect together! Cheryl, who works with her own lovely and talented daughter, truly cared about finding us the perfect match. Not only did she find us the perfect horse, Cheryl and her girls also helped us with tips and instruction on grooming, feed, tack, etc….basically walked us thru everything we needed to know about taking care of our new guy! I was so grateful to not have to figure out all of that on my own and was so happy that when Duke arrived, he had a perfect fitting Bridle and halter with him, along with his care package! Cheryl even helped with organizing Duke’s transportation to Ohio! And Duke received a Spa day from FMP before his trip, so he arrived as gorgeous as could be! The whole process was amazing, above and beyond what I could ever have expected! Duke has been with us for just about a month, but is already a barn favorite, everyone just loves him! He has literally stopped people in their tracks….since we brought him to the equestrian center we board at, I have had so many people come up and ask me about this gorgeous horse! And everyone that interacts with him at the barn has commented on how sweet he is! We absolutely are in love with our new guy, and we have had so much fun together already! My daughter and I will never forget the most wonderful day we spent with Cheryl and the FMP family….not only did we find our dream horse that day, but we also made some absolutely amazing new friends! I can’t thank Cheryl enough for finding our perfect match, and for all the help and caring she showed us along the way! And when the day comes that we are ready for our next Friesian, Cheryl will be the first and only person I will call! So proud to be a part of the FMP family, thank you Cheryl, Kelsey, Maddy and everyone at FMP for helping our dream come true!

Petra in Ohio

Update! Duke is doing awesome, has been so great, has been bathed, clipped, ferrier, etc, and he has been so good! We have been working with him almost every day, coming along nicely, currently working on keeping him in a straight line, ha. Here is a current pic, look how his mane is already growing out in just a few weeks! Daily application of all the products seems to be working wonders! Isabella and I are loving every minute, having a blast, thanks to you finding us our Friesian boy! Hugs to everyone at FMP, have a great weekend!
 Sweet Doutzen - 1 of 4 horses I have purchased from FMP. Tell Cheryl Baird what you are looking for, and she will find it. Thank you FMP.

Debbie in North Carolina
 I know this is going to sound unreal, but the pictures of these magnificent creatures do not do them justice. I too have posted, stunning, breathtaking, but till you see them in person and get to see their amazing personalities it is like nothing else I have experienced! I fell in Love with Winston by his photo alone. When I met him, I was praying Cheryl would say he was a match. Trust me - if she doesn't think you and the horse are a match, she will tell you. But with that being said, she will also find the one that is. She is the most honest person I have ever dealt with on purchasing a horse, and the most knowledgable as well! So when she said we were a match - SHE MADE MY DREAM COME TRUE! She will walk you through all of the care, equipment, turn out schedule - my gosh - you name and she goes over it with you! Cheryl, her lovely daughter and ALL the young ladies were amazing! They truly have the best place if you are looking for a QUALITY Friesian! I cannot recommend them enough! TOP NOTCH! Emily and I had the time of our life, and truly cannot thank you enough Cheryl! If there were more than 5 stars, Cheryl would get them! She for sure has earned it!

Vickie in PA
 Cheryl was the most wonderful person to work with in finding the right Friesian for me. She has a gift for listening to your needs in a horse and finding that perfect match. She worked very hard and kept in contact with me during the process until one day she called and sent a video of Meinte .We both agreed this is the one !! When arriving at FMP the hospitality,positive atmosphere and expertise was something I will never forget. Cheryl,staff and family made me feel so welcome at the farm and in their beautiful home. I so appreciated Cheryl giving me the opportunity to purchase this wonderful animal and answering every question from ( shipping, feed, tack,and grooming ) I truly love my new Meinte!!!

FMP is the place to buy your perfect majestic Friesian that you will be proud to own and ride. I promise everyone will want to see and ride your new FMP horse!!

Thanks Cheryl for your hospitality you showed me on that cold and windy day !!!!

Paula in Texas
 Cheryl said "You will never regret him". Truer words were never spoken.

Felicia in Colorado

Cheryl - it was such a pleasure meeting you all and I appreciate the time you spent with me getting to know who I am, what I need and finding the perfect match. She is a dream horse. You run a first-class business and you treat your guests like family. I can't say enough and I look forward to whatever journey Xandra and I take together!

Jackie in South Carolina
Hi Cheryl, I just wanted to thank you for allowing me the pleasure of owning Ellert. He truly is everything you said he was. When he first came off the trailer I really had doubts and thought "what did I get myself into". After about one week he acclimated wonderfully and is truly the horse you said he was. A reincarnated Labrador!. Everyone at the barn loves him including the trainers. He is voted the most beautiful horse here among about 45 horses. Ellert has brought so much joy to my life. I do not know what I would do without him. He is an exceptional horse. We are spoiling him rotten and I would not have it any other way! Keep doing what you do because you really are good at it! Thank you for my wonderful horse!
This is my 8 year old granddaughter riding Ellert for the first time he was so good!
Warmest Wishes,

Michelle in Las Vegas
 Dear Cheryl,
We love Wilco so much. He is adjusting really well and he is so sweet and amazing:):):)

Brooke in California
Thank you for everything you did for me. I had been looking for over a year for the perfect horse that was in my price range. I chanced upon your website and was enamored with the horses and the stories. So I called you to tell you what I wanted but I did not think that you would be able to find the perfect horse. A few weeks later you sent a short text and a video of Jelte (Yelta). I loved everything about him from the very start but it was scary to buy a horse unseen. (He was in Holland and I could not travel there to meet him personally) You assured me that he would be perfect for me and that you would take care of everything. From his flight over to his delivery to my doorstep, you took care of every detail. When Jelte arrived, he was perfect. He was sweet and beautiful just as I had hoped. He settled in right away and has been my dream come true. He is perfectly mannered and loves attention. I could not be happier. Thank for all you did to make this dream a reality for me.

