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Epke 474 X Onne 376

What a special opportunity to own a real dream horse! Addison is our new addition that we are really excited about. We love him because he is suitable for any type of rider, both because of his good brain and his gaits. If you are a beginner rider or amateur, Addison can teach you.  What incredible gaits he has and WOW his canter is amazing. He can practically canter in place. Addison is a big teddy bear and standing at 16.3 hands and his canter is especially exceptional given his size. TRUE gentle giant. GREAT age of 5 years old. Geldings with this quality, ride-ability, and temperament are very difficult to find these days. 

Addison is just gorgeous. He has a gorgeous head and neck and INCREDIBLE hair. He has such a presence about him. 

Addison is very balanced and simple in the bridle. He has three fantastic SMOOTH gaits. He is very talented and has the ability to take you up the levels. He is currently 1st level and schooling second level dressage.  He is SO brave and you can take him anywhere. He loves going for a hack in the woods, mountains or an open field. 

Addison is the type of horse that everybody wants and needs. Not only his beautiful, he is safe and reliable. You will just fall in love with his sweet personality. His conformation, head and neck are just stunning- he is really like right out of a fairytale. He is a high quality horse that can carry all types of riders!  This horse really impressed us in every way!

Addison comes with a full veterinarian exam and a full set of X-Rays.