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Jorn 430 X Brandus 345

Meet Detmer. The Friesian with the longest forelock that we have ever imported. He has the fairytale look that EVERYONE wants. He is an absolute dream horse. VERY THICK mane AND forelock! He could be used in wedding photography. His hair is OUT OF THIS WORLD!! We think Detmer is one of the prettiest horses in the world. He is also a fantastic age of 8 years old. This is a great age to buy because the horse is very seasoned, yet has many years left for enjoyment. This age is very difficult to find these days.

Not only does Detmer have the looks, he also is a joy to ride. He has been shown M2 level dressage in Holland, but he has also done many other trail and beach rides. His owner frequently trailered him to go hacking with her friends. Look at all of her beach pictures! He is so brave and will go anywhere! While in Holland, we rode him and couldn’t believe just how easy he was! He is so regal yet not difficult at all ride. He has very smooth gaits and also very easy to sit. He has a very slow, collected canter. He is not the sensitive type if his rider gets off balance, he will just stop. He is beginner safe, but still has the talent for dressage. He is the best all around horse and will build your confidence.

Detmer has excellent breeding. His father is the approved Sport stallion, Jorn 430, famous for his performance. He is full papered with the following mother line: STER-STER-STER+PREF*6-STER.

This is a once in a lifetime kind of horse! THE ULTIMATE FAIRYTALE HORSE!!