Krista in Tennessee
 Dear Cheryl,
And to give you an idea - I called my husband last week in tears - he thought something was wrong. I had just gone out for a ride on Ulke and had such a fabulous ride I called my husband to thank him for making the dream happen - they were tears of joy:))) He is just spectacular - and I put a girl on him this week for a mini lesson on the lunge (she is a high school girl that helps around the barn occasionally) - she has only been on a horse one other time - I wasn't sure what to expect - but you could see Ulke just walk around like an old man - he was perfection with her!!! And our local town magazine came out for a photo shoot - they wanted to write a pet page with the horses and of course Ulke wowed them more than anyone! We are right on a high traffic corner so a lot of people love the horses. I don't have any pics yet - I've only ridden by myself except for my lesson - I'll work on that - and adding to the testimonial page once I write it up!! Not sure if I'll try to take him to a show over the winter - but I'll be planning for his debut!

UPDATE! Oh Cheryl, Ulke has spoiled me against any other horse:))) I weaned my Friesian colt a couple of months ago and finally hopped on my mare after quite some time - oh my goodness - there is just no comparison - Ulke has just ruined me for wanting to ride any other horse! We are doing great - I'm taking weekly lessons and hope to slowly get back in the show ring this spring. I'm truly having the best rides of my life! And of course he is just the barn favorite when people visit - and he still stops traffic when people drive by:)

Holly in Texas
 Wow bought Auke sight unseen. He has turned out to be everything and more. He arrived in tip top condition I couldn't believe it when he walked off the trailer. Cheryl was so helpful finding me the right match, spent hours on the phone and sending me video. First class service for a first class horse

Karen in Texas
 Thank you Cheryl Baird - for making this a most wonderful experience! Sybren was pristine when we arrived today with your gorgeous surprise! It brought me to tears. You are most generous! He has settled in so well! All of the horses in your care are extremely well taken care of, always groomed to perfection and just absolutely stunning. Anyone looking for a Friesian- should look here FIRST! As picky as I am about everything- Cheryl met every expectation I had and then some! Cheryl takes the time to match you up perfectly and is honest if you aren't a match. THANK YOU - just does not feel like enough!

Dawn in North Carolina
 I grew up showing hunters and my husband, Mark, grew up fishing. We both competed in our fields of interest. For years I wanted to get back into owning and showing horses. Mark always had a reason why the timing was not right. Last November, we went to a show of the "Royal Horses of Europe" in Greenville. One of the horses there was a Friesian named "Ricco". Mark fell in love and was mesmerized by him. I knew nothing of the breed. We started researching and found Friesian Marketplace, that was not far from us, so I contacted Cheryl. I explained that we were interested in learning about the breed and set up and appointment to meet you and the horses.

Upon our arrival, everyone at FMP greeted us so warm and friendly. The horses were amazing. You showed us 3 different types of Friesians and spent a lot of time explaining everything. Well, we were hooked!! We knew we wanted a Friesian and we wanted to work with FMP.

The day that you called us to say that you found us the perfect horse, Thomas, we were so excited we could hardly contain ourselves. We made arrangements to meet Thomas in a week. I can tell you, that was a really long week. When we met him, it was love at first sight. He was big, beautiful and as sweet as can be. I was so excited when Mark said we could get him. I was doing all I could not to cry from happiness.

Thomas is staying at FMP so Cheryl can train both Mark and I.

All I can say is a great big thank you to FMP for everything. The website says "where dreams come true" and you made mine come true.

Most people hate Mondays, not me, I look forward to Mondays to see Thomas. Your patience and expertise are second to none and I am looking forward to our adventures with FMP and Thomas.

Brenda and Mark in North Carolina

 Just a quick note to let you know that Jan and I are over the moon with Watze D. He is perfect!

Karen Rock Trainer Solid Rock Stables

I was lucky enough to find this great horse 6 months after a serious horse accident. Watze D ("Nero") is so beautiful and kind that he healed my physical and psychological injuries and helped me back to full time riding and training.
I give Cheryl Baird a lot of credit for matching me up with the right horse and making the whole process easy.
I think everyone here who has met Nero loves him. He's a great diplomat for the breed!

Thank you Friesian Marketplace!

Jan in Chicago

 My heart is just glowing today. Thank you for making such an important decision so easy, so comfortable and so right. Truly, everything about you and your business is so top notch. Your horses are high quality and so well cared for along with every person that we met that works for Friesian Marketplace. Batman really is the whole package. Out of all the wonderful things that he can do I am mostly really in love with his character and disposition. He is affectionate and sweet, willing and kind and we are going to have fun! Thank you!

UPDATE! Hi Cheryl, Thanks for the great info. I love the horse care products! Batman is doing so, so great😀😀😀😀 He is such a love and such a happy boy. We've been rained out all week but finally got to ride him today. My barn family thinks he is so gorgeous. He is so caring and affectionate. Sandra starting crying during our lesson today because I was smiling so much and having so much fun with him. The real bottom line is that we have been bonding all week and we are becoming so attached. He really does love to just follow you around, wants to please and catches on very quickly. I have been waiting quite a long time for another horse to come and fill my heart and soul like this. He is So It 😍😍😍😍. Thanks you again for matching him with me and all of your great help and resources!

Lisa in Georgia

 Dear Cheryl, From the moment I called you, you were so patient, kind, caring and understanding with what I was looking for in my first horse that I felt that I had FINALLY found the person who knew and understood me! OF COURSE - I HAD to have my Friesian! Other people were telling me to look at other breeds, get a gaited horse, spend less, but I stuck to my dream and thanks to you (and all of you) – it has come true. I always thought I would live with just a dream (which was YEARS in the making), but now my dream will be arriving soon. I can’t wait! You and your daughter have such an insight into human nature and the nature of the horse, that it is truly magic. Both of you worked your magic on helping me to understand my own abilities (or lack thereof since this is my very first horse!) and how to feel comfortable in the seat on the back of a Friesian – breathtaking! All of my rides were so filled with learning, kindness and amazement. My trail ride – unforgettable! Your kindness is shown not only by your patience and understanding, but by sharing your family and home with me. Both are beautiful! You all made me feel so much like a member of your own family, that when it was time to go, it was hard to say goodbye. I’m not going to lie – tears were shed. I miss you all. I know that this is just the beginning of our journey together. Sepke (now Zanzibar) and I will always keep in touch. I would encourage anyone to stop thinking about where to go to find the Friesian that fits them and get in touch with Friesian Marketplace! ALL of the Friesians are so beautiful and so sweet natured. I truly felt that someone was smiling down on me to guide me to FMP. ☺ There is nothing better than walking into a barn full of Friesians all looking to see who that person is walking in! I can’t even begin to describe this! Abraham Lincoln said “In the end, it is not the years in your life that count. It is the life in your years.” Together, I am hoping that Zanzibar and my journey is so amazing that our lives together will be unforgettable! From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Debbie in Ohio

UPDATE!  I love my Zanzibar! Maybe he is starting to realize that I do!

