About Us

At Friesian Marketplace, we are matchmakers--bringing together the right horse with the right owner. We specialize in selecting and importing only the highest quality Friesians for sale, and our focus is to pair our clients with nothing short of the perfect Friesian for their needs. Ninety percent of our horses come through our facility, where we meticulously evaluate them on the basis of stress-reaction, trail sustainability, ground manners, and dressage aptitude to recognize exactly what their niche is. In accordance with our commitment to sell only horses that are properly prepared for their marketed disciplines, we provide any supplemental training a horse may need to meet our elite standards. Our reputation—like that of our horses—is unparalleled.

Our foremost consideration in matching rider to horse is, of course, safety; and paramount to safety is assuring that the abilities of the rider match the temperament of the horse. In understanding the individual needs of our clients, we will do everything we can to put the right Friesian's reins in your hands. Your trust can be placed in our 35 years of experience training horses, over 30 world titles won, and in the hundreds of children and adults alike who have learned the joy of riding under our tutelage. We own each Friesian that we import, and as such you can be confident that every horse has been thoroughly vetted before it is ever brought to market.

When our clients buy a horse from us, we take care to make sure that they are fully equipped to enjoy their new Friesian. We offer a complimentary feeding program, specially optimized for Friesians, as well as a detailed training program with each horse purchase. Many clients also choose to adorn their new horses with our own line of tack, precisely designed in-house to not only fit Friesians impeccably, but to last long and look phenomenal doing it. Each item is fine-tuned prior to shipment, such that it is ready to ride on your fairytale Friesian the moment they get home!

We love our job because we help to make dreams come true for so many of our customers. Each day we are overwhelmed by the messages of gratitude from past clients loving and enjoying their horses. Be sure to read our testimonials!

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