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Have you been seeking a gorgeous, baroque, Friesian boy to be your forever best friend? Look no further. Captain is a stunning 6 year old, 1st level gelding. This boy is polished! He is trained the right way and it shows! He has a lot of confidence and is the type of horse that will take care of his rider.

Captain is very sporty, but has a baroque build. He would be a great performance horse for any discipline. In Holland, Captain was ridden lower level dressage, but we think he would also be an amazing western horse. This boy has the natural ability to take YOU up the levels in whatever discipline you want to do!

This charming boy has three fantastic gaits. He just floats when he trots, but is not lofty to ride. He also has a lovely canter! His canter is very slow and collected. He has strong hind legs. He has the best attitude and is very willing to work.

One of our favorite things about Captain is his puppy dog personality. He is so gentle not only in handling, but also riding. He will always take care of his rider. He is very easy going and great for a beginner rider. He loves trail riding and is not the spooky type. He has the best attitude and is very willing to work.  We love him because he is very talented but also very easy to ride. He will give you confidence. He is brave and just a true gentlemen under saddle. 

Captain is a brave horse. He really is a gentle giant. You will love this boy. Captain can be ridden by beginners, but he would also make a great horse for more advanced riders.

Captain also comes with a complete set of recent X-rays and a clean vet report.

Breed: Friesian

Age: 6 Years

Size: 16 hands