UPDATE!  Zanzibar and I have been together for 2 years this month. He continues to amaze me with his kindness, gentless and intelligence. This was today. McKenzie gives youngsters lessons and the student so loves Zan and asked if he could ride for part of his lesson on him. I am so proud of how far he has come! I just wanted to share with you! I am so very thankful to you for finding him and matching me up with him!!! 😍
 Sincere thanks and appreciation to Cheryl Baird, FMP, family and friends, and my husband, Ray, in making my dreams come true in May 2015 - I purchased my perfect Friesian partner - Wieger v/d Badwei, now lovingly known as “Mick”! He is perfectly perfect – I still pinch myself every time I see him. My story goes like this: I was referred to FMP by friends of mine from NH who purchased several Friesians from Cheryl. She came HIGHLY recommended. From the first telephone conversation I had with Cheryl – I felt like I had known her my whole life. Cheryl truly listened to me – learning all she could about what I was looking for, learning what riding experience I had, what my riding strengths and weaknesses were, what I planned to do with a new horse, etc. Cheryl called me a few weeks later and said she thought she may have the perfect equine partner for me – so I booked a flight and planned a visit. Upon arrival at FMP – I immediately felt right at home. I met Cheryl’s husband, daughter and son, her mom, and her friend Kim. What a beautiful family - they were so nice, and welcoming. Cheryl’s knowledge of the Friesian breed is massive, bring a note pad, you’ll need it! I learned so much from her. While “test driving” a number of her Friesians, she talked me through how to work with each horse. If I lived closer I would be there for lessons! She’s an amazing coach/instructor/trainer! Cheryl saved the best (for me) for last….she introduced me to Mick. His sweet gentleness and the kindness in his eyes captivated me. He loved being touched and enjoyed licking my hands. As soon as I watched Mick move out – I fell head over heels - in love! I was done – I drank the black Kool-Aid! I think I knew THAT moment he would be mine! The entire FMP family was just as excited I purchased MICK as I was! They tacked him up and took pictures of us. It was so nice - I even got to hang out with him before heading to airport. Not without hugs upon leaving! I received the call from Cheryl informing me of the ship date for Mick. I was so excited for my big boy to arrive. The shipping company, Fairway Horse Transportation, was a first class ride for Mick. I think he may have received a “complimentary beverage” before take off! They called me the end of the first travel day to let me know where they were, and again the morning of his arrival to let me know when they thought they would arrive. My husband, Ray, was there with me for Mick’s arrival. We were both excited. We heard the loud engine of a semi truck – we looked up the hill to see a HUGE bright yellow rig with lots of chrome, smoke stacks, and a HUGE shiny chrome 18 horse trailer behind it - I SQUEELED like a 3 year old little girl - “HE’S HERE!”. I had goose bumps all over. Mick came off the trailer like a champ, so proud and regal. They handed me the lead rope and said, “here’s your boy!”. Cheryl called to make sure Mick arrived safe and sound, and gave me lots of transition tips. She gave me a great work out schedule and made certain that I was very careful and safe. There is NOTHING like riding a Friesian. It’s amazing –feeling the power of this big gentle giant is thrilling! Micks canter is like driving a fancy Lamborghini - smooth! I also own a beautiful, handsome boy, American Saddlebred named Frosty. Mick gets turned out every day with my senior ASB Frosty. Mick is the ONLY horse Frosty has been turned out with that doesn’t beat up on my ole sport. They are brothers – spending hours grooming each other. Makes me smile everyday. Cheryl knew before I did that Mick would be THE ONE! She has an instinctive ability to pair a horse and rider. Cheryl made the buying process, shipping process, making certain I had all the right tack, feed and supplements, blankets, grooming products, and lots of instruction on how to work him, and riding cues! She is thorough, and very detailed. She has always been available by phone, email, and text! She enjoys hearing updates on our progress, and seeing pictures! She is invested in making certain your experience with FMP is one you will never forget. I knew she did for me when I rode Mick for the first time after he arrived – and I had to stop to wipe my face of the happy tears. He is perfect in every way. I thank my husband, Ray, for this gift of a lifetime. I’m blessed to have a husband that supports my dreams. And none of this would’ve happened without my FMP family finding my perfect partner, MICK! Thank you, thank you so much. Forever grateful.

Mary in New Hampshire
 “Friesian Marketplace….it really is a place where dreams become reality. The one word that comes to mind is “genuine”. The real deal. Genuine people, and real professionals, living their dream providing love, care and training to the horses they adore and finding joy in bringing people like myself together with a perfectly matched Friesian. My first exposure to Friesians was while watching a video with y young niece and seeing a majestic Friesian for the first time. I didn’t know what breed I was seeing….but that was it. The search was on, but I knew that this was an important decision, a firm lifelong commitment. Over the next few years, I met and fell in love with these magnificent and gentle giants, and met owners and trainers, all of whom were really terrific people. After finding Friesian Marketplace and corresponding with Cheryl Baird, I knew that she would help me to find the right horse. My trip to Friesian Marketplace was more than I could have ever asked for. There, in the beautiful green hills of South Carolina, I was welcomed into Cheryl’s home and enjoyed the warm hospitality of Cheryl, who is absolutely amazing, her delightful and endearing mom Carolyn, her talented, fun and friendly daughter Kelsey, and her very charming and engaging friend, Kim. It was as if I had known them for years (….and I want to know them for many more!) And well….the horses! Each and every one was magnificent! When you enter that barn and are greeted by the Friesians, it literally takes your breath away. My two days there were filled with wonder and learning. Of course, the minute that I met Minze, I knew He is perfect for me, in every way, and I look forward to a lifetime together. With Cheryl’s help and incredible willingness to share her knowledge, I received instruction in all aspects of care, in groundwork to optimize Minze’s strength and health, and in riding technique based on his training and mine. I wish I could have stayed for months, or more! The thing is….these wonderful people are just that. Incredibly kind, smart, warm, and wonderful people. Genuine. The Friesian Marketplace experience was so very memorable and I cannot recommend them more highly. Miss you all. But, hey …..stay tuned! This story has just begun…….."


