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Tsjalle 454 X Feitse 293

7-Year old Fairytale Gelding! This is truly a dream horse! Long Hair, Smooth Gaits and So Talented!

If you are looking for a horse that is beautiful, sweet, smooth, brave and talented? Meet Cooper! We really love Cooper because he thinks so well, he has fantastic gaits, and is just gorgeous! This boy has an incredible work ethic. He loves his job and is the type of horse that will go through fire for his person. He is currently 1st level dressage, but we have also been riding him some western and he also loves that! Cooper’s trot is very easy to sit and he is also light off the aids and easy in your hands. Cooper is not just a performance horse, he can do many different jobs. He has lots of experience trail riding and is a very brave boy. His hair is SO thick and long he really is like right out of a fairytale.

Some Friesians can have bigger gaits, but not this boy! Cooper is like a big couch to trot on and is so easy to sit. His canter is also lovely. He is a naturally forward horse but not the type that you have to hold back or the “hot type.”

Cooper is just gorgeous. He is 15.3 hands and short backed which makes him easy to put in frame. He is very balanced and simple in the bridle. His canter is exceptional and he even already takes it from the walk. He is very talented and has the ability to take you up the levels.

You will just fall in love with his sweet personality. His conformation, head and neck are just stunning- he is really like right out of a fairytale. He is a high quality horse that can carry many types of riders! This horse really impressed us in every way!

Cooper comes with a full set of X-Rays.