My 8 year old niece and Minze are in love. She is trying to prove to her daddy that she will work hard if he gets her a horse. Minze=happiness. Love him SO much Thank you for bringing us together:)

-Amy in California
 "Excited to have my boy Prince Harry home! Thank you Cheryl Baird and Friesian Marketplace for preparing and helping me find this special horse. He is the perfect fit for our family!"

UPDATE!  Our fabulous first family fun horse show with Prince: my parents groomed, the weather was wonderful, the show had a great turn out and Prince was victorious!

-Lindy in Georgia

 Update! It is official!!! Prince Harry is a 3 Time World Champion! Congratulations to Jackie and Lindy! We are all celebrating Prince today too! So proud of him!

THANK YOU for finding my DREAM HORSE. I bought Issac (Now Sebastian) sight unseen dependent on Cheryl's expert opinion based on what she knew about me and knew about this horse. I broke a vertebrae in a horse accident last year. After the accident, I found Cheryl and she has worked very hard to help build my confidence in my riding back and feel safe. Thank you, Cheryl for finding not only my dream horse but a horse that I feel SAFE and confident on. I am delighted you allowed Sebastian and myself to stay around for further lessons. I have worked with many other trainers and breeds yet nothing compares to Cheryl, her horses and her knowledge on these magnificent animals. This is a 5 STAR operation.

-Lee in SC
 “Greetings from Texas! Our experience with Friesian Marketplace and Cheryl Baird is wonderful. The professionalism and integrity is true to the meaning. We were looking for our dream horse and found Friesian Marketplace and Cheryl. Our first phone call clearly established we were talking to the right person. She asked questions and listened to the type of horse we were looking for to be part of our family. Soon, My daughter and I were on a plane to SC to see Fokke who is now the love and dream horse of our life. Upon our arrival at Friesian Marketplace, we were greeted by Cheryl and staff and introduced to Fokke immediately. What a moment when we first saw him. We spent two days getting to know Fokke, riding and spending much needed time with Cheryl learning about Fokke. Cheryl and staff gave us complete attention. The trip to South Carolina was the best Mother and Daughter experience that we will remember forever. We had a fantastic trip and Cheryl, Carolyn and Kim Made us feel like family. Cheryl is very knowledgeable and the training is superior which is reflected in the magnificent horse we now have in our family. She continues to answer questions we have to help with the transition of Fokke to our home. Cheryl is a successful owner and trainer of Friesian Marketplace with the highest trusted integrity. What a wonderful experience when purchasing our dream horse and now we have wonderful friends in South Carolina."

-Marlene and Daughter Melissa of Texas!

Cheryl at Friesian Marketplace has been a miracle worker! I sent my friesian to her for two months of training and he came back a different horse. Cheryl not only corrected and improved many parts tremendously: his canter, walk and trot but she taught me how to communicate with him efficiently. ( Cheryl is the Canter Queen!) By determining his nutritional needs: vitamins, feed and hay based on his weight, disposition and baroque shape, Cheryl was able to set up a regimen that has improved the totality of his well being and even calmed his temperament. Cheryl taught me everything to know about friesians - bloodlines, the breed, tack and grooming, etc. Through working with Cheryl, I was able to develop a bond with my horse, improve my riding through her lessons and gain valuable insight to everything Friesian. Working with Cheryl is a true pleasure-you come in sharing a passion and you leave as family. I will be consulting with cheryl on all future training, purchases, questions and anything friesian.

-Sherry, South Carolina
 “I grew up at a very early age riding horses, and competed on the east coast in hunters and jumpers. As life has it, I had to get a “real” job once I was married and had children. After 35 years in banking, having a horse to ride was still the passion in my heart. My husband, Jerry, and I would look at various horses on the internet and just dream of “one day”. About a year ago my husband came home and said “wait till you see what I found on this website”. It was Roan. We watched the video of this majestic animal in awe. Over and over and over. Finally we decide we just HAD to see him for real, just so I could touch him and sneak a kiss. Cheryl was so generous to give us the time, show us Roan and how he moved, without any indication that we may ever purchase a horse. I was in love. A few months later we decided I should ride him to let Cheryl decide what skills I have and who would be a perfect fit. She told Jerry we could look for years and never find a horse like Roan. We then go home to do the sensible thing and think about it. Right. I’m at a traffic light a few days later and tears are coming down my face for no apparent reason, other than thinking that someone else might buy Roan out from under me. My husband, whom I love dearly, took one look at my tearful face and said “go call Cheryl, you just bought a horse”. Over the moon!!!!! Three weeks later I knew Cheryl was taking a few horses to Lexington for the World Championships, and I asked her about taking Roan. He’s never been to a show, and we thought maybe it would be a good experience just being there. First class he’s in, Reserve Champion!! Second class, World Champion!!!!! OMG!! Cheryl’s entire family is part of Friesian Marketplace, and I feel like I’m in the family now. Roan is going to stay at Cheryls for a while and she is going to train us together. It’s the dream of a lifetime. You’ll never have a better experience than with Cheryl and her Friesians.”

-Jerry and Heather in North Carolina
 "I swear my husband loves this horse more than me! Almost kidding aside, we just love our newest family member, Elle, who is as advertised. He, yes he, is fantastic on the trails, very sure footed even on the steep climbs and descents, through creeks and over bridges, very little spooks him (saying a lot in Colorado), and he loves to lead. After an initial visit, Cheryl she had an idea of our abilities and need for a quiet and willing gelding finding us the perfect horse for our brood. My husband instantly commandeered him and after 4 months I finally got to trail him. Everyone on the trail comments on him and what a personality…he certainly rivals my gorgeous Haflinger and beautiful Reining horse. To our pleasant surprise we have never had any trouble finding a tree stump, rock or ditch, to mount from. Cheryl did a phenomenal job matching us and our discipline to Elle. If we ever have another spot to fill we’d definitely consider another Friesian through Cheryl."

-Barb in Colorado
 "I am so thrilled with the Freisian (Wynse) that I purchased from Friesian Marketplace!! I was so uneasy about buying a horse sight unseen, however, Cheryl went out of her way to make sure I had all my questions answered and did everything I asked of her to make me feel 100% at ease about this purchase. The transport company I used, also commented on how nice it was to deal with the people at Freisian Marketplace and such a well behaved horse. Wynse is everything they said he was and I adore him. I highly recommend doing business with Freisian Marketplace:"

-Sandra in Canada
 "Hi Cheryl I want to say hello and thank you for finding Max for me, Max is absolutely the perfect match for me. I am having the best time trail riding Max, Max is a willing partner and a favorite at the stables. I can't stop smiling, I feel Max was a gift from God. Cheryl your the best and your mom and daughter the same. I send you all my respect."

-Rose Marie, Tony, Max, Butter cup, and Snickers in Pennsylvania
 "Short stories are always fun to read so I hope you enjoy this one. About a year and a half ago I was intrigued by the fairlytale Friesian horses I found on the internet and had seen in movies. my previous experience in horses was with the American Paint horse and the American Quarter Horse. I searched for that special fairytale looking Friesian all over the United States and in particularly on the east coast and believe me my criteria was challenging. one day I came across Friesian Marketplace in South Carolina only one state away where I could drive to within a few hours from North Carolina. There I met Cheryl Baird, her mother, Carolyn, daughter Kelsey, their employees and friends. I knew absolutely nothing about the friesian horse other than i loved their spirit and demeanor. Cheryl immediately took me under her wing, and, as if she had all the time in the world, schooled me on the friesian horse from the netherlands. she had no idea at the time that i would ever buy a horse from her. On many occasions she showed me around her barn, talked to me on the phone and emailed me detailing each and every horse. I probably had more questions in my head than she had ever encountered before but she took all the time in the world to explain and answer each one. What i really like about cheryl is that she honestly tries to fit the right horse with the right owner. She will not sell a horse to someone unless it appears to be the right match for both. In April 2013 my match was found by Cheryl in a beautiful 6 year old 1st premie ster gelding, Wander van de Dries, now known as Santiago. Santiago is the sweetest horse ever and is learning to become my trail horse and best friend. We may even do some showing in the fall. The day I signed my check and handed it over to Cheryl she made sure I understood that the buck didn't stop there. She told me to call her if I had any questions what-so-ever on anything regarding the horse I bought or just Friesians in general. She said, i don't do business any other way. Since I was new to this breed, I have had several questions and like she promised she has answered each and every one in a timely manner. Friesian Marketplace and Cheryl Baird ride high in the saddle in my opinion. Cheryl's immense knowledge of this breed is phenomenal. If you want a quality horse from a quality trainer, call cheryl at Friesian Marketplace. You will not be disappointed."

Update!!  Cheryl, Just thought you might enjoy seeing how beautiful and handsome Santiago is now. I'm so fortunate to have found an outstanding place to purchase my first and only Friesian. He is exactly what I asked for.

-Dawn in North Carolina
 "In September of this year I found out about Friesian Marketplace. I contacted Cheryl Baird via email about a Friesian I saw for sale online.  Within 5 minutes of hitting the send but I received a reply from Cheryl telling me that the Mare I was inquiring about had been sold. Cheryl invited me to stop by and visit sometime. I don’t think that I will ever forget the night that I stopped by for the first time.  I wanted a Friesian because of their beauty and what I had read about their temperaments but never in my mind had I ever imagined what I saw when I walked through that barn that night.  It was like walking into a Fairytale.  I mean I knew Friesian were beautiful animals but not like what I saw at Cheryl’s barn.  The horses in her barn looked like something out of a magazine, but only better. I can’t even put into words what it felt like that night, to see theses majestic animals for the first time.   By these animals I don’t mean Friesians I mean “Friesian Marketplace Friesians”.  Soon after my visit and exchanging emails Cheryl offered to start giving me lessons on Saturdays so that I could learn all about the Friesians & I could also figure out exactly what I wanted in a Friesian so that when the right horse came along I would know it.  Boy did Saturdays take on a whole new meaning for me. For all that know me best know I am not a morning person.  Let’s just say I quickly became one.  My husband still laughs at me because I was so excited about my lesson one Saturday morning that I could sleep so I went shopping at WalMart at 4:30 in the morning!!!  That is just one example of the joy that Cheryl Baird and Friesian Marketplace and their staff have brought into my life.  Cheryl has done so much for me over the short period of time I have known her.  She has invited me into her barn family and made me feel right at home. Most off all she has made my dream come true.  Cheryl did everything in her power to make sure I got my Dream Horse.  On November the 29th of this year I took ownership of my sweet “Jelly”.  The emotions I had that morning when I saw him with his hair down.  I cried because it hit me because he was mine and that someone I barely knew (Cheryl) cared enough to make sure I got him-MY DREAM!  This would have never happened without Cheryl!  She is truly one amazing women with a true God given talent at what she does and the eye she has for picking the most amazing and talented Friesians.  She has opened my eyes to a whole new world of joy, happiness, & love that I never even knew existed. Cheryl I could never thank you enough for what you have done for me.  Below I have written exactly what Cheryl means to me & what she has done for me.   Those that come into our life are there for a reason.  They encourage us to pursue our dreams and accomplish our best!  They show love when they barely know you and you love them right back!  Those people are the ones you aspire to be and the ones who leave a mark on your heart!  Thank you for giving me the aspiration to believe in a dream!  A dream that you Cheryl Baird made come true!  Thank you for all you have done for me and making my dream come true!  You will always have a special place in my heart, right beside my Jelly!!
PS Cheryl I think you are right!  Jelly and I are a perfect fit together!  We are going to be like peanut butter and jelly!! =)"

-Jenny and Jelle from South Carolina
 Foppe sends his love from Pennsylvania! Thank you Cheryl, for such a wonderful, beautiful horse!

-Lauren in Pennsylvania
 "UPDATE! Our first beach ride! I love this horse he is perfect in every way!"

-Diana and Ulke in New Hampshire

 "Amazing people to work with! GORGEOUS Friesians...they will definitely get you hooked on the breed if you are new to it like I was. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!"

-Kendal and Tessa from South Carolina
 "Maarshaalk and I went on our first trail ride today! He took great care of me! Thank you very much for all of your help and support in finding me the Perfect Horse! He is a perfect gentleman and I just LOVE him!"

-Steve in Georgia

"Steve and I rode today at Dawson Forest. He really enjoyed it! He loves his horse! It was a really good experience. Maarshalk had a good time too! Thank you for everything!"


 Nothing like starting the morning off with a trail ride on a Friesian! This is Susan and Maarshalk, one of our sale horses enjoying a morning ride! LIFE IS GOOD!
 "Menno says Hi! Menno is so sweet he will lay his head in my arms and close his eyes and just snuggle with you! I Love my Menno! My trainer thinks he hung the moon. My trainer is currently showing at Prix St. George!"

-Gene in Alabama
 "I just wanted to say thank you for finding the perfect horses for both Lily and I. I would have never imagined 6 months ago that we would have 2 great horses. You are a very talented person. I look so forward to training with you in the future. It is very difficult to find a truly talented and such a great person all in a trainer. Your the best! Thank you!"

-Lori in Jacksonville, Flordia
 "I just want to thank you for introducing me to the love of my life! Really, he is the most wonderful, loving intelligent animal I have ever known. You girls know your stuff when it comes to Friesians. I enjoy every moment I spend with him. Thank you so much!"

-Diana in New Hampshire
 "Hi Cheryl Just wanted to give you an update. We are having so much fun with our horses now that we have Nanko. Mark adores him, he pampers and dotes on Nanko. Sometimes I wish I was Nanko he get pampered so much;). This picture is of us after our first hunter pace. Nanko was our fearless leader and he was phenomenal. Thank you again in helping me with finding the perfect horse for my husband. You were so honest, professional and supportive in making such an important purchase. I am so glad that I found you and your horses. If I purchase another horse I will definitely return to you and you have my highest recommendation."

-Nicole Williams in New York
 "High praise and thanks to Cheryl and all the staff at Freisian Marketplace for making every part of purchasing Jelte so simple, straightforward, professional and pleasant. Often in the past horse shopping has been stressful but not at Friesian Marketplace. I was put at ease quickly when I realized they are more concerned with a happy and appropriate match for the client and the horse than a quick sale. Cheryl made Jelte and herself availble to me at my convenience during my visit and had represented the horse's qualities and personality absolutely accurately during our many emails. So my booking a flight and traveling to her barn was not a disappointment. The quality of the Friesians and other horses especially impressed me along with the care of the horses and the overall happy, positive atmosphere in the barn. I would highly recommend Cheryl and Friesian Marketplace for anyone interested in purchasing the Friesian of their dreams. Dreams do come true at Friesian Marketplace... Mine Did!!!!"

-Laine in West Virginia
 "As a young adult, I always had a horse - but got away from it as life took me in different directions. But I recently decided to get back into riding. I actually did a lot of research into horse breeds, and learned a lot about the loving, sweet nature of the Friesian - and decided this was the breed for me. Wanting to find the perfect Friesian, my next task was to find the right farm that sold Friesian horses. I soon learned there were a lot out there. I contacted several, but just wasn't getting the right "vibe". But then I found Friesian Marketplace - and talked to Cheryl! I instantly knew I had the right fit! Cheryl listened to my desires and concerns, and suggested "Zerko" - a 5 year old gelding. Long story short, I purchased this wonderful animal, and I am so very glad I did. Not only is Zerko a stunning horse to look at, he's very well trained, isn't spooky, sweet as can be, and a dream to ride. But almost as important is the personalized attention I've received from Cheryl and Friesian Marketplace. Cheryl and her staff of trainers pride themselves in finding the right horse for the rider, and service after the sell. And boy, do they deliver! I've called with questions, and they are always available via phone or email with an answer. If you're considering a Friesian, please do yourself a big favor and purchase from Friesian Marketplace. Getting back into riding after 30 years was a big move for me - I'm so glad I found Friesian Marketplace because I never felt alone. Thanks to Cheryl's expertise and help, Zerko is thriving and so am I. He's my best buddy!"

-Blythe in New Hampshire
"I just wanted to take a moment to say how glad I am that we have connected with you. I have owned Friesians since 1993, right on the cusp of their rise in popularity on the West Coast, and I have never met a horse professional that has impressed me more than you. Your enthusiasm for the horses and the breed is wonderful and so is your entreprenurial spirit. Right up there with your enthusiaum and spirit are your wonderful abilities as a trainer. In just a few months with our mare, Camryn, you smoothed her transitions, helped balance her and made her more tractable. She became the perfect partner for my husband, Ron. And the pieces of advice you gave Ron about working with her worked beautifully. He's become a much better rider for it. Now you're doing it again with our mare, Tesa. In just a short amount of time you've turned a puzzling and difficult young mare with a multitude of problems into the beginnings of a lovely and cooperative horse with what appears to be the makings of a good dressage prospect. I am looking forward to enjoying this one for myself."

-Thank you again, Pam Gordon
"Once upon a time I found Friesian Marketplace! I was looking for a Friesian for my daughter and unhappy with the available selection. At Friesian Marketplace the selection was wonderful, not only that, but we located the best horse in the world. Dam Dries K, fondly known as Maverick was just the right horse to be a friend to my daughter and also teach her many things. Cheryl Baird made everything easy as we went through the process of purchase. Even after the purchase Cheryl was immensely supportive as we helped my daughter become acquainted with her new horse. Overall the purchase of this grand animal was a pleasant experience and one that I look forward to doing again for our next Friesian!"

Thank you, Cheryl!

-Nancy in Georgia
"Cheryl, this is just a short note to let you know how thankful we are for all your help in selecting the right horse for our family. Your expertise and honesty make the process fun and eliminates the fear of making a mistake. In my many years of horse experience calculating the sincerity and knowledge of the seller is always an issue. In your case that problem is off the table. Also, my wife, Susan, who has been showing horses since childhood, is thrilled with your lesson program. Even with her vast experience she always comes home enthusiastic about what she's learned from you. Thanks for your honesty. Thanks for making the horse experience fun."

-Steve in Georgia
 "It was a pleasure dealing with Cheryl And everyone at Friesian Marketplace. Everything was handled in a professional manner and the two horses we bought were exactly as she represented them. We would recommend them to any one looking for a nice, quality Friesian."

-Linda Lewis and Jim McIntosh in Indiana
 "The process of purchasing our 3 year old Friesian was great and went exactly as we were told it would. Cheryl found the horse we were hoping for. He arrived in great order and is stunning. Thanks so much!"

- Wendy Bruwer in Kentucky

"Hi Cheryl I wanted to tell you that we all love Nanko! He is the biggest sweetheart and Nanko is the barn favorite. My friesian mare Wren is in love with him. We are so grateful to you, for all of your hard work with assisting me in finding the right horse for Mark. Mark adores him. I will keep in touch. Thank you so much."

-Nicole in New York
Update! "We have been so busy since Nanko has arrived! Now we have 2 horses and we are having the time of our lives! But we are busy! We just love Nanko!! He is the most kindest gentlest horse I have ever met! Mark adores him. Nanko and Wren ( my mare)are in love with one another. When I put her on the cross ties, Nanko pulls the cross tie with his teeth bringing her closer to him so he can kiss Wren's face She loves Nanko! It's so funny!! I'll send pictures . Cheryl you are the best!! I am so glad our paths met."

-Sincerely, Nicole

Dr.Lisa in South Carolina

When I met Cheryl, she showed me Minne and another horse that I THOUGHT I was interested in. This was my first taste of how good Cheryl is to matching horse and rider, both by skill and by desired disciplines. She steered me towards Minne, who I rode that day and fell head over heels in LOVE!!! He is so talented, so smart, gorgeous and an absolute sweetheart! He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body and is a total pleaser. So much so, that I am incredibly glad that my riding has improved vastly under Cheryl’s keen yet supportive tutelage because I felt so bad for Minne having to put up with me!!! We are having a blast together, and I am looking forward to the show season. My husband, who is very sensible with money and a GREAT judge of character, likes Cheryl so much, that he had little problem buying a second horse from Cheryl for our daughter for Christmas! Sheba is a small, adorable, 4 yr old tobiano Gypsy Vanner with a great mind and a sweet personality. My daughter shares my passion for horses, and LOVES the barn smell (genetic I think!!!) She is just learning to ride and has made tremendous improvements in the little time that she has been learning under Cheryl. I really love Cheryl’s style as a trainer…a tremendous teacher who sets clear boundaries, demonstrates what she is looking for with great visuals, analogies, etc…to get her point across, and then positively reinforces in a way that shows her genuine enthusiasm for teaching and love for both horse and rider. But, the story is not over! While we were at the barn, we also met Baksheesh, a 5 year old out of Tonka. What a smart and sweet horse, and gorgeous!!! One day, my son, who is 8 and has high functioning autism, had a chance to ride Bak through the barn using a vaulting surcingle. Boy did Bak take care of him! My son fell in love, my daughter worked my husband over, and the rest is history!!! Now we one Minne, Sheba AND Bak! Since that first ride, Cole has ridden Bak a few more times, and I can already see a dramatic improvement in his confidence and balance. And, he just loves “his girl”! Thank you so much to Omega Farms and EVERYONE that make it what it is…TOP NOTCH!!! It is a great place to learn, have fun, and enjoy the passion for these majestic animals, knowing that everyone there shares it!!!

"I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Cheryl Baird and the wonderful staff at Friesian Marketplace for all their effort in finding a great home for my Friesian! In addition, I would like to take the opportunity to praise the professional, yet friendly and “inclusive” customer care I received while my horse was boarded at Friesian Marketplace. Cheryl Baird, the manager and trainer for the farm, always made herself available to schedule times for me to ride or discuss matters concerning my horse. Cheryl’s passion and respect for her business was obvious from my first meeting with her. As much as she is passionate about the Friesians, she is passionate about customer care and the art of “matching” horses and owners. I felt very comfortable with the quality of care my horse received. The staff members at the barn were always professional and courteous and worked very quietly and efficiently with the horses. There was no doubt that the staff really cared about the horses and took pride in their work environment! It was apparent that all the horses were well cared for: with consistently clean stalls, almost daily grooming and exercise and the feeding of good quality food. In the future when I decide to purchase another Friesian, I know Cheryl will be my first contact. Thank you to all at Friesian Marketplace!!"

-Patricia Charlton

Shawna in North Carolina (Wonder's new trainer),

"Wonder has a new barn name Maximus! Oh my goodness! Maximus did so great today! He is so special! Love that horse! He is so smart! I have just been taking it slow. We did canter a little bit just freestyle. He did so good! He is settling in nicely! Update - Maximus is so awesome! He went on his first trail ride yesterday and was amazing! Stephen is very happy with him! What a great horse! Thank you for such a pleasant experience with buying a horse!"

 Robin Visceglia, Stillwater Farms and WADSE,
"Cheryl was recommended by a friend of mine who had just purchased her first Friesian. They were having so much fun I decided that I needed one too! Cheryl knew what I wanted in a quality show Friesian and found just what I was looking for, Wadse, a very talented four year old gelding. Now we are looking for my second one!"

-Robin from Georgia

Kim Davidson and Inne,

It’s been 4 years since I took ownership of my Friesian, Inne—my first horse, EVER! I like to say I waited a “lifetime” for him, because ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of owning a horse, and to me, it seemed like it was a lifetime till I was able to fulfill my dream.

Never did I realize from the moment Inne stepped on U.S. soil and arrived at Friesian Marketplace at Omega Farms, the journey on which I would embark. Along the way I have met many wonderful friends, and have seen first-hand the love that “horse people” have for their steeds, especially such a noble breed as the Friesian. Inne and I have such a wonderful bond. Many will agree with me when I say he is truly unique in personality and wit!

I believe none of this would have materialized for me had I not met Cheryl Baird (and her family). Succinctly, Cheryl took me under her wing and began to teach me everything “horse.” She is an incredible teacher/trainer—patient, encouraging, and always, always looking out for the best interest of her riders, and especially their horses. I have worked behind the scenes with her for several years now and have seen first-hand her dedication, commitment and hard work. I’ve watched her passion unfold in many ways:  from having that driving desire to do the right thing no matter what the personal cost, to sacrificing untold hours day (and night!) ensuring the horses (and customers) in her care receive the best treatment.

Cheryl is my trainer, yes, but most of all my dear friend, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for calling me on that Super Bowl Sunday, Jan ’07, and saying “I think I found your dream horse!” Indeed she did.

 "Dear Cheryl and all the members of Friesian Marketplace,
Thank you so much for helping me find my dream “Friesian”. You and your entire staff are all professional and easy to work with. I never thought it would be possible to own a Friesian, but after riding seven, I fell in love and the rest is history. I’m honored to own Udeman! I love the fact that he can stay with you for training, I can come and take lessons on him and then show him. Showing with Cheryl Baird Stables is a fun and exciting experience. I like the way you match the horse to the rider. I’m glad I bought my first Friesian from you, I will buy the next one from you too."

-Rhonda from Georgia

My name is Kirsten Baumber and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. About a year ago now, I finally had the funds to be able to afford the horse of my dreams – a Friesian – and started poking around trying to find the kind of horse I had in mind. It is very hard to find a nice Friesian up here in Alberta (they’re not that well known as a breed, and haven’t quite taken a foothold yet, but are gaining in popularity slowly). I looked at a few sites and started watching what was going on with the FHANA classifieds. For some reason, I kept coming back to a certain photo of a four year old gelding down in South Carolina. I would look at it, look at other ads, only to come back to it. It must have been Karma, because it led me to Cheryl and Omega Farms/Cheryl Baird Stables. I finally bit the bullet and e-mailed Cheryl to find out more about this boy – he was stunning to look at, but I wanted to make sure that he was sensible, quiet, and had a willing temperament as I wanted to use him primarily for dressage. Well, I decided after a few e-mails back and forth that I needed to make the trek from Calgary to South Carolina to meet Cheryl and Toby. The trip was well worth it. Cheryl brought him out of the stall cold (which I always want to see), and Toby stood well for brushing and tacking. Then she showed me what she’d been working on with him, telling me the whole time how she’d done it. I rode him for a bit then decided that he was the horse for me. Cheryl made the purchase easy, all his travel arrangements were made, vet checks completed, and he was on his way. He arrived in Canada on June 19, 2010 and walked off the trailer like he’d just come from around the corner, not having traveled clear across the continent and northward for the past week.

Cheryl has been awesome about keeping in touch despite what must be a very busy schedule, and has been a great help when we have come up against the odd obstacle with Toby’s training. We are now looking at 8 weeks out from our first dressage show where we’ll be riding Training Level, and I have since had him broke to drive. He’s lived up to each and every potential that Cheryl said he was capable of – he’s got a good mind, a good heart, and you can tell that he has been treated with kindness his whole life. Only thing is, she never told me that he’s a bit of a trouble maker!!! LOL

Thanks so much for helping me find the horse of my dreams, Cheryl – he truly is a southern gentleman in every sense and I love him to bits – thank you also for giving him such a great start! We’ve finally broke him of his addiction to peppermint candies too!!!

Look for us at the Olympics!!! HEE HEE!!!

After watching Cheryl Baird's work for over 2 years at area Friesian events ~ I decided to work with her to prepare my mare for the 2010 Keuring.  Cheryl and the entire staff were amazing to work with. Cheryl stayed in excellent communication with me during the 2 month prep time and brings her professional experience to customers who are fortunate enough to recognize these uncommon traits.  The entire staff's attention to detail is very refreshing. Cheryl Baird's business facility located at Omega Farms in South Carolina is one of the most impressive I have ever seen. Anyone searching for a class act Freisian or Saddlebred training organization need only meet or speak to Cheryl and they will immediately realize they can stop their search."

-Kevin Kurz of Making Memories Ranch - Horse Shoe, NC

 "Thanks, Cheryl, for my first beautiful Friesian, Hoera Boszorg II. She is everything you said she would be, and more--I absolutely love her!!! It was amazing to go to my first show as a team, and win. Maggie is truly a pro in the ring! It has been such an inspiration to train with you these past few months, and my riding has improved tremendously. Thanks for everything!"

-Michelle Sumner
 "Wow! What a surprise at Christmas--thanks to my husband and Cheryl for my beautiful Fergie! How excited I am to now also own Hoera Boszorg's II first filly. I can't wait to watch her grow into an amazing horse, just like her mother. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am more happy than I can say about these two beautiful animals."

-Michelle Sumner
"Our experience working with Cheryl, she did a nice job of preparing our horse for the Keuring. Willa looked like a million bucks! Cheryl also did a nice job of working with Ingrid. She produced a wonderful video to help us advertise her. Cheryl seems to have a real connection with the horses she trains. You can tell that she enjoys what she does and loves the horses!!"

Thank you -Karen Glasscock
"I have purchased many horses in my life but I will say the buying experience with Cheryl Baird was absolutely the best ever. She tries very hard to match the needs of the rider to the right horse. The lovely and sweet Friesian mare I bought was exactly what I asked for. Cheryl is the most hard working, honest and ethical horsewomen I have met in my 45 years of showing horses. She is truly a professional! If you are looking for a quality Friesian and a worry free buying experience you can count on Cheryl Baird."


-Susan from Georgia


"Emilie" was given to Mary Chamblee on her 9th birthday and ironically they are BOTH nine! This was of course, a dream come true for our daughter. She would ask her Daddy every night, When could she get a horse? And now she thanks him every single night for her Friesian "Emilie". Never did we realize the love and bond Mary Chamblee would have with Emilie. It brings tears to my eyes every time she speaks of her and how much she loves her horse. What a special and wonderful experience for nine year old girl. None of this would have happened if we had not met Cheryl Baird. She has taught our family so much about the horse world. She is an incredible teacher and trainer for our daughter. She has taught her to be compassionate, safe and responsible when riding and caring for the horses. Cheryl has introduced our family to some wonderful people that we now call our barn friends. We are grateful to her for helping us pick the perfect horse! Safety was a big concern for my husband and I. We feel like Emilie knows that Mary Chamblee is a child and that she tries to keep her safe. The temperament of a Friesian is like no other breed, they are calm, loving and very disciplined. Emilie loves to give kisses! All it takes is one look and you will never forget the beauty and charisma of a Friesian like our "Emilie".


-Andria from South Carolina